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Lesson 4 - A Wonderful World Tomorrow!
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Lesson 4 - A Wonderful World Tomorrow!

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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About Our Cover...

   This historic photograph, taken by American astronauts from deep space, portrays the earth as a beautiful jewel set in the blackness of space. So inviting to the astronaut, especially if he is in distress, the "good earth" when viewed closely makes the heart sick with the poverty, disease, hate and war rampant today. Thank God He will soon send Jesus Christ to teach men how to reap the abundant, affluent, peaceful life of TOMORROW'S WORLD!


   For ages men have dreamed of a utopian paradise on earth. Nations have struggled and millions have died in its quest. But utopia has eluded all the efforts of men. Why? Is utopia really possible? Are world peace and prosperity coming soon? Here are the surprising answers from your Bible!    FIVE years after the close of World War II, Winston Churchill declared in a speech in Copenhagen, "Unless some effective world super-government can be brought quickly into action, the proposals for peace and human progress are dark and doubtful."
   In the early 1960s, noted nuclear physicist Edward Teller, who helped develop the H-bomb, warned, "We must work for the establishment of a world authority sustained by moral and physical force a world government capable of enforcing world wide law."
   In 1970, UThant, then Secretary-General of the U.N., called for the establishment of a global authority with broad powers to deal with environmental problems.
THE UNITED NATIONS Man's attempt at world peace (Wide World Photo See PDF for Picture)
   He remarked, "We need something new and we need it speedily a global authority with the support and agreement of governments and of other power interests, which can pull together all the piecemeal efforts now being made."
   Many voices have been raised calling for a world government to be established. Serious-minded scientists and world leaders know that world peace is possible only if all the nations are brought together in a supreme world government!

Is World Government Possible?

   Yet declares A. F. K. Organski in the book World Politics, "World government is still a long way off.... The creation of a world government through the voluntary agreement of existing nations is so unlikely that we can say flatly that it will never happen " (emphasis ours throughout lesson).
   And Hans J. Morgenthau in his book Politics Among Nations, asserted: "There is no shirking the conclusion that international peace cannot be permanent without a world state, and that a world state cannot be established under the present moral, social, and political conditions of the world."
   What a paradox! World leaders admit the most urgently needed fact today is WORLD GOVERNMENT. Yet others admit that such a government is still a long way off that it is a TOTAL IMPOSSIBILITY under present world conditions!
PROBLEMS OF TODAY... Top Wide World Photos; Center Ambassador Coltege, U.S. Air Force; Above H. Armstrong Roberts (See PDF for Picture)
   Viewing the history of mankind, anyone can plainly see that men have utterly failed to bring about world peace and prosperity. Fears, diseases, poverty, hate, oppression and injustice have been rampant throughout history.
   What about it? Is world government impossible an idle pipe-dream of unrealistic optimists? Is the idea of a soon-coming UTOPIA on earth a hallucinatory fantasy an absurd myth?
   If our only hope lies in the efforts of men, then a utopia is NOT possible, and there is no hope for the human race!

God's World Government

   People today fail to recognize there is any power other than their own that can bring about a literal "utopia" on earth.
   What great power can, and will, do this?
   GOD ALMIGHTY! He has the power and the wisdom to make utopia reality!
   This is the very message God sent Jesus Christ to proclaim to the world. It is the "Gospel" the GOOD NEWS that Christ will return with the power of God to give us universal peace and prosperity at last!
   Few today understand that God has allotted mankind six thousand years in which to rule himself. During this time, He has kept hands off the affairs of men. He has allowed man to pursue the course that seems right to him (Prov. 16:25). God has given man the opportunity to prove, by experience, the basic inadequacies of any form of human government be it communism, fascism, socialism, or even democracy.
   God is allowing the human race to prove to itself that NO human form of government can bring us world peace!
   When Jesus Christ returns, He will establish the government of God on earth. Obedience to the laws of God will be taught throughout the world. And Christ's government will possess the power and the wisdom to enforce His laws. It will prevent the strong from enslaving the weak true justice will be received by all.
   Your Bible shows a literal UTOPIA is ahead! It will be a time of spiritual and physical rejuvenation one thousand years of boundless peace and prosperity! And with the help of this lesson, God has made it possible for you to peer into the future through His prophecies so you can know what that wonderful world tomorrow will be like!

Utopia at Last!

   The Bible tells us that under the leadership of Jesus Christ, God's government will produce a UTOPIAN PARADISE on earth. Beginning with the descendants of the children of Jacob, and using them as a model and example, God will rebuild and bless ALL nations! Let's study this exciting truth.
   1. In the Bible, what does God specifically say regarding the descendants of Jacob? Isa. 27:6; Ezek. 36:8-11; Zech. 8:7-8. Read also Amos 9:7-12.
   COMMENT: After His return, Jesus Christ will lead the descendants of ancient Israel out of great tribulation and into the Holy Land where they will be re-settled.
   2. Will the devastated cities be rebuilt? Amos 9:14-15; Ezek. 36:33-35. (Be sure to read all of chapter 36. Notice that when this regathering and rebuilding occurs, Israel will never again practice heathen ways, or be removed or be in trouble or captivity again.) Will there be happiness in these cities? Jer. 33:10-14; Zech. 8:4-5.
   COMMENT: Today's vast pollution-laden, overpopulated metropolises are rampant with racial tensions and every kind of evil. These conditions will not exist in tomorrow's cities. Cities in the Millennium will be decentralized. They will be small enough to promote healthy, happy family life, yet large enough for a proper balance between industry and those essentials which promote joyous living.
   3. Will Christ make Jerusalem the capital of the earth the world headquarters of His government? Zech. 8:3; Jer. 3:17. Will it be an example to the entire world? Isa. 62:1-2, 7.
   COMMENT: Being near the geographical center of the land surface of the earth, Jerusalem is the ideal focal point for world control. It will be rebuilt to absolute perfection. No city of the past will equal its splendor and magnificence! It will become the future MODEL CITY the pattern for cities throughout the world tomorrow.
   4. Will the descendants of ancient Israel dwell in safety in their own land? Ezek. 28:25-26. Will there be world peace? Isa. 2:1-4; Micah 4:1-4.
   5. Will God cause the laws of nature to function for the benefit of His people? Deut. 28:12; Isa. 41:18.
   COMMENT: God originally promised to bestow
PROPONENTS OF WORLD GOVERNMENT From left to right: Scientist Edward Teller; late Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill; former Secretary-General of the United Nations, U Thant. Their voices have been among increasing numbers of world leaders, statesmen and scientists calling for the creation of a world government capable of enforcing worldwide law. (See PDF for Pictures)
great blessings upon ancient Israel if they would only obey Him (Lev. 26; Deut. 28). The Bible shows they disobeyed and were PUNISHED. In the Millennium, the descendants of ancient Israel will obey God and therefore will receive these tremendous blessings!
   6. The Middle East is now a relatively barren region. Prophecies show, however, that after Christ returns it will see the most dramatic change of any land. Will the waste places become fertile, and will beautiful forests spread in the Millennium? Isa. 41:14-20; 35:1-2, 7.
   COMMENT: Can you imagine such a fabulous scene? Deserts becoming green, fertile gardens of trees, shrubs, bubbling springs and brooks; mountains brought low and made inhabitable. Forests interspersed with cultivated fields will also cause the climate to become more healthful and invigorating.
   Lumber, becoming scarce today due to man's exploitation, will again increase as the population increases, making it possible for all to have beautiful homes and furniture. 7. Will God transform "Zion" and the surrounding area into a place resembling the Garden of Eden? Isa. 51:3.
   COMMENT: Zion is a hill within the city of Jerusalem. It is the original area of the city called the "city of David." Since it will be the location of the capital city, "Zion" here represents the entire land of all the tribes of Israel.

All Nations to Be Blessed

   Prophecies show that the rest of the earth will share in the great prosperity Christ will bring to Jerusalem and the descendants of Jacob. The whole earth will undergo a remarkable change.
   1. Will all nations become submissive obedient to Christ? Isa. 2:1-3.
   2. Since the Gentiles will obey Christ in the Millennium, will they belong to Him be His subjects and servants? Rom. 6:16.
   3. Will the Gentiles therefore become Abraham's "children" too, spiritually speaking? Gal. 3:29. And what was promised to Abraham's physical descendants? Read both Leviticus 26:1-13 and Deuteronomy 28:1-14.
   COMMENT: Ancient Israel was never able to claim all the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 over long periods of time because the people were not faithful in their obedience to God. But with Christ ruling in the Millennium, all nations will be obedient and therefore will also partake of the tremendous blessings originally promised to the tribes of Israel.

Language, Liberty and Superabundance

   One of the major barriers to mutual understanding and cooperation between peoples has been the language barrier. When men cannot understand one another, they can't freely exchange ideas, philosophies, concepts or opinions. Misunderstandings often lead to conflict.
   Can you imagine what a world of ONE LANGUAGE would be like? Think what a huge step forward it would be if people everywhere were liberated from the language barrier spoke and read and wrote the same language were bound together in common understanding for the first time since the tower of Babel!
   1. Will God give all the world ONE pure language so all can serve and worship Him with one accord? Zeph. 3:9.
   COMMENT: Man was once bound together by a common tongue. But he used his knowledge for EVIL for an attempt to begin the very civilization that would have ended by DESTROYING ITSELF! (See Genesis 11.) When God divided the languages at the tower of Babel, He was merely forestalling that eventual time of world chaos which even now threatens the annihilation of humanity.
   In the Millennium, with Christ as the supreme, all-powerful ruler, this danger will be eliminated. And so Jesus Christ will usher in an era of total literacy and total education by giving the world one pure language!
   2. There will be a tremendous amount of reconstruction to be done in the Millennium. But how hard will this work seem after people are delivered from the suffering, sorrow and hard bondage of today's evil world? Isa. 11:10; 14:3. Will submission to Christ and His laws bring the blessing of liberty and rest to the minds and bodies of mankind? Matt. 11:28-30.
   COMMENT: God will make life enjoyable, comfortable and satisfying for people in the Millennium as long as they continue to obey His laws.
   God's way of life truly is the way of LIBERTY the way of FREEDOM from the drudgery and toil of the ways of this world. But mankind today is not convinced that it is. God is now letting men find out, by experience, how difficult their own ways really are!
   3. Much is said today against private ownership of property. Communists and socialists are particularly against it, partly because men have abused it. Does God think private ownership of property is wrong? Micah 4:4; Isa. 62:8-9.
   COMMENT: People will own their property in the Millennium. They will be liberated from governments which deprive them of the righteous rewards of their own toil! And God will not allow private ownership to be abused.
   4. What about health in tomorrow's world? Will God also liberate man from sickness and
TODAY'S LANGUAGE BARRIER Numerous languages spoken at the United Nations must be carefully translated to prevent serious misunderstandings between nations. (Worldwide Photo See PDF for Picture)
disease? Isa. 33:21-24; Jer. 30:17; Isa. 35:3-6; 58:8.
   COMMENT: The combined force of right education about true health and instant HEALING of all sickness will mean PERFECT HEALTH for everyone!
   5. The agricultural wealth of a nation is generally the greatest physical asset it can possess. Today most of the earth is unproductive only about ten percent of the land surface is actually tillable. There are many deserts, mountainous regions and wildernesses. The exact opposite will be true in the utopia of tomorrow as God begins to bless the entire world! Will He cause the rains to fall at the right time? Ezek. 34:26; Isa. 30:23.
   COMMENT: Farmers have had to gamble with the weather throughout the centuries. About the most thrilling news they could hear is that their work would always be successful as long as they obey God.
   6. Will there be great rejoicing over the abundance of crops God will bestow in the wonderful world tomorrow? Jer. 31:12. Will there actually be a superabundance of food? Amos 9:13.

The Great River

   1. What will happen when the feet of the returning Christ touch the Mount of Olives? Zech. 14:4.
   2. Will the great valley thus formed become
A FORETASTE OF TOMORROW! Only a small fraction of this world's inhabitants can enjoy the abundance of blessings pictured on these pages. The Bible reveals they will become commonplace throughout the world tomorrow!

THE DEAD SEA Extremely salty waters of the Dead Sea, just east of Jerusalem, will become fresh and teeming with marine life in the world tomorrow. (See PDF for Pictures)
the channel of a mighty river which will arise in Jerusalem? Verse 8. Will one half of this mighty river flow eastward toward the Dead Sea, and the other half flow westward toward the Mediterranean Sea? Same verse.
   3. Is the eastern channel of this river in which "living waters" flow into the Dead Sea the same as the river described in Ezekiel 47:1-12? Does verse 8 show that when the fresh or "healing" water from this life-giving river begins to flow through the desert into the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea will then be able to support LIFE, thus being "healed"? Will it contain a great multitude of fish? Verse 9. Will this river also give life to the barren places through which it flows? Verse 12.
   COMMENT: The Dead Sea, 1286 feet below sea level, is the lowest spot on earth. Look at any map of the Holy Land and notice that the Jordan River constantly empties into the northern extremity of the Dead Sea. Even though the Dead Sea has no outlet, the water level remains fairly constant. This is because hot weather causes the waters to evaporate at about the same rate water flows into the Dead Sea.
   The water in this sea is so salty that no plant or marine life can survive in it. But when this new river the river of "living waters" begins to empty into the Dead Sea, its waters will rise until they overflow southward through the desert. The overflow will probably carry into the Gulf of Aqaba. Everywhere along the overflow area (except for certain salt swamps and marshes which shall be formed verse 11) plant and fish life will multiply.
   4. Does this river of "living waters" proceed from the spot where God's temple will stand from Christ's very throne? Ezek. 47:1, and latter part of verse 12; Joel 3:18, last part. Is the Holy Spirit compared to "living waters"? John 4:10; 7:37-39. Then isn't this river clearly a physical counterpart of God's Holy Spirit?
   COMMENT: The Holy Spirit, like the physical river, will go forth from Jerusalem and will "heal" the mental and spiritual problems of mankind!
   Clearly, the world tomorrow will be a utopian paradise of peace, prosperity, and beauty! All nations will share in the great blessings of God. The whole world will be at peace. During that millennial age, most of the earth's land surface will be cultivable. Beautiful forests, agricultural areas, fish-filled lakes and streams will be found all over the world with no more barren tundras, polluted rivers, ravaged landscapes, hostile deserts or waste places.
   But how will such a world be ushered in? Exactly how will such vast changes come about?
   Let's see what the Bible has to say about the way utopia will come, and who will be involved. Believe it or not, you can have a part in bringing about that wonderful world tomorrow!

The Coronation of Tomorrow's King

   Consider for a moment what the angelic messenger said to Mary, the mother of Jesus: "Thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great... and the Lord God shall give unto him the THRONE of his father David: and he shall REIGN over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end" (Luke 1:31-33).
   Notice also the account in John 18:37: "Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world...."
   Jesus was born to rule and reign as king over all nations of the earth. Nearly 2000 years ago, Jesus qualified to become this world's ruler by conquering Satan the devil (Matt. 4:1-11). But He did not remove and replace Satan. He was not crowned King. He was CRUCIFIED! Jesus was not to assume the responsibilities of His new office at that time He was not then to be officially inducted into office and coronated as King (John 18:36).
   When Jesus' disciples assumed the Kingdom of God would be set up in their day, He gave them a parable to explain when He would begin ruling the world.
   1. According to this parable in Luke 19:12-17, where did Jesus go after His death to obtain the office of King and to receive the Kingdom? Did He go to Caesar at Rome? Did He go to the people to have them induct Him into office? Verse 12. Who only has the authority to make Jesus the "King of kings"? Rom. 13:1.
   COMMENT: Jesus was showing His disciples He would have to ascend to His Father in heaven (the "far country" in the parable of Luke 19) to receive authority to rule the nations.
   2. After Jesus ascended to heaven and had been there for approximately sixty years, He revealed Himself to the Apostle John. Was there yet a crown on Jesus' head when John saw Him? Rev. 1:12-18. Doesn't this indicate Jesus had not yet been crowned after His arrival in heaven? What has Jesus been "crowned" with thus far? Heb. 2:9.
   COMMENT: Hebrews 2:9 is figurative. This verse does not refer to the actual coronation ceremony or an actual crown. Rather, it compares Christ's present spiritual glory and honor to a crown. According to the description of Jesus Christ in Revelation the first chapter, He had no kingly crown as late as nearly 100 A.D. Jesus' office from then to the present has been that of High Priest (Heb. 3:1) not yet "King of kings."
   3. Will Jesus have been crowned by the time He returns? Rev. 14:14. What scripture describes Jesus' actual receiving of the Kingdom which he went to heaven to obtain? Dan. 7:13-14.
   COMMENT: Here is depicted the actual coronation of Jesus Christ! The "Ancient of Days" is the heavenly Father. The title "Father" was not used because Jesus had not yet been begotten as a human being when Daniel saw this vision.
   Notice also that "one like the Son" appeared before the "Ancient of days" to receive the Kingdom. The Logos or "Word" (John 1:1) was like the Son of man. He was not yet born as a son, but since He would later become a son of man, He was, in Daniel's day, "like the Son of man" the Jesus who was to be born of a human mother.

Crowned "KING of Kings"

   1. How many great crowns will Jesus have? Rev. 14:14. But what about the "many crowns" mentioned in Rev. 19:12?
   COMMENT: Jesus will have only one great golden crown. That crown will designate Him as Supreme King over all nations over all the world. The proper translation of Revelation 19:12 is: "And on his head are many diadems." A diadem is a small crown or headband signifying royal office. The smaller crowns or diadems symbolize the lesser royal offices Jesus will hold.
   2. What will Christ's official title be when He returns? Rev. 19:16. But who are these other "kings"? Let's understand.
   3. Are Christians also to receive everlasting crowns if they overcome? I Cor. 9:25. Will those who qualify in this life rule over the nations as "kings" with Christ? Rev. 2:26-27; 3:21; 5:10; 20:4; Dan. 7:22, 27.
   4. When do the "saints" Christians receive the reward of crowns and offices of rulership? II Tim. 4:8. Compare also Revelation 11:15, 18; 22:12 with Isaiah 40:10.
   COMMENT: Jesus went to heaven to be crowned by the Father, but one of the reasons Jesus will return to earth is to bring rewards of rulership to His resurrected saints!
   5. What did Christ say would be the reward of those who manage wisely the abilities God has given them now? Luke 19:16-19.
   6. Will the resurrected saints also be priests? Rev. 5:10; 20:6. And judges? Verse 4.
   COMMENT: Resurrected Christians will be kings and priests, and will judge among the peoples of the earth during the Millennium.

Perfect, Powerful Government

   Christ's government will begin at Jerusalem, where His headquarters will be located (Jer. 3:17). As His rule spreads over the whole earth, all rebellious nations will be brought into line.
   1. How will Christ deal with those nations which refuse to come to Jerusalem to worship God the way He commands? Zech. 14:16-19.
   2. What will be Christ's general policy for governing the nations? Rev. 12:5; 19:15. Note the words "rod of iron."
   COMMENT: When God begins to set His hand to save mankind, He will use a "rod of iron," symbolizing absolute authority. He will rule with POWER, and He will not hesitate to use it when necessary! Man, influenced by his own human nature, must be held under iron-clad rule until he learns his lesson and comes to see that God's way of living is best for all.
   Jesus Christ will be in absolute control of the earth, but He will rule with perfect justice and mercy, having once been human Himself (Heb. 2:9-10; 4:15). He will at first literally have to FORCE men to be happy! He will impose His merciful rule on rebellious, stiff-necked mankind, and bring the world COMPULSORY JOY!
   Although God will rule with power and authority, He does not intend to "cram Hs religion" down the throats of people. He will not force anyone to accept His truth.
   God is not a stern, cruel monster as some agnostics have falsely implied. God wants man at all times to be really happy! But God knows the only way to lasting happiness is obedience to His laws!
   Gradually, as men obey God's laws, they will wake up to the wisdom and justice of God's rule and will submit gladly to His authority, and a "rod of iron" will no longer be necessary.

Re-education in the Millennium

   Speaking of the Millennial rule of Christ, the Bible declares: "The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9).
   During the Millennium God will TEACH mankind the laws that produce happiness. He will give each individual the CHOICE, after learning His laws and seeing the happiness they produce, of whether to obey God's laws or not. The vast majority of mankind will see God's way is truly best and will voluntarily choose to OBEY Him.
   But before men can really choose they must clearly see the alternatives. They must be REEDUCATED so they can see through old prejudices and discern true values.
   Education will play a vitally important role in the Millennium. Recently a Gallup Poll revealed that only two percent of Americans thought education is their most vital concern. But in the world tomorrow it will receive TOP PRIORITY!
   Exactly why is education so important? Let's understand.
   1. Is faulty education, which has befogged the world's understanding, like a veil that hides the mind from truth? Isa. 25:7.
   2. Who is fundamentally responsible for deceiving the whole world? Rev. 12:9. Doesn't that make him the real author of wrong education? John 8:44. Will the devil be allowed to deceive the nations when Christ commences to re-educate the world? Rev. 20:1-3.
   3. Has the devil deceived the nations largely by means of false religion including false religions that PROFESS Christ, but DENY Him by their works? II Cor. 11:13-15; Titus 1:16.
   4. What kind of knowledge is most lacking in the world today? Is it spiritual knowledge? Hosea 4:6. What is the tragic result of this dearth of spiritual knowledge? Same verse.

What Is True Education?

   1. What does God think of the wisdom of the world? I Cor. 3:19. Where does this world's wisdom lead? Prov. 14:12.
   2. But what is truth? John 17:17. What will truth do for people in the world tomorrow? John 8:31-32.
   COMMENT: A common, but false, concept in the world today is that education should have nothing to do with a "way of life." Many believe education should teach you only how to earn a living, but NOT how to live! Not so at Ambassador College campuses. Here students are also taught to "recapture true values" from the FOUNDATION of knowledge the BIBLE!
   3. Do we have a written record that the true apostolic church preached God's "way" of life? Acts 19:9, 23. Does the world approve of God's "way"? Acts 24:14.
   COMMENT: God's way of life is the result of right education. It is based upon the bedrock of TRUTH. But God's truth has been totally rejected by this world. The Bible has been completely disregarded by modern education!
   4. The world is fast approaching a smashing climax which will shock people into a realization that something is radically wrong with our modern way of life. What will people then acknowledge? Jer. 16:19. Would they desire to learn another way if their present way were better?
   COMMENT: The people of this world have inherited lies from birth profitless ideas that have been funneled into their unquestioning minds. As adults they continue accepting fallacies learned in childhood, and build their lives around their biases and prejudices.
   When Christ rescues the world from annihilation, people will acknowledge their ignorance their lack of sound education. This confession of error is actually the first step toward "repentance"!
   5. What does repentance really involve? Isa. 55:6-9. Isn't it clearly turning from the wrong way one has been living? Verse 7.
   COMMENT: Repentance is clearly the forsaking of all wrong concepts about life we have always taken for granted, without proof, and turning to God's truth!
   6. Will re-education in the Millennium necessarily remold man's methods of doing business?
TOMORROW'S EDUCATION TODAY! Students at Ambassador College are taught to "recapture true values" from the FOUNDATION of knowledge the Bible! Inscription below appears over south wing entrance of Ambassador Hall, Pasadena. Ambassador College Photos (See PDF for Picture)
II Cor. 8:21. Will it remold the social order? I Peter 4:3-4. And all other phases of life in general? I Cor. 10:31.

God's System for Re-education

   Every evil in the world today can be laid at the doorstep of false education. Many educators are finally waking up to the fact that our great universities have FAILED! They have been hotbeds of discontent, strife, revolt and sedition. This system of education obviously needs to be changed!
   What kind of system will replace it?
   1. In addition to ruling as supreme king over all the nations, will Christ also be the supreme teacher? Isa. 2:3; Ps. 25:8-10.
   COMMENT: Christ will unite these two functions in Himself. How plain that in God's pattern for world rule, religion and government are not separate!
   2. Under Christ, who will rule over the modern descendants of Jacob? Jer. 30:7-9. What did Jeremiah mean by "raise up"? I Cor. 6:14. Will David be a prince over Israel? Ezek. 34:23-24.
   COMMENT: David will be resurrected to rule over the physical descendants of ancient Israel. His office will include the responsibility of TEACHING the people the laws of God.
   3. Will the twelve apostles be placed over each of the twelve tribes of Israel? Matt. 19:28. Will each apostle have a throne? Luke 22:29-30. Will they then TEACH the individual tribes of Israel God's TRUTH? Matt. 28:19-20.
   COMMENT: The apostles preached the gospel to the nations 1900 years ago, and God's Church is preaching it to the nations today. But think how much more all the nations and the whole earth will hear God's truth proclaimed during the Millennium!
   4. Who else will rule and teach in the world tomorrow? Rev. 2:26; 5:10.
   COMMENT: The resurrected Christians mentioned in Revelation 5:10 are to be "priests" as well as kings. And the true function of a priest is to teach (Mal. 2:7).
   When God intervenes in human affairs, it will not be left up to the people to vote in their own rulers or choose their own teachers. In the world tomorrow GOD will appoint His resurrected saints as the rulers and educators, and no lobbyists or other pressure groups will be able to corrupt them. They will teach the people all His laws and His statutes which are the way to peace, prosperity and happiness!
   5. Will the resurrected saints be able to appear in a material body at will? Isa. 30:20-21. What will they do? Verse 21.
   COMMENT: In the world tomorrow, those now qualifying to rule under Christ will be ever-present and ever-ready to speak or act, both to teach and to nip in the bud any attempted act of disobedience.
   Because they will be composed of spirit, they will be able to come and go as necessary, to pass through walls, or simply disappear, just as Christ was able to after His resurrection (John 20:17, 19, 25-27; Luke 24:31).

Results of Universal Education

   1. Will people come to see eye to eye as they learn of God and His way? Isa. 52:7-8. Will the whole world come to know His truth? Hab. 2:14; Isa. 11:9; Jer. 31:34. Will even those who grumbled against God learn His truth? Isa. 29:24.
   2. Will the Egyptians "know the Lord" in that day? Isa. 19:21. How will the Egyptians, as well as all other people, really come to know God? Isa. 55:6-7; I John 2:3-4. Will Ethiopia also seek to gain the benefits of an obedient relationship with Christ? Ps. 68:31.
   COMMENT: The nations near Israel spoken of in the Bible are types of all nations in the world tomorrow. All the nations of the world will learn that true Christianity really pays!
   3. Will Gentile rulers bring presents to Christ in acknowledgment of His educational and material benefits? Ps. 68:29. Upon what conditions has God always promised to shower great material prosperity? Mal. 3:10-12.
   COMMENT: Obedience to God's laws is what will produce universal prosperity, peace and happiness in the world tomorrow! Isn't it plain that the basis of right education is the knowledge of God and His law?

New Natures

   1. Will God change the natures of animals in the Millennium? Isa. 11:6-8; Hosea 2:18. Will all creatures be peaceful? Ezek. 34:25.
   2. In the Bible God speaks of the heart of man as being symbolic of his mind. What is man's heart his mind really like today? Jer. 17:9. Is man's mind naturally submissive to God and His law? Rom. 8:7.
   3. What does God say He will add to the minds of people in the Millennium to CHANGE the basic attitude of man? Ezek. 36:26-27; Jer. 31:33.
   COMMENT: As God is going to change the lion's inborn desire for flesh food to an appetite for vegetation, and is going to give peaceful natures to all other creatures, so He will make a truly marvelous and miraculous CHANGE in man's hostile mind. This change in the mind will be brought about by repentance and the receiving of God's HOLY SPIRIT! This is what will actually make the wonderful world tomorrow a literal "utopia"!
   By a miracle, God will place His very own nature of outgoing love within mankind (Rom. 5:5). True love will be manifested in human beings through the Holy Spirit of God. People will then love their fellowmen and strive to make them happy!
   It would require a thick book to begin to describe the wonderful conditions which could prevail on this earth and which will finally prevail when the human heart is HUMBLED, CONVERTED by the Holy Spirit-given the very nature of God (II Peter 1:4).

God's Way BEST After All!

   Do you grasp the significance of what you have studied in your Bible with this lesson? God prophesied long ago of a time when He would cause this earth's inhabitants to possess magnificent abundance. It is then that the world will wake up to a great truth that GOD'S WAY IS BEST AFTER ALL!
   The time is almost here when "The Lord of hosts [shall] make unto all people a feast of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined. And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations" their spiritual blindness (Isa. 25:6-7).
   God will soon halt this world's mad plunge toward nuclear cosmocide. He will send Jesus Christ to intervene in world affairs and put down all rebellion. Then He and His saints will begin teaching the nations God's truth, His laws, His ways that bring blessings, prosperity, peace and happiness.
   The utopian paradise which mankind has always longed for will finally be ushered in. Man will at long last WAKE UP! He will finally see through the veil of prejudices which have prevented him from following the WAY which would bring him all of his true desires.
   No one in that wonderful world tomorrow will be deceived as the vast majority of mankind today! There will be no devil around to lead people astray. ALL will know the TRUTH! There will be no more religious confusion. Eyes will be opened to God's revealed truth. Humans will become TEACHABLE. People will start living God's WAY the way of outgoing concern for others the way of TRUE VALUES the way of PEACE, of HAPPINESS, of WELL-BEING, of JOY!
Egypt and surrounding countries will be blessed by God as they learn to submit to Christ's government in the wonderful world tomorrow. Lehnert & Landrock Photo (See PDF for Picture)
   Crime, sickness, disease, and suffering will be GONE! Poverty and ignorance will be banished. SMILES will enlighten human faces countenances will radiate with sparkling JOY! Wild animals will be tame. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution will be no more! There will be crystal-pure water to drink; clean, crisp, pure air to breathe; rich fertile soil where deserts once existed, producing full-flavored foods; and fantastic BEAUTY in flowers, shrubs, trees.
   The millennial world will be filled with HAPPY people, guided, helped, protected, and ruled by Christ and the saints and all human beings will learn that they, too, are called by God to inherit EVERLASTING LIFE in supreme happiness and thrilling JOY!
   Although a utopian paradise is indeed impossible by the hands of men although none of this world's governments can insure true peace, prosperity and abundance your Bible shows THE GREAT GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH CAN AND WILL PRODUCE UTOPIA ON EARTH... SOON!
   May God speed that glorious day!
1977 Lesson 4 - Revision: 5069/7908

Publication Date: 1977 5069/7908
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