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Lesson 18 - The Two Covenants Concern Your Eternal Life!
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Lesson 18 - The Two Covenants Concern Your Eternal Life!

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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NEARLY everyone has been taught that the Old Covenant was the ten commandment law, and that the New Covenant contains only grace and promises - but certainly no law! Hence, runs the argument, since the Old Covenant has been abolished, God's law has also been abolished. This teaching would lead you to believe that the law of God was harsh, cruel, and enslaving - that the FAULT of the Old Covenant was with the law. And since GOD gave the law, the FAULT must have been His! Later, according to this common teaching, Jesus came with a new covenant which had no law - only promises and liberty to do whatever you please. Certainly there is something terribly wrong with this concept!

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Publication Date: 1965 365
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