April 28, 1969  
April 28, 1969 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 28, 1969

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   NOW look for world events to SPEED UP! Soon the whole world will be STUNNED — DUMBFOUNDED — stupefied in WONDER!

   President Charles de Gaulle of France lost the referendum. He has RESIGNED! This is going to lead quickly to a colossal prophesied event that will make the whole world gasp in amazement! His resignation leaves a VACUUM in France. There are TWO STRONG nations in the European Common Market — Germany and France. In Germany are several strong leaders. De Gaulle has been dominating Europe and the Common Market. There is no other dominant political personality in France. Now GERMANY will take the lead.

   WHAT WILL HAPPEN? I have said all along that once De Gaulle is out of power, the nations of Europe will move swiftly to bring POLITICAL and MILITARY UNION. There will be ultimately NOT the present six, but TEN NATIONS. De Gaulle is the one force that has been restraining it — holding it back. Still, it will take some little time — perhaps two years or a little more. There will be now for a while a condition of CONFUSION. But strong world leaders always arise out of CONFUSION—often SUDDENLY!

   We do not have much more time to go — perhaps not much more than about 2 1/2 years! In the past year the living Jesus Christ has SPEEDED UP God's Great Work faster than ever before. Now it must speed up at INCREASED MOMENTUM!

   I know you'll want to know our plans. They call for going back into all the magazine editions we have had to cancel as soon as possible, and then placing these ads in more and more mass- circulation magazines. We have had to cancel a few radio stations. But I am overjoyed to tell you that the improved response by you Co-Workers has made me hesitate about cancelling more. A list of some 50 radio stations has been submitted to me for cancellation. I have cancelled a FEW — but am holding off on the rest. If the response continues — more of the loans either cancelled or converted to the five-year plan about which I wrote previously, we may not have to cancel more — but perhaps we can ADD more strong stations.


   I can't do that now. The income as of now won't allow it. But we MUST have a constant increase in income for the Work so more and more TV stations can be releasing this POWERFUL television program!

   I know you all will want to SEE my son Garner Ted Armstrong ON TELEVISION. He is MUCH more effective on TV than on radio. Let me tell you of a few incidents with Los Angeles TV stations.

   Officials of one station asked about the program. Hearing that the speaker (Garner Ted) had his voice continuously on throughout the program, they said, "No one would listen to that." We brought them out to our very modern superbly-equipped TV studios. They were amazed.

   'Why!" they exclaimed, you have a larger and better and more modernly equipped studio than most TV stations! Then we had them sit down to view and HEAR one of The WORLD TOMORROW TV programs. They were ASTONISHED!

   "Oh well, now, THAT'S DIFFERENT! YOU'VE got a top television PERSONALITY there!" was the exclamation. Then they began making offers to get Garner Ted ON THEIR STAFF as a news commentator!

   "We've just GOT to have that Garner Ted Armstrong on our staff," one of their officials said to me. But of course they can't have him. GOD has him speaking for GOD'S WORK!

   Then, later, one of the strongest Los Angeles stations lost the services of their star news reporter. He was the most listened-to news reporter in the Los Angeles area. And THE HIGHEST PAID. But another station offered him a salary of $300,000 per year — that's a million dollars in a little over three years! The powerful station that lost him immediately came for Garner Ted. They asked if they could not possibly induce him to take over that news program — as a big-name news announcer and commentator, analyzing as well as reporting the news.

   That is what leading television station officials think of Garner Ted Armstrong as a television speaker! Either my son or I could make MANY, MANY TIMES more money, if we would sell our services to the commercial world. But there isn't enough money in all the world to tempt either of us. Our lives are dedicated to the living HEAD of God's Work, Jesus Christ! I only mention this because I hope, during the next two years, to be able to put our top-rated television program of The WORLD TOMORROW on so many TV stations all over the U.S. and Canada — and perhaps other countries - that all or nearly all of you Co-Workers will be able to see it along with the MILLIONS of others which YOUR tithes and offerings are helping us to reach! You will THRILL to it! And so will people all over in the area where you live! It is by far the most effective program ever to carry God's true Message to the world!

   Co-Workers, we must PUT OUR WHOLE HEARTS into this Work of God! We must try harder — we must sacrifice more — we must PRAY MORE and MORE FERVENTLY for this great Work! As world conditions move so FAST toward the final WORLD CRISIS, we must SPEED UP more in the Work the living GOD is carrying on through YOU and me! PRAY continuously for the expanding of this television program!

   It seems a colossal SHAME that a program so dynamic, so ALIVE, so INTERESTING to viewers everywhere is being produced every week for so FEW TV stations! We could Just as well be sending the programs to MANY stations — and we WILL — when our Co-Workers can put enough of God's tithes and your offerings into it to pay for more and more broadcast time.

   And please remember, each day, to pray for me and Ted personally. Our jobs are not easy — and we need your prayers! THANK YOU for them!

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 28, 1969
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