May 05, 1970  
May 05, 1970 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 

The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of Understanding
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May 5, 1970

Dear Friend and PLAIN TRUTH Subscriber:

   I simply can't resist telling you about something that seems to me exciting and IMPORTANT. Twice yearly we offer, free of charge, to every PLAIN TRUTH subscriber a copy of a new booklet, just off the press. But until I read this morning the synopses of our latest TWO booklets, I did not realize how IMPORTANT and INTERESTING they are.

   I'm really enthusiastic about them. I think you will be. And of course we offer them gratis — entirely free — as a public service of Ambassador College. It's part of the worldwide Extension Program of publishing eye-opening, significant and vitally INTERESTING educational information.

   Just off the press, now, are two exciting new booklets. One is "NEW FACTS About Marijuana," and the other, "Managing YOUR Personal Finances." Did you ever stop to think (I had not, before) people are taught how to earn money, but NOT how to manage it after they get it — how to spend wisely what one earns?

   Did you ever stop to realize, the instant you were born you knew NOTHING? Animals are born ready equipped with instinct. Often I have illustrated this point by the example of a new-born calf. Immediately it begins to struggle to stand up on all four feet. It may fall back down a time or two. But usually, in a matter of a very few minutes it is on its feet. And it knows where to go — for its "dinner." But a human baby must be taught to eat — must learn to walk. And not in five minutes. Often it takes a year or more.

   We seldom stop to realize that humans must either learn by themselves, or be TAUGHT — everything.

   Until I read a synopsis of this new booklet this morning I had never thought specifically of the fact we do teach our on-coming generations how to EARN a living — but not, in most cases, how to manage what is earned. And few ever learn this by themselves.

   We have our trade schools. The principal function of most universities is to teach the professions — medicine, dentistry, architecture, landscaping, the sciences, business administration.

   But when I read the synopsis of our new booklet, "Managing Your Personal Finances," I became enthusiastic immediately about how seriously NEEDED is this new booklet.

   Look at this paradox: people today have more to spend, BUT are further in debt than ever before! During the Great Depression beginning 1929, the number of personal bankruptcies was monumental. Yet last year there were 200,000 — more than any previous year. WHY? Hundreds of thousands NEEDED THIS BOOKLET!

   One of the greatest sources of unhappiness, marital problems, child-rearing problems, mental and emotional stress is lack of knowledge on handling personal finances.

   People today are constantly exposed to high-pressure advertising. They are subtly influenced to WANT more material merchandise. They are told that buying the things advertised is the way to really ENJOY life. Often influenced into "enjoying" what they cannot afford! CREDIT BUYING encourages overspending.

   This booklet discusses the proper use of credit — when and how to buy on installments. How wives can save money at home. How to teach children to handle money. HOW to set up a family or personal budget, and HOW to make it work.

   I'm so sure you'll want this booklet, I am reserving YOUR FREE COPY.

   Then there's the eye-opening NEW booklet: "NEW FACTS About Marijuana." Here at last is THE PLAIN TRUTH about it. WHY all this confusion about "POT"? WHY do some defend it, while others crusade against it? This booklet explains WHAT it is, where it comes from. It informs, with eye-opening FACTS, why this drug is now being used in epidemic proportions by high school and college students. It explains WHO is using marijuana and other drugs, and WHY. WHY so many are today experimenting. It informs on the reasons drug users give — WHAT scientists and doctors say — why and how people get started on drugs.

   Your child could be involved. What can you, as a parent, do? You need to UNDERSTAND — you need the PLAIN TRUTH on the question!

   What happens when you "turn on" with marijuana? — what are the long-term effects?

   With all the discussion that has gone on, most still do not know the real CRUX of the question — they have heard all the arguments, but they are STILL IGNORANT OF THE REAL ISSUES!

   I personally feel that these two booklets are IMPORTANT. You've read nothing like them. I'm reserving a copy of each in your name, but of course we cannot mail them until we are assured you want them. No matter how interesting and valuable, we never send literature unwanted. They are not for sale. You CANNOT BUY or PAY for them. YOUR free copy, like your PLAIN TRUTH subscription, has been already paid by others, who have volunteered to help us help others by giving the good things of life freely. Ever stop to think — the finest things in life are not for sale! So we freely GIVE this priceless knowledge as volunteer Co-Workers make possible.

   I sincerely hope you are enjoying your PLAIN TRUTH. It has for years been my custom to write personally to all PLAIN TRUTH subscribers twice a year, answering questions frequently asked about us and our worldwide Work. This time I just wanted to get this offer of these two exciting new booklets off to you at once, and next time I will try to answer questions you may ask.

   I've made it easy for you to order your free booklets, with the enclosed self-addressed reply envelope.

Most sincerely,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: May 05, 1970
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