November 29, 1970  
November 29, 1970 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

November 29, 1970

Dear Co-Worker:

   Here we are again, facing that MOST DIFFICULT MONTH of the year — the month when most people are spending lavishly in the Christmas shopping melee — NOT giving gifts to CHRIST on His birthday, but EXCHANGING gifts with relatives and friends.

   So many FORGET all about giving to THE LIVING CHRIST for the great worldwide Work which He heads, guides and directs, and blesses!

   We have just finished mailing the semiannual letter to the entire list of PLAIN TRUTH subscribers — more than TWO MILLION of them! You have probably received your copy already. In that letter there is NO REQUEST FOR CONTRIBUTIONS. About 95 out of every 100 of our subscribers have never contributed a penny toward the support of this great Work! They cannot even pay for their own subscription. We have NEVER ASKED them for financial support.

   WHO ever published such a high-quality magazine with NO ADVERTISING REVENUE, no subscription-price income, NEVER requesting contributions? WHO ever broadcasted such a vital program as The WORLD TOMORROW, purchasing more wattage of power than any other on earth, with NO commercial sponsor, and NEVER asking the listeners for contributions?


   This past year additional THOUSANDS of lives have been CHANGED — made happy, successful, given incentive, hope, assurance for the future and eternity THROUGH THIS GREAT WORK — yes, through YOUR part in it.

   YOU became a Co-Worker voluntarily. Of your own free will you began HAVING A PART in this most glorious Work. Therefore — as one of our inner family of Co-Workers — let me tell you, in summary what has happened in this Work this year — and our plans for the future.

   Hundreds and hundreds of businesses, organizations and institutions have gone broke — folded up — this past year. This morning's newspaper says hundreds of high-salaried technicians, having lost their jobs, are seeking positions in Europe and other countries. We have been in a financial recession for two years now.

   Therefore in this Work we have been forced to make some cut- backs. We had to tighten our belts, so to speak. We have had to reduce publication of The PLAIN TRUTH and TOMORROW'S WORLD to every other month. We cut all top salaries by 20%, others by 10%. We cut down the broadcast on many stations from everyday broad- casting to once a week. And at the end of last March I had to ask many Co-Workers to send in EXTRA contributions.

   WE PULLED THROUGH THE EMERGENCY. We kept this great Work ALIVE! We had the help and guidance of the "unseen Hand from someplace" mentioned quite a while ago by U. S. News & World Report. And this year, once again THOUSANDS of additional lives were CHANGED in the direction of real SUCCESS, happiness, eternal life.

   But NOW, we must, as we promised, start publishing The PLAIN TRUTH every month again. We must, as we promised these radio stations, put The WORLD TOMORROW program back on the air SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. We must put the TELEVISION program of The WORLD TOMORROW on a constantly increasing number of stations.

   And this great "MUST" hits the Work right at the time of our hardest month, financially. The month when so many FORGET the needs of the Work the living CHRIST directs, to exchange presents with family members, relatives and friends.

   I hope YOU won't allow yourself to FORGET the vital needs of this Work — especially during this difficult month — when we are once again increasing the publishing and broadcasting workload.

   I hope, too, that you will write in IMMEDIATELY for that free booklet offered in the semiannual letter — "The PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS." Also, of course, the other booklet on the new Feminist Movement. Even this is now beginning to lead to violence!

   There is NOTHING LIKE THIS GREAT WORK on earth. I believe nothing is doing so much GOOD. I have shown you before how every dollar in this Work GOES FARTHER, does more GOOD, than it could any place else. It's absolutely AMAZING — but remember the inspired divine GUIDANCE we have.

   You are having a wonderful PART in CHANGING THE WORLD. In bringing HAPPINESS, PEACE, HOPE, inspiration to countless THOUSANDS. You are helping have an IMPACT on 150 MILLION people worldwide!

   THANK YOU from the heart for your LOYALTY — I know you'll stand faithfully by me and our Family of Co-Workers. THIS is the month when we need to be GENEROUS as never before to this great Work where the living CHRIST is working, directing — and BLESSING with rich results.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: November 29, 1970
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