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Who would not believe that Jesus was risen from the dead, until he could see the nail marks?

John 20:25
Modern Dating
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Modern Dating
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What's really wrong with marriage today is COURTSHIP. Too many are discovering - AFTER marriage, instead of before - that they should not have married. Lack of preparation for marriage, lack of understanding the sobering responsibilities of marriage, and marrying too young are leading causes of divorce, according to sociologists. It's about time young people learned HOW TO DATE - learned what right dating IS, and what to LOOK for in a potential mate. Why Shattered Marriages? DIVORCE is an admission of defeat. It's a public statement of failure. Divorce is commonplace, court sanctioned. It is socially acceptable, in most cases. But divorce isn't happy. Divorce proves something is seriously wrong in too many marriages. No one marries "just to get a divorce," in spite of the brave smiles through tears of the emancipated woman over 40 who announces to her friends at the piano bar about how "free" she feels.

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Publication Date: 1972
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