June 19, 1972  
June 19, 1972 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

An educational service at all levels for all people worldwide

June 19, 1972

Dear Inner Family of Co-Workers and Brethren:

   Events are now happening so fast I cannot wait till the usual time at the end of the month to tell you the BIG NEWS! And, I sincerely believe, A SENSATIONAL announcement!

   Less than three weeks ago I wrote you of plans for the greatest lunge forward this end-time Work of God has ever taken. No time has been wasted, and those plans already are well under way. But now our living Saviour who HEADS this Work has opened the MIGHTIEST — THE MOST POWERFUL DOOR IN THE 38 1/2 years of this Work! I know — I wrote you before that on January 7th the most powerful door so far was opened to us and that was true! But what has opened up since my last letter, May 31, is still greater!

   It's just as if God is starting His Work all over again. I want to tell you, first, a few things about its original start — and then you'll understand what I mean by saying it is STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN, and, this time, starting from here with more than TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES the power with which it started then.

   This Work has recently undergone some scurrilous attacks reaching around the world. I have reminded you, however, that GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE — and He most certainly is demonstrating it now! But when this Work was getting started, 38 1/2 years ago, it was opposed and persecuted and attacked even more, by comparison of its size, than now! Organized efforts were made to prevent it from starting, and in its first two or three years to stop it and destroy it. It IS the Work of GOD, so would you expect an angry devil to refrain from opposing it? And, being the Work of GOD, it has GROWN like the grain of mustard seed, despite all opposition — and will continue to do so.

   I say again, every little setback is like the cocking of the gun — it just shoots the Work on forward faster than ever!

   And so now, I have TREMENDOUS NEWS — by far the most important announcement in the 38 1/2 years of this Work!

   I want to give you some of the exciting facts about how the Work got started 38 1/2 years ago, but I must give you the big news first.

   Having been in the publishing and advertising business many years, I have said many times that you can reach people with a message about ten times more effectively through the eye than through the ear. This Work started out as a "Three-Point Campaign" — radio, The PLAIN TRUTH, and personal evangelism. It was a most effective combination, and it grew 30% a year.

   Then we started with ONE tiny radio station, with only 100 watts of power, and ONCE A WEEK. Today we make a NEW START with more than 300 radio stations, many of them the most powerful on earth, and broadcasting DAILY — seven times a week. Then, The PLAIN TRUTH was a small mimeographed "magazine" of about 350 copies. Today it is one of the finest magazines in the world, 52 pages full color, and more than 2,100,000 copies. Then, I had to speak in one-room country schoolhouses to an average of about 36 people. Today my son Garner Ted and I can fill the largest auditoriums in major cities.

   Through the years, we have continued to reach the people with Christ's Message by daily radio and by monthly publications, besides booklets. As I said, we probably reach people ten times more effectively through the eye — by our literature — than through the ear, by radio — BUT we have been reaching people DAILY — 30 times a month — by radio, and once a month by the printed message.

   In 1955 — 17 years ago — after we had been broadcasting coast-to-coast in the U. S. over the ABC network once a week, we thought radio was becoming a thing of the past, and television was reaching the people, so we cancelled out the ABC network and went on weekly TV, with eleven stations from New York to Hawaii.


   But we discovered two things: 1) radio was NOT dead, and 2) it had been proven by our experience in radio that it was the DAILY impact that was most effective of all. We had been broad- casting DAILY on a limited number of stations before 1955. It became apparent that DAILY broadcasting by radio, on MANY stations, was more effective than once a week on a FEW TV stations. We could not, then, afford both, so after 27 weeks on TV we went off television and began gradually adding radio stations with DAILY broadcasting. This built up, in time, to around 300 stations.

   And what did we think about TV? For several years we could not afford it, and besides, it appeared UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE to get any TV stations to clear time for a "a strip across the board" — that is, DAILY time, with the SAME TIME EVERY DAY. Finally, as you know, we did go on TV again, but with a DOCUMENTARY format.

   But now, what do you think has happened?

   Last Wednesday, with my son Garner Ted returned, in a conference with members of our Executive Committee in my office, our advertising agency advised us they believed that it might be possible to open up a DAILY STRIP ACROSS THE BOARD on one or two TV stations. Immediately we all said, TRY IT! I felt it would surely take an act of God to accomplish it. Next day, Thursday, our agency had obtained a daily strip Monday through Friday on the nationally-known KOA, Denver, immediately preceding the most listened to daytime program in the U. S., NBC's "TODAY" program of morning news and general interest — that is, 6:30 to 7 a. m. By Friday evening SEVEN important TV stations had opened up similar strips for DAILY TV, same time every day. Our agency believes that by the end of this week, four more, including New York City, will be opened to us!


   I never believed it possible.

   Brethren and Co-Workers, I know GOD has now opened the mightiest door of all — we shall be reaching the U. S., and perhaps in other countries, DAILY with a tremendous impact through BOTH the eye and the ear!

   We will continue adding stations as fast as they open to us — and now that this number of key stations in key major cities has already opened DAILY to us, I know more and more will:


   Before Friday evening, Garner Ted had done the first DAILY TV program on tape, full color. And it was a HARD-HITTING EVANGELISTIC MESSAGE emphasizing prophecy and the Gospel.

   I hope we can make this program, so far as recording is concerned, a simulcast — with the sound portion going on radio — although they would not be broadcast on the air simultaneously.

   I intended, when I sat down to type this letter, to tell you some of the facts about the STARTING of this Work, 38 1/2 years ago — but I don't want to take any more time right now, but rush this announcement off to you immediately — I can give you those facts later.


   God's Message is going to SHAKE THIS WORLD! The whole world is going to KNOW it's been TOLD!

   Once again, it's a THREE-POINT CAMPAIGN — with DAILY TV added to daily radio — The PLAIN TRUTH shouting GOD'S Message — and PERSONAL evangelism by Garner Ted and myself — consisting of 3-night evangelistic meetings — Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights — in the largest auditoriums we may be able to book, in different parts of the country (including Canada).

   The LIVING CHRIST is empowering HIS WORK with the dynamic POWER of God's Holy Spirit. Christ is opening the giant doors! The gun was cocked — now it is SHOOTING THE WORK AHEAD AS NEVER BEFORE! Please PRAY for this Work AS NEVER BEFORE!

   And remember, this NEW MIGHTIEST DOOR OF ALL needs increased financial support! But I am confident this Work will once again GROW at the rate of 30% increase this very next 12 months.

   And do you remember Jesus' parable of the sower and the seed? That which fell on good ground sprang forth and produced, some 30-fold, some 60-fold, some 100-fold. Let's PRAY that God will increase His Work, this next year by 30%, the following year by 60% and after that 100% — or DOUBLE in one year! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! PRAY!

   If you, Brethren, make the sacrifice to get the Work over this present hump, I have every confidence that the Work will pick up with such momentum that the income to carry it on will pick up with it!

   I say again — ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO! THANK YOU, and KEEP PRAYING for THE WORK, and for me and for Garner Ted, and all who are active in this great Work!

With deepest love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 19, 1972
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