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Who said, "Run, find now the arrows which I am about to shoot?"

I Samuel 20:36
The Middle East in Prophecy
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The Middle East in Prophecy

The astounding background to the crisis in the Middle East - and how it will be resolved. THE MIDDLE EAST is seething with crisis after crisis. Few people realize the true significance of this turmoil. They seem to have no conception of the danger it threatens - eventual danger to the whole world. It's time we woke up to the facts! It's time we knew what prophecy reveals. It's time we knew the background - the vital factors that have led up to this world danger - the significance of this series of crises! There is only one way to know the answer. The God who made the world - who makes and unmakes nations - he reveals the future before it happens so we can know and take warning. The time has now come to reveal a most amazing prophecy! Unveiling the Future! What is the real significance of this seething unrest? To understand it, we must study a marvelous prophecy, never before understood - a prophecy that has been closed and sealed until now - a prophecy that foretold, 2,500 years ago, this very series of crises and the war that shall finally draw in all the nations of the world!

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Publication Date: 1972
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