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Lesson 15 - What is Hell?
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Lesson 15 - What is Hell?

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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WILL those in hell leave hell at the time of the resurrection - or are they confined eternally to hell, so that they shall be unable to take part in the resurrection? WHAT DID JESUS MEAN when He said in John 5:28-29: "The hour is coming, in which ALL THAT ARE IN THEIR GRAVIES shall hear His voice, and SHALL COME FORTH... they that have done evil, UNTO THE RESURRECTION OF JUDGMENT"? If "they that have done evil" - the unsaved - "shall come forth in the resurrection of judgment," what is the connection of that resurrection of the unsaved, and there being an eternal hell-fire? HOW does it happen that the evil who have died are ALREADY supposed to be SUFFERING the punishment of "eternal HELL-FIRE" when they have not yet even been resurrected to a judgment for their sins, which Christ plainly showed was yet in the future? It's about time we took this question out of hiding, and took a good look at it! WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

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Publication Date: 1958
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