October 28, 1970  
October 28, 1970 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

October 28, 1970

Dear Fellow Co-Workers:

   Since I wrote you a month ago, many things have happened. The Arab guerrilla hijacking of giant 707 passenger aircraft and blowing them up — the civil war between the guerrillas and King Hussein's government army, with Syria beginning to join in against the Jordan forces, presented a world crisis that could have exploded into nuclear world war. I said then that King Hussein could be assassinated any minute.

   But the governments of Britain, West Germany, Switzerland, and even partially the United States, bowed before the threats of the outlaw guerrillas, and the world-explosion between the GREAT powers of Russia and the United States was held off — for the time.

   Instead of a Hussein assassination, President Nasser of Egypt died of a heart attack. But the sudden quieting of Middle East events is only temporary. It may flare out again at any minute.

   On the heels of these events came the kidnapping of two high government officials in Canada. Individual kidnappers held the government at bay, and murdered one of the kidnapped officials.

   When outlaw bands of violent men can bring great nations' governments to their knees, law and order in this world is just about DONE!

   Now there is in the United States an organized plot to kill policemen — the goal being to overthrow all government in this country by destroying law and order. Many significant world EVILS are happening right now that had NEVER occurred even a year ago! BOMBINGS are occurring as never before. Yesterday's newspaper carried pictures of a bank destroyed by bombing — and it was not the first such bombing. Now there are occurring a series of MASS- MURDERS. Obscenity has accelerated, and morals plunged clear to the cesspool, until there are now newspaper reportings of a number of places where nude actors on stage indulge in actual (not simulated) intercourse before audiences. A judge was recently murdered in his own courtroom during a trial.

   Such things had never happened a year ago.

   It's high time we FACE THE FACTS! This trend of affairs signals the fast-approaching END of this present civilization!

   But as the EVILS accelerate in this world, so do the important activities in this great Work of God accelerate! We MUST — and we ARE — keeping pace!

   Suddenly doors are being opened wide for me personally to have meetings with heads of state of many important nations. I have not sought nor taken the initiative in arranging these important meetings. But they are significant, and another signal of the fast-approaching END of the present civilization and the ushering in of the WORLD TOMORROW - a world of peace, happiness and universal well-being.

   When I wrote you a month ago, I was in our jet aircraft, returning from Sydney, Australia to Djakarta for my conference with President Suharto, of Indonesia. An appointment had been set, but he was unable to see me until the following day. On that following day I had an appointment with President Marcos of the Philippines at his palace in Manila. I felt it incumbent on me to keep that appointment, and so was unable to wait over in Djakarta.

   I had an important meeting with President Marcos. And while in Manila, President Suharto tried personally to reach me by telephone to arrange a meeting the next day. Prior commitments did not allow time to fly back down to Djakarta. Result, I am now scheduled to meet General Suharto the middle of December.

   In Tokyo we met Dr. Binyamin Mazar, Director of our big archaeological exploration in Jerusalem, and also Professor Werblowsky, of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who is professor of Comparative Religions. They were invited with us to the dinner hosted by Prince Mikasa (brother of Emperor Hirohito), and his wife and daughter. Next day, at 2:00 p.m., we met the Prince at the Palace grounds. He took us first to the Palace office building, where a number of candid camera shots were taken. Then to the beautiful new Palace, completed since I was there two years ago.

   Then at 4:00 p.m. I addressed a group of the very top professors of several Japanese universities, arranged by Prince Mikasa. The professors invited were those whose principal area of interest is the Middle East. All were greatly interested in archaeology. After I spoke, Dr. Mazar showed them many slides of our archaeological project.

   In my talk before them, translated as we proceeded by Osamu Gotoh, head of our Japanese Department on the Pasadena campus, I mentioned the following:

   About 150 years ago, leaders of science decided the human mind was so near perfect that society could safely discard its swaddling clothes, throw away the "crutch" of religion, and reliance on God. Science had come to the place it could deliver the world from all evils. Given sufficient knowledge, science could solve all problems, they believed. So gradually moral and spiritual values were dropped. Colleges and universities began putting emphasis solely on the intellect, and instruction in the professions, technologies, and sciences. World Wars I and II shot moral and spiritual values to the cesspool.

   As scientists and educators added to the world's fund of knowledge, the world's troubles and evils increased. During the past ten years knowledge DOUBLED — and likewise, troubles and evils have DOUBLED in the same decade! Today world-famous scientists are frankly frightened. It is now possible to erase all human life from this planet. Human survival is the number one world problem. Scientists and heads of state say publicly the only HOPE is a super world government, and at the same time admit its utter impossibility. Then I told them that we have now come to the place where, as the U.S. News and World Report had intimated some time ago, it would seem that our sole hope of survival rests in the SUPERNATURAL intervention of an unseen "STRONG HAND FROM SOMEWHERE."

   I told them how, if we are to place credence in the Hebrew Bible, the entire fault in the production of knowledge took place in the Garden of Eden, in the account of the "forbidden fruit," or the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil." The Creator had set in motion an invisible but inexorable law to CAUSE every GOOD result. That invisible spiritual LAW is the cause of all GOOD. Its transgression is the cause of all evils. When Adam took of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he took TO HIMSELF the divine GOD PREROGATIVE of producing the knowledge of what is good and what is evil. Rejecting the revealed KNOWLEDGE of God, and DISOBEYING that Law revealed by God, man became an adversary of God, and always has tried to decide for himself what is right and what is wrong. All his KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION has been of the way of life that transgresses that CAUSE of all good. Consequently his knowledge production has brought only EVILS. As knowledge increases, so do the problems and evils.

   I told those scholarly professors that they are betting their very lives on the existence of the Creator GOD, and His soon SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION in world affairs, to save humanity alive. No one sneered or jeered. Those high-ranking professors were SOBERED. They KNOW world conditions. They knew what I said made sense — it was the TRUTH.

   Afterward, Prince Mikasa talked to them for some fifteen or twenty minutes, saying some very nice things about my address.

   Co-Workers, this new turn of events throwing me personally into direct contact with heads of state of many great nations is highly significant. It is a door through which God is, I feel, using me to get HIS WARNING MESSAGE to the leaders of nations. It is an additional signal of the fast-approaching END, and the soon coming of the living Christ as KING of kings, setting up the GOVERNMENT OF GOD to rule all nations.

   World conditions are WORSENING as never before. YOU KNOW THAT! This great Work of God must now LEAP FORWARD as never before!

   You have YOUR PART. I am plunging harder than ever into my part. Since my return from the round-the-world trip, I have spoken in person before large audiences in France, England, Canada and SIX large audiences in the United States — speaking 17 times in 8 days, before an aggregate of 70,000 people. This was a grueling experience, starting exactly one week after the trip around the world. I am pushing myself on, now, faster than ever before in my life. But I can do little without YOU and your generous help. NOTHING ELSE IS IMPORTANT ANY MORE.

   Let's sacrifice, GIVE that this vital last Message may be given, as never before!

   New radio and television stations are opening to us. We MUST get The PLAIN TRUTH back on the every-month basis starting December. Also TOMORROW'S WORLD. It's only possible if YOU do YOUR UTMOST as I'm doing mine!

   What a WONDERFUL PRIVILEGE to have a PART in this great closing Work! Let's all respond as never before!

With love, in Christ's name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: October 28, 1970
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