August 30, 1970  
August 30, 1970 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

August 30, 1970

Dear Friend and Co-Worker:

   TIME FLASHES ON! And now there's precious little time left! Here we are beginning a new college year already! The students have returned to campus. Registration is over. Classes begin tomorrow! It's the beginning of the 24th year of Ambassador College!

   I can hardly believe it! It seems only yesterday since we first opened our doors to four pioneer students and eight faculty members. But WHAT STUPENDOUS ACCOMPLISHMENTS WE HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT!

   The end of May I wrote you a most important announcement. We were making intensive preparations for the most POWERFUL world- wide program ever launched to WAKE UP this drowsy, sick, sleeping world BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

   Leaders were saying we must adjust to living in a world of fast-increasing problems and troubles — with no solutions! But THERE ARE SOLUTIONS. We, at Ambassador College, have been DEMONSTRATING the solutions 23 years! We simply DON'T HAVE THESE FRIGHTENING EVILS on our three campuses! As I said then, WE HAVE PEACE!

   WHY should university campuses have dissent, turmoil, rioting, violence? WHY should families be breaking up? WHY should life be falling apart all over our western world? WHY should CRIME be increasing by leaps and bounds? WHY all these evils?

   Let me repeat, we don't have those evils on our campuses — our lives! UNCOUNTED THOUSANDS, WORLDWIDE, DO NOT SUFFER THEM.

   And WHY? Because in this great Work, for 35 years we have been THUNDERING the CAUSES — and the CURES — the SOLUTIONS — the WAY TO PEACE, PROSPERITY, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANT WELL-BEING to the world. More, we have been setting the example — demonstrating that the world's problems CAN BE SOLVED — if people are willing!

   For the summer, PERSONAL-APPEARANCE TOURS were planned. THEY WERE A WHOPPING SUCCESS! Thousands came. Thousands heard the inspiring news that THERE IS A SOLUTION to the world's evils. More than a hundred smiling, happy Ambassador students went along on the personal-appearance tours with my son, Garner Ted Armstrong. They went along to DEMONSTRATE the results of the WAY that causes the GOOD results. Thousands SAW WITH THEIR OWN EYES more than a hundred of these alert, vigorous, smiling, happy students who are living examples of THE WAY OUT of the evils.

   Another 72 Ambassador College students spent the summer in Jerusalem (mostly going at their own expense), working in the massive archaeological project in which Ambassador College is in joint-participation with Hebrew University. There we are uncovering 3,000 years of buried HISTORY — clearing off ages of rubble, decay and debris from the original Jerusalem, then called "The City of David." In other words, besides a scientific archaeological project digging up surprising artifacts, we are CLEARING OFF THE FUTURE THRONE OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT THAT WILL RULE THE PEACEFUL AND HAPPY WORLD TOMORROW!

   YOU live in a world wracked with pain, suffering, discouragements, anxieties, frustrations — and evils of every kind. And the evils are fast INCREASING. They are heading rapidly toward the crucial CRISIS!

   But YOU are having a PART — an important part — by your loyalty and sacrifice and prayers — in preparing the way for a BETTER world tomorrow — a world of PEACE, HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY.

   Meanwhile, YOUR support is helping GREATLY in setting the living example of that peace and happiness — and of getting the GOOD NEWS of it out to 150 million people WORLDWIDE!

   Could ANYTHING else be so important?

   Now, as autumn comes upon us, we are planning to launch a mighty, POWERFUL new campaign to THUNDER this inspiring message to additional millions all around the world! By radio, by television, by stepped-up advertising space in the world's largest circulated magazines and newspapers, such as Reader's Digest, Life, London Sunday Times — many others. Also by The PLAIN TRUTH and TOMORROW'S WORLD magazines (our own) — and by tons and tons of free literature — sent free on request.

   Also by personal counsel and help by our own Ambassador- College trained representatives all over the world (they call on and visit for personal counsel those who request it — but NEVER except after personal invitation).

   And every dollar in this great Work GOES FARTHER on today's "8 cent dollar" than it did on the "100 cent dollar" of 1902! In the June-July PLAIN TRUTH, I showed subscribers how the widow's "two mites" given ten times a year does this: pays for 96 people listening to The WORLD TOMORROW radio program a half hour every day for a year — also pays cost of 70 other people viewing The WORLD TOMORROW on TV a half hour every week for a whole year — also pays for 7 people reading The PLAIN TRUTH every month for a year — also pays for 6 more people reading TOMORROW'S WORLD magazine every issue for a year — plus, also paying the cost of 2 students receiving the Correspondence Course for a year — 12 lessons. Besides all this, the widow would be paying the cost of exposing 800 people to reading our full-page or double-page ads in such mass-circulation magazines as Life, Reader's Digest, etc. Almost 1,000 people reached with the most important and wonderful message there is!

   YOU as a Co-Worker, are HAVING A PART in CHANGING THE WORLD — pointing the WAY to happiness — helping uncounted thousands FIND IT NOW!

   I was just thinking the other day — WHAT is a Co-Worker's attitude toward giving for this great Work? Does it mean "giving up" something you wanted — something material you wanted to buy? Is one's heart set more on getting this certain MATERIAL object than on giving this message of THE WAY to happiness, success — and even eternal life — to 1,000 or more people in this suffering evil world?

   You see, the SOLUTION to all the world's troubles is, simply, to switch from THE WAY of "getting" to THE WAY of "giving." From SELF-centeredness, to GOD-centeredness. This world is going THE WAY of SELFISHNESS, greed, lust — of envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred. The SOLUTION of all the evils is THE WAY of giving, of sharing, helping, serving. It is THE WAY of LOVE. And love is an outgoing concern toward others.

   That is THE WAY that has brought peace, happiness, abundant well-being to our three campuses — and the students on them. It is the way that has brought the same happiness, peace, well-being to uncounted THOUSANDS of people reached by this Work all over the world!

   The United States and Canada have been in an economic recession for the past year. It has given us very great and urgent financial problems in keeping this Work going — and growing. We have had to make some cutbacks. But, thanks to the generosity of Co-Workers, we have managed to keep this great Work in a sound financial state.

   Last spring we were heading into a financial crisis. You Co-Workers came to our aid. We survived it — kept in sound financial condition. Now, the last 30 days, indications of another approaching crisis are becoming more and more evident. Once again, this Work needs, urgently, THE GREATEST REASONABLE SACRIFICE on the part of our Co-Workers. Will you "tighten your belt" with us, and make whatever special sacrifice you can now — and for the remainder of this year?

   After all, Jesus was RIGHT when He said it is more blessed to GIVE than to receive. This is a Work of GIVING — the greatest, most important Work in the world! YOU are "laying up treasure in heaven."

   THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I pray for YOU — and need your prayers.

Gratefully, with love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: August 30, 1970
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