August 29, 1971  
August 29, 1971 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

An educational service at all levels for all people worldwide

August 29, 1971

Dear Inner Family of Co-Workers:

   As you know, much of my time, this past year, has been spent in the two major trouble areas of the world — the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

   I have not only visited the trouble zones, but I have had many personal talks with the heads of state and other top officials in these areas.

   I have not, myself, sought most of these private top-level meetings — as I have explained in recent letters to our Co-Workers. But I have had such talks with five presidents, three kings, three prime ministers, two crown princes, numerous top ministers, cabinet members, including foreign secretaries, and members of parliaments or equivalent lawmaking bodies, like the United States Senate. Also with presidents and leading professors of universities and colleges.

   No one knows, in specific detail, precisely what will happen in world conditions in the next very few weeks, months and years. But existing conditions are fraught with explosive potential. And, based on these existing conditions, recent happenings, present trends, what I have learned in my discussions with world leaders — and UNDERSTANDING of the Biblical prophecies — I am outlining for PLAIN TRUTH readers in the coming October number, a possible chain of world-shaking events which could very soon cause the world to stand aghast in wonder and amazement!

   Our staff of PLAIN TRUTH editors, writers, and overseas correspondents and I have been keeping PLAIN TRUTH readers right up-to-the-minute on the MEANINGS of world happenings and trends — more than any other magazine in the world.

   Two very important articles in recent numbers describe conditions that could trigger a totally unexpected and amazing turn of events! This will be explained in my Personal talk in the October PLAIN TRUTH.

   I am leaving almost immediately for our Texas campus, for the orientation of new incoming students. Ambassador College has just begun, in Pasadena, its TWENTY-FIFTH YEAR! Think of it! It seems only yesterday since we first swung open its doors to FOUR pioneer students and eight faculty members! We were then the SMALLEST college in America, and perhaps the LEAST in financial position.

   But today, if we were ranked among America's largest industrial corporations, we would rank in size of operations within the top 800! When you consider our complete worldwide operations — of the educational EXTENSION PROGRAM — Ambassador College would rank within the top TEN of American colleges and universities! We are reaching with powerful IMPACT, approximately A HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION people all over the world! This great Work, in which YOU are a valuable Co-Worker, is today the MOST POWERFUL FORCE ON EARTH FOR WORLD PEACE!

   From the Texas campus, I shall fly on to the English campus for the opening of the college year there — and then on around the world once more, for some very momentous personal conferences with various world leaders. Among these is another conference with Prime Minister Sato of Japan. I will have more to tell you along the way.

   Meanwhile we are formulating BIG PLANS for stepping up the Work with increasing momentum. All signs in the world show that time is getting VERY SHORT. Yet a TREMENDOUS job must yet be done.

   We need your earnest and prevailing prayers as never before. There IS a devil! He is REAL. He has continually struck at this Work. Recently he has struck at me and Garner Ted Armstrong PERSONALLY. God has providentially delivered us. But we personally NEED YOUR URGENT and most intensive PRAYERS constantly!

   We may be able to come out, shortly with a FULL HOUR television program! We need YOU to HOLD UP OUR HANDS. We are giving of OUR UTMOST. We need YOU to do the same. YOUR PART is far more important than you know — and it is producing far greater results than you realize! FOR ALL ETERNITY! THANK YOU for your faithfulness and sacrifice. And we should all thank God for the great PRIVILEGE of having part in His great Work. I do!

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: August 29, 1971
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