The Origin of Medical Practice
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The Origin of Medical Practice

Table of Contents:

The Origin of Medical Practice

A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Ambassador College Graduate School of Theology

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Masters of Arts in Theology

by Charles Sherwin McMichael - May 1969

Ambassador College 1969 All Rights Reserved

Traditional View of Medicine, Purpose of this Thesis, Justification, Definition of Terms, Limitations, Organization of the Remainder of the Study

Chapter I. Hippocrates Not The Father Of Medicine
Revolutionary Discovery, History More Than Facts, Antiquity of Medicine

Chapter II. What Is Medicine?
An Art or a Science? Break With The Supernatural, Man's Approach to Life Changes, Medicine Remains the Same

Chapter III. Disease An Ancient Curse
Modern Disease in Ancient Egypt, Major Modern Diseases

Chapter IV. A Competent Medical Faculty Before Hippocrates
Ancient Physicians Confident, Pharmacology of Egypt, Anatomy, Science of Accurate Prescription, Chemically Induced Anesthesia, Bacteriology, Surgery, Miscellaneous Medical Developments, Antibiotics 4000 Years Ago, Ancient Antibiotics, Sewer Pharmacology

Chapter V. Ancient Physicians Identified
Ancient Records Rejected as Myth, Mythology Provides a Key, Apollo Identified, Ancient Gods Really Early Rulers, Which Ancient Rulers? Mesopotamia Origin of Medical History

Chapter VI. Medical Practice Vital To Founders Of Mesopotamia
Historical Background, Nimrod Leads the Rebellion, Rebellion Brought a Penalty, Why Medicine Was Developed, Supernatural Intervention, Medical Practice Universal

Chapter VII. Summary and Conclusion
Summary, Conclusion


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Publication Date: 1969
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