March 30, 1973  
March 30, 1973 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

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March 30, 1973

Dear Co-Workers in the Work of the Living GOD:

   Ever since the UP-TURN last December, the upward surge in this most important activity on earth continues to accelerate!

   Men very close to the heads of governments in the Arab world have been preparing for personal meetings between them and myself, and already, through the real enthusiasm of these men, Arab leaders are anxious to have OUR MESSAGE GOD IS GETTING TO THE WORLD THROUGH US reach their own people. We expect The PLAIN TRUTH to be on newsstands in many or most Arab cities very soon. This in no way impairs our very close and affectionate relation with the leaders in Israel.

   Then again, Ambassador College is now in a joint participation with the Japanese government in a Japanese archaeological project in Israel, under direction of Japan's well-known archaeologist, Dr. Ohata. I recently attended a very important dinner in Tokyo at which were present Prince Mikasa, brother of Emperor Hirohito, who is deeply interested in archaeology (and who invited our participation in this project), Dr. Ohata, some six other university scholars of Japan whose area of chief interest is archaeology and the Middle East. Also present was Ambassador Ronn of Israel. Needless to say, the Israeli Government is elated over this new tie with the Government of Japan — tending to bring the two nations closer together in harmony and peace.

   In my letter a month ago, I told you that requests for gospel literature and subscriptions to The PLAIN TRUTH had been breaking all records. That record-breaking acceleration continues — but now, MORE! — requests from people requesting counsel and help toward baptism are breaking all records in the history of this Work!

   The DAILY TV programs are producing ever-INCREASING responses — now far outdoing radio, though hardly a fourth as many stations, and in spite of the supposedly poor time for the telecasts.

   Results from Garner Ted Armstrong's PERSONAL APPEARANCE programs are also increasing. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of this week he is speaking at Salt Lake City, and the following week at Dallas. I hope to be able to attend each Sunday night. These are proving to be POWERFUL programs.

   This year promises a far greater spiritual harvest than any previous year in this great Work. The living Christ certainly is IN IT and BLESSING IT, and PROSPERING IT! Let's put our WHOLE HEARTS into this Giant Work where HE is working and blessing. I need your constant and intensive and believing PRAYERS. I pray every day for YOU — for your protection, your physical and spiritual welfare, and blessing. God DOES bless those who bless His Work!

   I must remind you again, the first six months of the year is by far the most trying for the financial welfare of the Work — the NEED is VERY GREAT right now. THANK YOU from the heart for your urgent PRAYERS, and sacrifice and generosity for the Work.

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: March 30, 1973
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