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Why did God send his Son into the world?
Salvation; eternal life.

John 3:17
The Inside Story of the World Tomorrow Broadcast
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The Inside Story of the World Tomorrow Broadcast

"NO MAN EVER SPOKE like this man," reported their officers to the Pharisees regarding Jesus. The multitudes "were astonished at His doctrine." Today the same living Christ, through The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast, The PLAIN TRUTH magazine, and THIS WORK, proclaims in mighty power around the world His SAME GOSPEL - the same Gospel preached by Peter, Paul, and the original Apostles. Twenty-two million people hear this dynamic Message every week, on every inhabited continent of the earth. And today, just as 1900 years ago, multitudes are ASTONISHED at His doctrine, and say: "No man ever spoke like this!" It is as shockingly different today as it was then. WHY should that be? Every week thousands hear this astonishing Message for the first time, And so it is natural that many begin to ask: "WHO IS THIS? Who is behind this Work? Who sponsors it? HOW can such a powerful program go out over the air world-wide, without ever making an appeal for public financial support? WHY do they never beg for contributions? HOW can they publish such an attractive, interesting news magazine and never charge a subscription price or accept any advertising?"

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Publication Date: 1963
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