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Whose skeleton did Moses take with him out of Egypt?

Exodus 13:19
The TONGUES Question
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The TONGUES Question

Is "speaking in tongues" the Bible evidence of the baptism with the Holy Spirit? Just what IS the baptism with the Holy Spirit? What about "tarry meetings"? Are the Pentecost MANIFESTATIONS being repeated today? Here is the PLAIN TRUTH about this burning question plainly stated. Is "SPEAKING in tongues" the BIBLE evidence of the baptism with the Holy Spirit? Is this "baptism" for us today? What is the Bible teaching about "TARRY MEETINGS"? In the year 1906, a new movement sprang up, known as the "Pentecostal movement," which has swept this country and others like a prairie fire. Thousands have followed it. It has caused thousands to wonder. Other thousands have been greatly troubled by it, while still other thousands denounce it as "wildfire fanaticism."

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Publication Date: 1957
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