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What was the occupation of Amos the prophet?
Farmer, sheep and figs.

Amos 7:14
The World Tomorrow Radio Broadcast
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Hello, how are you? My name is Mr. Smith how do you do sir, how are you? I'm fine, thank you. What's the next logical question you ask someone? It's usually, "what do you do?" Now you've met hundreds of people in your life and so have I, every time you meet someone you first are finding out a few of the principle points about them, such as their name, you've already seen with the eye their height, their general weight, shape, characteristic, texture of skin and hair, what their wearing and maybe the fact that their necktie is a little askew as mine is from time to time...

Transcript of this World Tomorrow Radio Broadcast coming.

Please Note: The FREE literature offered on this program are no longer available through the Address and Phone Number given, please visit for all FREE literature offered on this program.

Broadcast Date: 1976
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