May 26, 1975  
May 26, 1975 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


President and Pastor

May 26, 1975

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ:

   I am seven miles high over the Sahara Desert flying to Nairobi, Kenya, for the next big campaign. We expect a large and very successful campaign there. All Black Africa is now opening to us. Europe is now opening to my personal public appearances. The satellite states of eastern Europe, under Communist control, are opening. This new dimension, carrying Christ's true Gospel Message in all the world as a witness to all nations, is SPEEDING UP. It is an absolute MIRACULOUS INTERVENTION FROM GOD!

   And it MUST speed up! That is, if we are to reach these heretofore UNreachable mass-population nations before even these new doors are CLOSED TIGHT by Communist control. Of course, if God so wills, even Communist doors could open to this last vital Message.

   Time did run out on us in South Vietnam and Cambodia. We were making splendid headway toward a really BIG campaign in Saigon. Already I had held a testimonial dinner in Saigon attended by about a hundred of the very top people in government, education, business and industry. I had made a very friendly personal acquaintance with President Thieu. We were planning a huge campaign of successive nights with upwards of 25,000 or more in attendance in the university stadium. The big offensive of the North Vietnamese got underway, and it became dangerous to chance assembling so huge a crowd in one place — it might have attracted bombing. The offensive did not let up, and now the Communist North Vietnamese have won an unconditional surrender. Both South Vietnam and Cambodia are now Communist, and Laos is in turmoil, ready to surrender to Communist government.

   I hope we may yet have a big campaign in Thailand before it is too late there. Already it is impossible to get a permit to assemble more than 2000 people in Bangkok, and, as a result of the recent United States military rescue of the Mayaguez, the whole Thai nation is seething in anger against the United States. I do not believe I would find the king, the new prime minister, Madame Sunirat Telan and our warm friends will have turned unfriendly to me, but still they very likely might consider it ill-advised for me to hold any kind of campaign there now.

   Thailand is now SURROUNDED by Communist powers. They have an 1800-mile border with Cambodia and Laos. When I was last in Bangkok in late February, our friends there expressed the impression they had nothing to fear from the Communists. But they are due for a rude awakening from that altruistic supposition, in due time. The Communists move slowly. But they KEEP MOVING! They WILL keep moving, too, until they have conquered the whole world, UNLESS — what actually will happen — events in Europe and the Middle-East will wind up world events, and this present world will come to its END before they get that far!

   The strongest military power in Southeast Asia is Hanoi. Other countries in Southeast Asia are now rapidly shifting their foreign policies. They are becoming more and more unfriendly to the U.S., more and more friendly to China and Communism. That includes the Philippines.

   Meanwhile, Communist forces will continue pushing on from North Vietnam into Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, toward Singapore, Indonesia and AUSTRALIA. Only TIME, and events centering on the Middle-East and Europe, will stop them.

   But, from here on out, to the very END of this present world, the MAIN theater to watch is the Middle-East and Europe.

   We cannot be sure just how, or even when, the "United States of Europe," resurrecting the medieval Holy Roman Empire, will go together, but it is SURE — and it is COMING. Prophecy says it will last but a very short time, and it will come to its end fighting against Christ and His angels at His Second Coming! And that final event, of course, is AFTER the biblically-prophesied Great Tribulation and the beginning of "The Day of the Lord."

   They WARN us that we have very little time left to finish this great WORK OF GOD. Already it is too late to reach South Vietnam, although I did get the Message over to its LEADERS.

   It may already be too late for a BIG CAMPAIGN in Thailand. But there, too, I have already gotten the Message across to a hundred or more of the TOP LEADERS.

   Yet I have faith God will hold world events back sufficiently to allow time to get this Message over as far as God WANTS it done before it is too late.

   These campaigns are VERY IMPORTANT in GOD'S eyes, brethren! Are they in YOURS? He has called us to back this Work of His, and you are all I have in this world back of me.

   On the day before taking off for this present trip, I spoke to approximately 2000 people — brethren and ministers — in the San Francisco/Oakland area. At the Hague, Holland, on Wednesday (May 21), Judge Nagendra Singh from India, Judge of the World Court of International Justice, hosted a luncheon in my honor. And that night I spoke at a banquet of upwards of 300 of the most distinguished people in that area — World Court justices and wives, ambassadors from many nations and wives, local dignitaries in government, education and industry. Actually it was one of the most distinguished- appearing groups I have ever seen. A similar meeting will be held in Paris in October.

   The whole campaign in Nairobi will keep me there about two weeks. Besides the big public meetings with thousands present, I will be speaking before many groups, such as Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, Lions, and others; be interviewed on television and radio; speak at press conferences, etc. We expect it to be a very important campaign.

   PRAY FOR IT! Be there, yourself, IN SPIRIT! I need your help IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY! The very assurance that you are 100% BEHIND me gives me the courage, the vitality, energy and POWER of God's Spirit to carry on dynamically. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: May 26, 1975
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