November 29, 1971  
November 29, 1971 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

An educational service at all levels for all people worldwide

November 29, 1971

Dear Friend and PLAIN TRUTH Subscriber:

   Many leading economists, bankers, government experts now predict a gradual but real upturn in the United States economy during the year ahead. Advance reports say: "Christmas Shopping Biggest. Ever!"

   But what if some world famous scientist gained banner headlines with the sensational prediction: "The United States will FALL, as Rome did, in seven to ten years!"

   "He's CRAZY!" would probably be the derisive answer. "Such a thing could never happen here!" people would say. "The United States is the most powerful, productive, affluent, advanced nation in history!"

   Once Seneca, the Roman statesman, warned that the great Roman Empire would fall. The people snickered. "Mighty Rome fall? NEVER!" they retorted. Rome was alive with activity, with progress! Roman citizens basked in affluence — in the glitter of the world's greatest empire. To even speculate for one brief moment that glorious Rome could collapse was unthinkable.

   But Rome FELL!

   Rome decayed, rotted, from within. Rome died from an internal social cancer. It became a pushover!

   There is a CAUSE for every effect. And often people don't see the CAUSE, but, too late, try to deal with the effect.

   Right now a shocking, eye opening book is ready to roll off our presses — a thought-provoking booklet I want you to read. I am reserving a copy for YOU (gratis, not to be sold) — titled "The MODERN ROMANS." Every thinking person in North America, Britain and Europe ought to read it. Fortunately, Roman history is fairly well documented.

   But the real CAUSES of Rome's fall have never been fully understood. Yet THOSE SAME CAUSES are now being repeated in our western world! This booklet contains a shocking message — a WARNING for NOW!

   This new booklet, of course, deals primarily about US — TODAY! It brings you in a boiled down, terse way, the real CAUSES that brought about Rome's fall. And we in America and the western world are drifting at an accelerated pace into those same evils!

   But, are we not living in the most advanced civilization ever? Today science and technology dangle before our eyes a glittering glamour world of their making. It is to be a fantastic push-button dream world of "the three L's" — Leisure, Luxury, and License. They are beginning to produce unbelievable devices that will convert this world into a glorified heaven.

   Yes, but on the other hand we are traveling the high- road that brought Rome to its FALL.

   Two years ago, from our campus in England, I wrote a letter to all PLAIN TRUTH subscribers a few hours after watching, on television, a human foot step down on the moon for the third time. That started a train of thought. On the one hand I had to reflect on the question: How TREMENDOUSLY GREAT is the human mind? Not only can it devise and produce the means of flying to the moon and back — but also all the marvelous intricate mechanisms — such as the modern computer! Yet man has been unable to solve his own problems here on earth! And today people are becoming more and more concerned over these problems and evils.

   People are bewildered!

   With such fantastic MIND-power (and The PLAIN TRUTH will begin a remarkable series of articles, with the January number, on the vast difference between the human mind, and animal brain, a report on advanced studies in the new science of brain research, complementing the series in LIFE magazine on the human brain) — with all this incredible MIND-power — with all the vast accumulation of KNOWLEDGE, man still has not brought world PEACE, happiness, universal abundant well-being.

   Science has not produced it — nor government, nor religion, nor education, nor sociology. As I wrote then, the crying need of this hour is a VOICE that can explain WHY — that can POINT THE WAY!

   And The PLAIN TRUTH is that VOICE!

   For every effect there has to be a CAUSE! Human civilization seems always to be ignoring the CAUSE and trying to eradicate the EFFECT. World War I was at the time called the war to END all wars. But wars do not abolish more wars.

   WORLD PEACE can come only by knowing the CAUSE of peace, and applying it!

   By the thousands, readers of The PLAIN TRUTH are beginning to understand some of the BASICS of right KNOWLEDGE — the CAUSES of peace, happiness, abundant well-being. They are learning THE WAY that MAKES SENSE — that WORK in their own lives. Lives are being turned right side up. Lives are being enriched. They are finding the TRUE VALUES, discarding the false. They are learning HOW TO LIVE. They are doing better financially, learning how better to handle finances. They are finding the way to happiness!

   In the world today it seems almost no one is helping people to live better lives. The PLAIN TRUTH, published by Ambassador College, is a notable exception.

   Our readers are unique among magazine readers! Their minds are on things that really count! The things that make life a JOY! They come to have UNDERSTANDING of world conditions — and their causes. Of world trends — not in a narrow or partisan political sense, but altogether ABOVE politics. And they come to face the future with CONFIDENCE. We are in a worldwide work of GIVING — with nothing to sell — but GIVING of the knowledge and the principles that make for better and happier living. And this activity is financed solely by those who, voluntarily and unsolicited, have become contributors — Co-Workers with us in freewill offerings — giving that we may GIVE.

   This eye-opening, important, well-illustrated booklet, "The MODERN ROMANS" will be sent only on your request — but I have reserved your copy for you, and you will find a self-addressed reply envelope enclosed.

   Thank you, sincerely, from the heart, for being a PLAIN TRUTH subscriber, and for the pleasure of serving you.

Most sincerely,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: November 29, 1971
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