June 07, 1966  
June 07, 1966 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

June 7, 1966

Dear Co-Worker with Christ

   I am sending you, separately by regular mail, the semi-annual letter being mailed at this time to the entire mailing list of The PLAIN TRUTH.

   It offers them—and YOU, too, of course—Volume V of the Bible Story and, in addition, a newly reprinted copy of Volume I. I'm sure you will want your free copies of these two book.

   I'm sure you realize that 90 out of every hundred of these PLAIN TRUTH readers are NOT Co-Workers—have never contributed money for the support of this great world-wide Work of God—AND HAVE NEVER BEEN ASKED FOR CONTRIBUTIONS. Actually since on the average about three people do read every copy of The PLAIN TRUTH, that means that about 97 out of every hundred readers of this magazine have never sent us any money—and NOT EVEN THEIR OWN SUBSCRIPTION PRICE—nor have we ever asked them for any.

   We simply do not follow the methods and ways of the churches and religious activities of this world. One of the most astonishing, hard-to-believe facts is that people and churches which profess to be Christian today do not follow either the customs and WAYS of Jesus, or, in most respects, His teachings! Incredible though it seems, they follow teachings and customs which Jesus condemned, and they condemn the customs and major teachings which He followed and taught. Jesus' way—the apostles' way—the BIBLE way is NOT to solicit the public for contributions. We must never beg the public for money, even though the religious broadcasters of this world today do.

   GOD'S WAY is for HIS people to tithe their incomes, and give beside offerings as generously as their means allow. Every one of God's own children according to his financial ability. As you know, Moses sent out proclamations asking God's own nation Israel for contributions. The Apostle Paul sent out letters to God's own people asking liberal contributions. He taught tithing—and so did Jesus.

   The Living Christ has DRAFTED you and me to be His Co-Workers in finishing GOD'S WORK—getting out the very Gospel Jesus proclaimed to all the world, as a witness—PREPARING THE WAY for the coming of Christ in POWER and GLORY to rule all nations and to bring this world PEACE, happiness, abundant well being, and eternal life! You and I have VOLUNTARILY accepted His call. I did not ask YOU for any contribution UNTIL you had voluntarily begin contributing, as God, through His Holy Spirit, had laid on your heart.

   But now, following the teaching and way of Christ, the apostles, and the Bible, I do HAVE TO tell you Christ's Work IS IN SERIOUS NEED! We have been falling behind our usual increase in recent months. It is now SO SERIOUS I have to ask you to do more than rush to us the most liberal offering your circumstances make possible. I have to ask you to join me in earnest, prevailing, believing PRAYER—and even in FASTING and PRAYER! If all of us who are Co-Workers would simply go without any food for the next 36 hours, and devote ourselves to really getting under this burden in deep earnest, asking God to lay this necessity heavily on the hearts of all Co-Workers, the result would be miraculous. Let us ask God earnestly, beside, to put it in the minds and hearts of many who are not Co-Workers, but who will receive the semiannual letter, to voluntarily become Co-Workers—even though I have not asked them to do this or so much as hinted at it in my letter. And again, if you happen to have a larger sum that you are not free to give outright at this time, but could LOAN so that the Living Christ could be using it in His Work until you need it, it has never been more sorely needed than now.

   Dear Co-Workers, every department of this Work is going ahead at the usual 30 per cent increase over a year ago—except the income of funds to keep it going. NEVER has our Living Saviour, High Priest and Leader blessed this Work so greatly. Thousands of precious lives are being CHANGED—turned to Him—receiving HIS SPIRIT—every year. MILLIONS are hearing Christ's message every week. Two and a half million are reading Christ's last message to a dying world every month in The PLAIN TRUTH and other free literature.

   THIS IS THE WAY you and I can have part in CHANGING the pitiful condition that we have seen the starving masses living in, in China, India, the Middle East, Egypt, and many parts of Africa. More than half of all tho humans on earth are living in such abject poverty, misery, filth, stench and ignorance. This terrible blight on humanity can be cured only by the almighty power of GOD—by the driving RULE of FORCE by Jesus Christ, ruling all nations with a rod of iron, and by enforcing universal right education, and by changing human nature—bringing these pitiful wretches of humanity to repentance and faith in Christ, and putting within them God's own new nature!

   SOON—a very few more year—and we shall have a world of PEACE, of HAPPINESS, of JOY, of ABUNDANCE and of SALVATION. The Living CHRIST is right now directing, guiding, and blessing THIS VERY WORK in preparing the way—in speeding the day when this world's sorrow will be turned to JOY—its poverty to ABUNDANCE—its sickness and disease to radiant, vigorous HEALTH—its ignorance to COMPREHENDING, UNDERSTANDING and EDUCATED MINDS—its filth and physical blight, wreckage, and squalor to CLEANLINESS, BEAUTY, and PROGRESSIVE NEW FACILITIES—immorality, degenerate carnality into the blessedness of true uplifting SPIRITUALITY and HIGH MORAL CHARACTER.

   It may seem incredible that our DOLLARS can actually be turned into such a blessed state for the WHOLE WORLD! But, the mighty Christ will not come in all the POWER and GLORY of the Creator GOD until the way is prepared—until the Good News of His coming reign is sounded as a WARNING and a witness to all nations. And so our dollars placed where Christ is now directing are, truly, preparing the way and leading to PRECISELY THAT GLORIOUS WORLD TOMORROW!

   So, Co-Workers, TAKE THIS TO HEART! Take it seriously! For this situation is serious beyond anything I can describe in words! Take it seriously to God in prayer! Are we willing to give up a few things we really do not need, that we may help more? Is ETERNAL LIFE worth it—not only for ourselves, but for the MASSES —the hundreds of millions? Can we AWAKE to this need, and make it FIRST in our interests, and our lives, just now? Can we let it tug hard at our hearts—and pour out our prayers to God that he will MOVE thousands of others, beside?

   Really GREAT things are not done without sacrifice and SERIOUS DRIVING PURPOSE! And this is for the GREATEST THING in all of earth's history! It is above our every other NEED or interest— let's put it first! And God will mightily bless us in the doing! We CAN do more than we have done—we CAN pray more fervently than we have been doing! God help us, then, to DO IT! Thank you, fellow Co-Workers WITH CHRIST!

Sincerely in LOVE, in Jesus' Name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 07, 1966
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