April 28, 1968  
April 28, 1968 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 28, 1968

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   GREETINGS from our campus in England. I have big news for you. Events continue to accelerate, all over the world, faster and faster.

   On this present trip I have been in twelve different countries, so far. Things are happening, not only in vitally significant world events, but also in stepping up the power of this great Work of God, into which YOU and I have been called by the living Jesus Christ!

   While America was experiencing the most frightful riots and violence so far in this upsurge of racial strife, I have been seeing vitally significant events in Europe and the Middle East. You'll remember that more than a year ago I signed the largest contract for broadcast time ever entered into, in all probability, for time on a single station - Radio Jerusalem. This contract was with King Hussein's Government of Jordan. Three days before we were to have sent out the first broadcast over that super-power station, the "Six-Day War" broke out between the Arabs and Israelis. The Israelis took the "old city" of Jerusalem which had been a part of the Kingdom of Jordan. Then I arranged with Jordan government officials to broadcast over their station at Amman.

   On this trip I was flying back to the Middle East to keep an appointment for a conference with King Hussein. But the Jewish-Arab strife was flaring out anew. King Hussein was on emergency visits to Nasser at Cairo, and to Baghdad, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Jordan government officials advised by telegraph they feared it might not be safe for an American even to be seen in Amman at this time.

   However, I did want to visit our office in Jerusalem, established just before the war. And I had the experience of partaking of the Passover — "Lord's Supper" — as Jesus introduced it for the New Testament, commemorating His death for us, on the very anniversary of that event, IN JERUSALEM, and in our own office-residence there! It possibly was the first time Christians had partaken of this impressive ceremony in the old city of Jerusalem since the original apostles and Christians fled Jerusalem in 70 A. D.!

   But the original Jerusalem has been, as the Bible says, "trodden down of the Gentiles" for many centuries. Today it is nothing like the city in which Jesus walked. It is rubble piled on rubble. It is dirty, filthy, a jumble of confusion, and surely a stench to the nostrils of the living Christ. But He will YET and in very few years, now — reclaim Jerusalem as His City — clear away the filth and debris — and Jerusalem shall soon be REBUILT, the CITY OF OUR GOD, and the CAPITAL OF THE WORLD TOMORROW!

   I stopped off on the return to visit our office in Nicosia, Cyprus. In Nicosia I had interviews with the officials of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. They have a station, at the finest spot on the dial — about 603 — where it reaches out with powerful clarity i- and presently 40,000 watts. Radio Amman, which we are using nightly, sends such a poor signal into the neighboring country of Israel, that I learned we are NOT now reaching the Jews of Judah — as God says they shall be reached (in Isaiah 40 and elsewhere). But the Nicosia station does get in there with a good signal. And they are INTERESTED in broadcasting The WORLD TOMORROW — and in even an arrangement I suggested by which we may participate in stepping this up to greatly increased super-power. It would then reach all of the eastern half of northern Africa, as well as Israel, Turkey, Greece, and general surrounding areas.


   But there is MORE! We are filing application with the Federal Communications Commission for establishing a new TELEVISION STATION of our own! Our first application is for a non-commercial EDUCATIONAL T.V. station at our Ambassador College Texas campus, in eastern Texas! Meanwhile my son Garner Ted is producing T.V. programs in full color, in our own new T.V. studios on the Pasadena campus. At present these programs can be viewed and heard on only three or four stations — but within a year we hope to be adding more and more T.V. stations across the United States rapidly.

   My dear Co-Workers, world events are stepping up. I wonder if you can realize HOW ASTONISHINGLY FAST events would happen in EUROPE, if President Charles de Gaulle of France should die. And he is getting old! You would hear of frightfully fast moves to bring about the Political-Military REUNION of EUROPE, into the prophesied resurrection of the "HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE." Then the prophesied "Beast" and "False Prophet" (of Revelation 13, 17, and elsewhere) would quickly appear before a shocked, astonished, wondering world! EVENTS ARE MOVING SWIFTLY to that end.

   Meanwhile, GOD'S WORK must use the facilities of reaching the MASSES of people — some 45 million every week! — by radio, T.V., and the printing press. It all costs money — and those of us whom the living Christ has called to be Co-Workers with HIM, as HE heads and directs, and blesses this Work, must continually sacrifice other things that we may contribute generously to GOD'S WORK, the most important activity on earth. THIS WORK is saving humanity alive! It is spear-heading GOD'S PROGRAM to CHANGE the world, and then to SAVE the world! Almighty God has given YOU and me a glorious PART in CHANGING and SAVING THE WORLD!

   I remind you again, those who have larger sums you are not free, at this time, to give outright to God's Work, can help greatly by LOANING it, putting it where CHRIST HIMSELF is working, directing, blessing — until you are either able to turn all or part into a tax-deductible contribution, or until you have to have it back. And even the widows' mites HELP, and contribute more than you can realize. Nothing is too small. Nothing too large.

   And, Co-Workers, please RUSH IT — the need is very great!!! — and try to remember to send in more during the middle and latter part of each month. That is when the income for this Work falls off. We need to have it boosted during the last half of each month.

   Before closing, I want to offer you a NEW booklet — free, of course. It is about this bizarre new "hippie" movement. It is titled, "HIPPIES — Hypocrisy and 'Happiness.'" You need to know what this strange new cult MEANS to YOU! You may not realize it yet, but you are INVOLVED — DIRECTLY! It is growing by leaps and bounds. What IS it? WHY? We sent investigators to San Francisco and elsewhere to interview these people, to research — to get the startling TRUTH! This little attractive booklet is illustrated in full color. I'm reserving YOUR copy, if only you'll let me know you will welcome it.

   May I hear from you by return mall? THANK YOU, and God IS greatly blessing you! Pray for the Work — pray for me, as I pray for YOU!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 28, 1968
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