February 25, 1966  
February 25, 1966 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

February 25, 1966

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Once again, as one of our inner family of Co-Workers, serving with and under the living Christ in GOD'S WORK, I must rush this letter to you by airmail.

   We are at the end of the shortest month of the year — and therefore our most difficult month financially. And by the way, did you ever wonder how poor little February came to have only 28 days — while all others have 30 or 31?

   The answer is a striking example of bow this world's CIVILIZATION was established and built. I suppose most people assume that this is God's world; and that civilization — as we know it — was established by God. The truth is the very opposite. This civilization was established by humans contrary to, and in utter REBELLION against God's Ways! Its guiding principle was HUMAN NATURE.

   And the 28 days of February is an interesting testimony to the fact! February GOT ROBBED! And here's how it happened: Julius Caesar abolished the lunar year with its intercalary month, and regulated the year entirely by the sun. He supposed the year to be 365 1/4 days long. He was in error slightly — a matter of some minutes and seconds. He set the year at 365 days, with 366 every fourth year. Originally he set the 12 months, beginning with January, so that the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th months would have 31 days. On leap years (every 4th year), February and all other months would have 30 days — but for all other years Julius robbed February, reducing it to 29. Julius was born in the 7th month, so he named it after him, and saw to it that it was one of the 31-day months.

   After Emperor Julius was assassinated, Augustus became Caesar over the Roman Empire. Since he followed Julius as Emperor, he decided to name the month following July after him. It had previously been called Sextilis, or sixth month prior to Julius' alteration. But now Augustus noticed that the month he was naming after him had only 30 days, while the one named after Julius had 31. Augustus was not going to be outdone by Julius. In his vanity, he robbed poor little February of one more day, reducing it to 28 (except leap years when it has 29), and tacked that extra day on to August. So both July and August have had 31 days ever since. Somewhere in the shuffle, September got reduced from 31 back to 30, and also November lost a day and was reduced to 30, while October and December got 31.

   All to please the VANITY of proud men!

   This whole civilization has been developed from the VANITY, and the greed of humans — contrary to GOD'S WAYS, and following the ways that come naturally from human nature. Everything is based on VANITY and GREED. Everything on the principle of "ME FIRST." Everything on competition, strife, struggle — attempting to GET, to HAVE, to ACCUMULATE, to AMASS. That's why we have quarrels and disputes — and divorces — in homes. That's why we have sharp practices and dishonesty in business — graft in politics — WARS between nations. That's why we have crime and violence. That's why we have unhappiness.

   But VERY SOON, now, God Almighty, whom we serve, is going to send the living Jesus Christ down to this earth in all the great Majesty, Splendor, Power and Glory of the Great GOD, to PUT DOWN this vanity and greed — to CHANGE HUMAN NATURE — to RULE all nations with GOD's LAWS of giving, helping, serving. And then we shall have PEACE. Then we shall have happiness, universal prosperity — and people learning of God's gift of ETERNAL LIFE!

   To do this GOD MUST INTERFERE in the affairs of this world.

   HE HAS ALREADY BEGUN THAT INTERFERENCE! Jesus Christ is the HEAD of GOD'S WorK, and He has BEGUN that interference by DRAFTING YOU AND ME into His advance "army" of peace, and love, in PREPARING THE WAY FOR CHRIST'S COMING!

   How is He doing that? By proclaiming to the WHOLE WORLD, in mighty power, the fact that God Almighty is RULER of the Universe — that soon CHRIST is coming to set up God's Kingdom — GOD'S GOVERNMENT over all nations.

   Christ has started a Work, rapIdly growing greater in power and scope, proclaiming the coming GOVERNMENT OF GOD — proclaiming the LAWS AND WAYS OF GOD which, only, can bring peace and happiness and Joy to mankind! Christ is using you and me to RESTORE THE KNOWLEDGE of God's WAY toward all these universal blessings!

   You and I have been DRAFTED into God's service, preparing to CHANGE THE WORLD! Preparing to CHANGE HUMAN NATURE! Preparing to bring REAL PEACE, universal prosperity, security for all. Preparing to END sickness and disease, crime, insanity, broken homes, juvenile delinquency!

   THAT, dear Co-Workers is your calling and mine!

   And the living Christ is BLESSING this Work. He is opening new doors — new radio stations — new ways of getting out His Message — EVERY MONTH. Several since I last wrote you. Many MILLIONS have heard this greatest Message ever proclaimed since I last wrote you!

   This is the most important Work on earth today. The good YOU are doing, by your earnest PRAYERS for this Work, and your honest tithes and generous offerings, is beyond all calculation. It is resulting in bringing ETERNAL LIFE to thousands every year. It is preparing the way to CHANGE THE WHOLE WORLD!

   It is the BIGGEST, most MONUMENTAL Work, in importance, since Christ Himself was on earth in the human flesh. Soon He will be here again in the glorified SPIRIT and POWER!

   But this grand and glorious Work is NOT EASY! There are always problems. There is persecution, false accusation. I NEED YOUR PRAYERS — desperately! Are you praying EVERY DAY, earnestly and fervently, for this Great Work of God?

   Somehow, I feel that some of our Co-Workers have slacked off in praying for it this past month — because the receipt of tithes and offerings has slacked off. NOW WE MUST MAKE UP FOR LOST GROUND!

   Yes, it does take sacrifice. It is MORE IMPORTANT than anything else in our lives — it ought to COME FIRST, over and above other wants. God doesn't want us to sacrifice our real NEEDS — I don't ask that — but don't we all spend money for things we just wanted but surely didn't need?

   Think of this great Work. Its results are FOR ALL ETERNITY. Far more important than some temporary enjoyments or pleasures that may do more harm than good — and in any event won't last long.

   Once again, I have to send out the call for the LOAN of larger sums if you happen to have such an amount which you feel you cannot, at this time, at least, give. Many Co-Workers have sent in such sums, so this money may be at CHRIST'S disposal, working where HE works, and with His blessing, DOING GOOD — until they find they need it — or part of it. Of course many of these are later changed to straight contributions. But IF, or when, you find you must ask for part or all of it back, this Work is prepared to send it to you immediately. A special reserve is maintained to guarantee this.

   God's Work is financially sound — its business affairs conducted with prudence and experienced and sound management. But to keep it sound and healthy DOES require that we all keep praying, and contributing our part as God makes possible.

   REMEMBER — we NEVER solicit the public for financial help. ONLY those who have voluntarily evidenced that they are God's people whose hearts are in this Work. YOU were never asked for support until you, yourself, took the initiative to become a Co-Worker — one of our inner family of beloved Co-Workers with Christ! No other Work is like it.

   The need right now is urgent again. PRAY that God will provide — that God will guide and lead us — that we may be so in subjection that Christ may direct every action, for He is the living HEAD of this Work.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: February 25, 1966
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