March 01, 1965  
March 01, 1965 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

Written at Ambassador College in Texas

March 1, 1965

Dear Co-Workers with CHRIST:

   I have just received an S.O.S. message from our Business Office at Pasadena Headquarters. It has an U R G E N T !! in capital letters, underscored three times, with two exclamation points, saying receipt of tithes and offerings has fallen "way down," followed by another U R G E N T !! and asking me to write immediately another Co-Worker Letter.

   So if I have to let YOU know of this urgent need, I'm sure you realize that we NEVER make our financial needs known over the air, or in The PLAIN TRUTH or any literature — we NEVER put a price on anything — we NEVER ask the public for contributions. Of every 300 readers of The PLAIN TRUTH 290 have never sent any money to us for God's Work, and not one of them has ever been asked for money.

   Mail response indicates that 28 MILLION people hear The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast every week — hear the VERY Gospel Jesus Christ brought for mankind — and yet only one out of 550 has ever sent any money for the Work, or been asked for any. In other words, the average Co-Worker is causing 550 other people — more than half a thousand — to hear the true Gospel EVERY WEEK by radio; and is getting The PLAIN TRUTH every month to 30 other people; besides getting booklets, and the Bible Correspondence Course to many.

   Think what that means! Of course you probably are not a preacher — but it is just as if you got together a church congregation of 550 people EVERY WEEK, and instead of preaching to them yourself, you had either my son Garner Ted Armstrong, or myself come and preach to them EVERY WEEK, and you would be paying for subscriptions to The PLAIN TRUTH for 30 of them, and also giving much other free literature and the Correspondence Course to as many as would request it. THAT IS WHAT YOUR FREE-WILL OFFERINGS AND TITHES ARE ACCOMPLISHING! More than that, and ON TOP OF all that, you would be doing your share toward sustaining the three Ambassador Colleges, training hundreds of people for full-time service in this great Work of God, and supporting more than 100 God-called, consecrated, fully-trained ordained ministers, beside their many assistants, scattered around the world constantly calling on radio listeners or PLAIN TRUTH readers who REQUEST a visit for personal Bible study, counselling about personal problems, baptism and help toward salvation.

   I know NO PLACE in all the world where every single dollar ACCOMPLISHES SO MUCH. And the rich spiritual fruit being borne by this great Work is not decaying, rotting fruit soon to be thrown out. It is spiritual fruit that shall last FOREVER — bestowing God's grace and ETERNAL LIFE in God's Kingdom for ever-increasing thousands!

   I want you to take a GOOD LOOK at the radio log in the March PLAIN TRUTH. Three whole pages! More and more radio stations are being added constantly. A few are being weeded out and dropped — a few which are producing too little results, but those added more than take their place.

   I have had to write about the direly-needed expansion program on our three college campuses recently. And we DO seriously need those extra additional special offerings for this necessary building fund. Since I wrote you last, we have had the ground breaking ceremony for the new students' Dining Hall on the Pasadena campus. The college band played. On the speakers' platform Garner Ted Armstrong acted as Master of Ceremonies. Short speeches were given by the Vice President of our architectural firm, the Vice President of the General Contractor firm, the Mayor of Pasadena, the Los Angeles County Supervisor, and myself. There were several hundred in attendance — many Pasadena neighbors in addition to students, and several city officials, Chamber of Commerce executives, former mayors, etc., were present — as well as the newspaper reporters and photographers. They provided us with four new shovels, and the County Supervisor, Building Contractor, Garner Ted and myself broke the ground with the first four shovels of dirt.

   If you have not yet sent in your "Statement of Intention" card, be sure to send it at once. IT'S IMPORTANT!

   Results are picking up from the new Radio London broadcast. In every way God's work keeps right on GROWING. Again this year, we have just finished the first two months with the usual 30% INCREASE in all phases, over the same two months of the year before. The living Jesus Christ heads it — guides and directs it — BLESSES it abundantly with constantly increasing spiritual fruit for His Kingdom.

   But you and I have our part in it. WHAT A BLESSING! WHAT A PRIVILEGE to be a Co-Worker WITH Jesus Christ in HIS Work! Sometimes I wonder why I have to keep prodding you Co-Workers with these letters — but the URGENT NEED keeps prodding me, and in these letters I have opportunity to tell you the very latest news of the progress of the Work. And if we were not in this manner mutually prodded constantly, I would neglect getting this GOOD NEWS to YOU!

   THANK YOU for your part!

   THANK YOU for an extra-generous response to this URGENT need! THANK YOU for your loyalty and continuous sacrifice. And THANK GOD that we all have this PRIVILEGE!

URGENTLY, and with love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: March 01, 1965
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