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What will happen to the merciful?
They shall receive mercy.

Matthew 5:7
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The surest way to avoid being permitted aboard an Air-Liner these days is to walk up the hallway in the airport with a gun in your hand. I imagine you would be arrested before you got all the way up to the check point where you have to walk through the metal detector before they let you on board the airplane, the surest way to get kicked off the airplane after you get on is to haul a big Bible out of your briefcase, open it up and get a red pencil, put on your reading specks and begin to read it and underline it and mark it. I don't know if they would throw you off during the flight, but you sure would have a lot of people giving you funny stares and a Stewardess going by nearly dropping a coffee pot...

Transcript of this World Tomorrow Radio Broadcast coming.

Broadcast Date: 1977