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Who am I: I am a Patriarch who came to Ireland in 569 B.C. With me came a princess daughter of an eastern king called Tea-Tephi. Earlier, my countrymen resented my message, they even threw me in to a dungeon.

Jeremiah 1:9-10
Why Were You BORN?
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Why Were You BORN?

NO LONGER do news commentators, top military men and scientists say "if there is a World War III" - now they speak only of when, and how it shall come! Leading world scientists say frankly they are frightened! With atomic bombs by thousands-with other newly - invented means of mass death and destruction said to be even more horrible than the hydrogen bomb-imagination - defying weapons-an appalling picture is presented which ought to make everyone SHUDDER! No one thinks, now, that MEN swayed by passions and partisanship and greed, and with competitive national aspirations and interests to work for and protect, will be able to prevent the world - cataclysm which experts tell us may blast human life from the earth! Gloomy picture? Yes, but it's REAL! It's the picture we have to FACE! This is the world we shall have to LIVE IN or DIE IN! WHY Does God Permit Such Horror? Is it any wonder so many people - if and when they do begin to think of the Almighty in this connection - ask: "WHY, if there is a God, does He permit war? WHY does God allow such unadulterated HELL on earth among men?" "Surely," they reason, "if God is good - if He is LOVE - He would not wish people who are innocent victims to endure this indescribable anguish and if He is ALMIGHTY, then He certainly could prevent it! Why doesn't He?"

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Publication Date: 1957
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