October 25, 1973  
October 25, 1973 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

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October 25, 1973

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ in His Work:

   At 10:00 o'clock this morning, in a nationwide telecast, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gave the Soviet Union WARNING against sending its military forces into the Middle East.

   At this minute — as I write — we face suddenly a new crisis — with the question of human survival on earth in the balance. It is the most grave crisis since World War II. During the night, President Nixon called on alert all military forces of the United States around the world — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines — the entire military might of the nation. The crisis kept the President and Secretary of State up until 3:00 o'clock this morning. This TOTAL EMERGENCY ALERT of U.S. military might was intended as a WARNING that the U.S. is aware of the possibility the Soviet might send massive military power into the Middle East ostensibly to "enforce the cease-fire."

   IF this should happen, one of two things would result:

   Either the U.S. would retaliate, which might mean sudden NUCLEAR WAR that could erase all human life from the earth (meaning yours and mine), or:

   The world would stand aghast at seeing the "Russian Boot" planted solidly in the Middle East. And once there, the Russians would never leave unless a stronger power drove them out. And there is no stronger power! But this situation would, in my judgment (based on Biblical prophecy), force a crash program in Europe for a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE into ONE EUROPEAN GOVERNMENT that could be stronger than either Russia or the United States!

   Whether any such development occurs or not, this crisis serves to WARN US ALL, and the world, that we are living in such times that such a colossal unprecedented event could happen any minute.

   Here is what has happened:

   The Kremlin has been well aware that the Watergate crisis, plus the forced resignation of Vice President Agnew, threw the U.S. Government into confusion. It gave them an opportunity to act when they thought America was so crippled it could not prevent their move. For some time, the Russians have been showing they are looking for any and every opportunity to move into power in the Middle East — to control the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal, the Middle East Arab oil fields. They have ships and submarines in the Mediterranean. This forced the U.S. to move a fleet into alert in the Mediterranean.

   On October 6th, the Israelis' most holy day of the year — a day of fasting — the Arabs attacked on the two fronts.

   Premier Kosygin was secretly conferring with President Sadat in Cairo. October 10, the Soviet began shuttling planes, tanks, missiles and munitions to the Arabs, hoping for a knockout of Israel.

   On Saturday, October 13, the U.S. began airlifting tanks, planes, and munitions to Israel. October 16, Kosygin again in Cairo: Returned to Moscow on the l9th. About this same time, on the heels of the U.S. show of force by airlifting war supplies to Israel, President Nixon served notice on Russia that the U.S. would not allow Israel to be defeated.

   The Communists never back down except by show of FORCE. Upon Mr. Nixon's declaration, preceded by show of force, Moscow sent an urgent message to Mr. Nixon to send Kissinger to Moscow immediately. At the same time the tide of battle shifted in favor of the Israelis.

   Once again, it became apparent the Kremlin had bet on the wrong horse. They did not intend to aid the Arabs a step further than it served the SOVIET purpose. So, with Kissinger, they called on the U.N. Security Council to demand a cease-fire immediately.

   But the cease-fire, though agreed to by Israel and Egypt, did not remain. Shooting soon resumed.

   This gave the Soviets the excuse to start moving their own massive military force into the Middle East to take over. Knowing that the United States in all probability would not join in sending its own military force into the Middle East, the Kremlin then proposed to the U.S. that Russia and the U.S., together and unilaterally send their forces into the Middle East "to enforce the ceasefire." Immediately President Nixon issued a statement that the U.S. would not send its military forces into the Middle East.

   Mr. Kissinger said in his Press Conference this morning that in the last two days events had taken a sudden turn for the worse. He said it was inconceivable that the U.S. and Russia combine unilaterally to send into the Middle East a force great enough to overpower the combined forces of Israel and the Arabs. He said the United States was prepared to agree to a United Nations force, not including any of the permanent members of the Security Council (in other words, not including any nuclear nation), and warning the Soviet the U.S. will not stand still and allow the Russians to send their massive forces into the Middle East. The objective in the Middle East, he said, must be an enduring PEACE. He well knew that was NOT the U.S.S.R. motive — except a peace with Russia in power and all else surrendered to Russia.

FRIDAY, October 26, 1973

   A few hours after Mr. Kissinger's Press Conference gave Russia the warning, the Kremlin backed down. President Nixon's emergency alert of all U.S. forces worldwide, issued at 3:00 a.m., put all U.S. military forces on such stand-by alert, that America's warplanes could have taken off on one second's notice, with nuclear weapons that could destroy Moscow and all Russian cities. It was this alerted show of FORCE that caused the Russians to back down.

   But the prospect of a direct military confrontation between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. is not yet over. No one can know what a single day — or hour — may bring forth.

   The IMPORTANT fact now, is that the nations of Europe are going to realize how DANGEROUS TO THEM is the situation, with the U.S.S.R. planning, in the very first opportunity, to take over all the Middle East. Given the opportunity, Russia would take over the Mediterranean, all the Arab oil sources, the Suez Canal — everything in the Middle East. All Europe would be at Russia's mercy.

   This situation MAY BE the event that could trigger a CRASH PROGRAM to UNITE the nations of Europe into one super- power possibly stronger than either the U.S. or Russia.

   In the current issue of The PLAIN TRUTH (November issue) is a most significant article on "The Continuing Crisis in the CATHOLIC CHURCH." This crisis could lead the Vatican to offer its services to UNITING the nations of Europe. The nations of Europe are HUNGRY for full political union. But they do not know how to bring it about.

   Biblical prophecy says IT WILL HAPPEN. No one political leader in Europe could bring it about. Only a STRONG AUTHORITY, one all European nations could look to, can achieve it. The Pope could be that authority.

   It would become a Roman Catholic union of nations, combining Church and State. This would solve the problems of the Church. It would give the European nations a military and economic POWER probably greater than the U.S. or Russia. European nations feel they NEED THIS SECURITY!

   The events of yesterday and today could be the events that finally trigger this gigantic prophecy fulfillment.

   I do not think events will take this turn immediately. I do think these events will start the minds of European leaders, and in the Vatican, to THINKING, and sooner or later, result in this long prophesied resurrection of the "HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE" of 554 A.D. to 1814 A.D.

   Meanwhile, MASSIVE DOORS are being opened by the living Christ for His Work.

   So let me bring you up-to-date on the STATE OF GOD'S WORK:

   Many of you heard a report of the State of the Work at the recent fall Festival — but there is now even more to report. (News of the recent fall Festival appears in The GOOD NEWS — a monthly magazine you may receive free upon request.)

   Our biggest problem, in getting Christ's own Gospel to the world, has been the problem of HOW TO GET IT INTO THE GREAT GENTILE NATIONS — such as China, India, Russia, Japan, Indonesia — the South American countries, those in Africa and Southeast Asia.

   These nations do NOT have a free press. They CONTROL the minds and thinking of their people to a very great degree. Radio, television, newspapers, are all GOVERNMENT OPERATED AND CONTROLLED.

   Several years ago we were able to purchase time on Radio Ceylon. It gave us practically no coverage in India. We did receive requests for literature from far East Malaysia and Singapore, and from East Africa — but that coverage did not remotely compare with the intensive way we have been getting the Message to most parts of the United States and Canada. We were on Radio Goa for a while — a very small Portuguese Colony on the West coast of India — but it did not get the true Gospel into India. Chiang Kai-shek's station in Formosa never really reached the masses of China.

   In Britain we were on the ship stations off the coast of the British Isles, for a time. But that did not get Christ's Message into Britain even remotely comparing to our U.S. coverage.

   The past three or four years I have been praying intensively that God would show me HOW to get His vital Message into these nations around the world.

   Some might ask, "But haven't they all HEARD the Gospel?"

   The true answer is, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

   You may ask, "Haven't the Protestants, and Church of England, proclaimed the Gospel all over the British Isles?" ABSOLUTELY NOT!

   People simply do not realize how this whole world has been DECEIVED (Rev. 12:9, 17:1-2, 18:3, 20:3). Just a very few years after Christ's resurrection and ascension to heaven, the churches were being deceived into turning to ANOTHER gospel, which really WAS NOT the Gospel at all (see Galatians 1:6-9 and II Cor. 11:4, 13-15).

   What did Jesus say? That many would come in His name, claiming to be His ministers, saying that Jesus was the Christ, and deceiving the MANY. This is what happened. They preached CHRIST, but they DENIED HIS MESSAGE — His GOSPEL! Even the ministry was deceived. The GOSPEL is the MESSAGE God sent for mankind by His Messenger who was Christ.

   The missionaries got into China, India, and other Gentile countries — and they preached CHRIST — but NOT His GOSPEL!

   The living God called ME, with your help, to preach His GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD into all these nations AS A WITNESS, just before the END of this world — this age! (Matthew 24:14.)

   About four years ago, almost in a mysterious way, doors began to open for meetings with many heads of governments among these Gentile nations. I said then I didn't know WHY, but I did know God was bringing it about — and giving me unusual FAVOR — to the point of affection — in the eyes of these heads of governments. I plainly saw the HAND OF GOD in this, though some Co-Workers did not. I knew that in due time, God would reveal His PURPOSE in this.

   In these past four years, I have had personal meetings with twenty-three heads of governments — of whom four are kings, two crown princes, nine presidents, seven prime ministers, and one governor — besides many foreign ministers, ministers of Education, etc., and many legislative members, such as senators and congressmen.

   I discuss their problems with them, and the problems of world peace.

   It is THE GOSPEL — Christ's own Gospel — which points THE WAY to world peace. The Kingdom of God is the GOVERNMENT of God, which soon will replace ALL the governments of ALL nations and bring us world PEACE.

   You never heard of a government over a nation which had NO LAWS. The Kingdom of God is governed by THE LAWS OF GOD.

   But what the world has been deceived into accepting as the Gospel has been preaching a Christ WITHOUT ANY LAW — a different Christ who is supposed to have done away with His Father's Law. Those who have "preached CHRIST" to the world have said "the Law is done away." The missionaries have not taught anything in these big Gentile nations about GOD'S LAW. And yet God's Law is THE WAY that will CAUSE world PEACE!

   Now when I talk with the leaders in these nations, I do discuss the WAY to world peace. I discuss THE CAUSE of all the world's troubles. I do not use the "religious" word "SIN". I talk about the TWO WAYS of life — the one the way of "GET," the other the way of "GIVE." Putting it in that language, it is UNDERSTOOD — and MAKES SENSE. I show that all mankind has been living the "GET" way. Soon these leaders want their people to hear this message.

   In Ethiopia, at a luncheon in my honor, attended by Ambassadors and wives from 19 nations, I explained this cause of all world trouble — and the response was VERY favorable. It brought an invitation from the Ambassador from Peking to visit Peking and the leaders of the Government of China (People's Republic of China). I wrote you a month ago of the meeting in Bangkok, and the enthusiastic reception of this message there. The Ambassador from Korea asked me to come to Seoul and meet his President as soon as possible.

   At Tokyo a week later was the banquet attended by a most distinguished group of some 58 people high in the Government and educational institutions of Japan. This included Prince and Princess Mikasa, Dr. and Mrs. Ohama, officially the number one private couple of Japan, the Presidents of the two most prestigious universities, and members of the Cabinet and the Diet.

   A week later a similar banquet in Saigon, with more than a fourth of the entire Senate there, besides leading educators and citizens and their wives — SAME MESSAGE!

   And THAT MESSAGE IS THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD! It is CHRIST'S Gospel, that has NOT been proclaimed before in those nations.

   Brethren and Co-Workers, GOD HAS OPENED THE DOOR TO GET HIS GOSPEL INTO THESE NATIONS! Radio, television, advertising in newspapers are closed to us in such countries. HOW, I prayed earnestly to God, are we ever to get the Gospel into those countries? I did not realize three or four years ago that these personal meetings with heads of state were leading to the very ANSWER!


   We were barred from getting the Message to the common people in those great nations. But, before I realized it, God was using me to get it into those nations, STARTING AT THE VERY TOP! In such a nation, where we cannot reach the minds of the great masses of common people, GOD holds the kings, presidents, or prime ministers RESPONSIBLE! In fact, in God's eyes, THE KING (or president or prime minister) IS THE KINGDOM.

   But this GREAT WORK of God is now going FURTHER!

   It is going from the top down to the GRASS ROOTS of the common people! The very FIRST of my own "Public Appearances" in world capitals is to be in Saigon. We have just gotten the U.S. soldiers out of there. Now we shall replace the WAR MAKING forces from America, with the GOSPEL OF PEACE!

   The first public meetings are set for next February 21, 22, 23, and 24. A very enthusiastic and active committee of TOP CITIZENS is organized and working out all plans to get out big attendances. The first three meetings will be held in the best auditorium, and the fourth meeting will be a BIG PUBLIC RALLY of 10,000 up, outdoors in the university stadium. The meetings have the endorsement of the government and very top citizens. The committee working for it is composed of senators and congressmen, deans and officials of the university, and leading citizens.

   Besides this, an INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE of world distinguished leaders is being organized to work with local committees in planning similar campaigns in such capitals as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; New Delhi, India; Bangkok; Seoul, Korea; Tokyo; San Jose, Costa Rica; Beirut, Lebanon; Cairo, Egypt; Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel, etc., etc.

   I believe that NEVER IN ALL HISTORY has any like situation developed — where the Eternal GOD is moving on world leaders to assist a servant of His in getting HIS MESSAGE for PEACE and ultimately His gift of eternal LIFE, to all nations all over the world!

   THIS IS AN ALTOGETHER NEW DIMENSION in the Work of the living GOD, never before done in Old or New Testament times — or since!

   Now, add to that the fact that GOD'S WORK actually HAS HAD an approximate 30% GROWTH the past 12 months, in getting out THE GOSPEL, entirely apart from this NEW DIMENSION in the Work.

Just THINK of these FACTS:

The PLAIN TRUTH circulation has increased in the U.S. 27.7%.

The PLAIN TRUTH circulation outside the U.S. increased 35%.

The PLAIN TRUTH now goes into 187 countries!

Mail requests for Gospel literature increased 27.6% in the U.S., 73% in Canada.

Response to radio and TV increased 40%.

Response to our advertisements increased by 32%.

The new door of putting The PLAIN TRUTH on newsstands in Britain and Europe reached a new 1,200,000 readers.

The Personal Appearance campaigns have added a BIG DIMENSION.

   And now comes this NEW important news: The Government of France has just agreed to open to us a good time on Radio Monte Carlo, now 600,000 watts on medium wave. There is a booster station at Nicosia, Cyprus, that will send it in strong power the short distance across the water into Israel and Lebanon. This may be the needed opportunity to get the all important Message of Isaiah 40:9-11 to the cities of Judah — although I am hopeful that Jerusalem Radio will, at the proper time, open to us for that purpose.

   Brethren and Co-Workers, THE WORK is on a NEW DIMENSION — a NEW UPTURN — and TIME MAY BE SHORT! But the income is up less than 10%. The Work of God cannot continue such wonderful increases, UNLESS OUR CO-WORKERS SHOW A RENEWED ENTHUSIASM, greater SACRIFICE for GOD'S WORK, so that the increased income jumps back up to 30% as it was for 35 years!

   NEVER have I been able to give you such GREAT, TREMENDOUS, and JOYOUS ENCOURAGEMENT! Will you go now to your knees, THANK GOD for His wonderful guidance and blessings on His Work, PRAY for the Work, and for Garner Ted Armstrong and me, and then do your utmost to help in financing the greatest Work on earth? NO OTHER has carried Christ's Gospel to the world in 18% centuries. LET'S ALL GIVE IT ONE BIG EXTRA PUSH TOGETHER, RIGHT NOW!

With much love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: October 25, 1973
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