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Proclaiming The Gospel by your Last Will and Testament
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Proclaiming The Gospel by your Last Will and Testament

Do you want a direct part in providing for the preaching and publishing of the Gospel? This booklet explains one of the ways you can do so. There are those who believe God is alive and working through people on earth today. This booklet is written principally for the person who believes there is a God and is desirous of carrying out the commission He has assigned to His people. Therefore, the legal principles have been expressed in a Scriptural context. In doing so, however, the legal principles have not been altered. A Scriptural context is in keeping with the motto Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong ascribed to years ago: "The Bible is the foundation of knowledge." The purpose then is not only to teach the legal principles but to advise as to how you can make provision for proclaiming the Gospel. Even though the expressed purpose of this information is to encourage donations to the Church for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel, the legal principles are just as valuable, and in most cases, just as applicable, to married couples with families who are not in the position to make an after death donation to the Church.

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Publication Date: 1978
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