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God Speaks Out on
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God Speaks Out on "The New Morality"
Ambassador College Department of Theology  

You live in a mixed-up world that has lost its way. Especially in the matter of sex and marriage. What is right? What is wrong? In the modern rebellion against puritanical moral taboos, a bewildered world throws up its hands. It seeks a new morality But where is the AUTHORITY for a right moral code? The world doesn't know! Certainly there is no longer any dearth of printed instruction in the delicate field of sex and marriage. An avalanche of books has descended upon this confused world - authored, almost wholly, by medical doctors, psychiatrists, professional marriage counselors, and self-professed "sexologists." Yet these books, somehow, have failed to supply the right answers. The morality problem has not been solved. What's wrong? Does the problem of sex, after all, belong properly within the scope of medicine, or of psychiatry? Incredible though it may seem, the answer is NO! - except partially. HOW did sex originate? WHEN, and WHY was the marriage institution founded? The world doesn't know! The world has lost the true God!

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Publication Date: 1964
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