Key to Northwest European Origins
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Key to Northwest European Origins


   What is the key that unlocks the true ORIGINS and affinities of the peoples of North-west Europe?
   That key is the knowledge that the overwhelming majority of the Anglo-Saxon- Keltic peoples are descendants of the dispersed exiles of the LOST TEN TRIBES of Israel. This knowledge is revealed through: (1) Scriptures, (2) secular history and (3) archaeology.
   We have examined many proofs which exploded the THEORY OF EVOLUTION showing it is not a safe guide for determining the origin and racial affinities of mankind!
   We observed that all of the races of mankind have descended from Shem, Ham, and Japheth just as the Bible had said thousands of years ago! These three patriarchal ancestors were the progenitors of the White, Yellow and Dark races otherwise called Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Negroids.
   All of the DARK races have descended from Ham; the YELLOW from Japheth; and the WHITE peoples have come primarily from SHEM. However, a number of the descendants of Japheth have fairly light skins, but most of them have a yellowish or olive tint to their skins. Even many of the Latin descendants of Japheth have olive-coloured skins.
   Furthermore, the various sub-races are merely crosses between two or more of the three afore-mentioned primary "races."
   The people of Israel were of the Semitic (Shemitic) branch of the human family, through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
   Reliable calculations show that there must have been about three million Israelites at the time of the Exodus from Egypt and about the same number when they occupied the Holy Land forty years later (Circa 1429 B.C.).
   When David numbered Israel (three centuries before Israel's captivity) there were 1,570,000 able-bodied "men-at-arms" (Moffatt trans.) in Israel and Judah excluding the tribes of Levi and Benjamin (I Chr. 21:5, 6).
   There must have been at least FIVE MILLIONS of Israelites dwelling in the Northern Kingdom at the time of the captivities of Israel in 741 and 721 B.C. and there must have been about two millions in the Kingdom of Judah at that time.
   What happened to those teeming millions of Israelites?
   Various opinions were quoted which expressed, more-or-less, the general misconception regarding these lost tribes. Most people think the Ten Tribes have be "irretrievably lost" among the nations. They assume they became so mixed and amalgamated among the Gentile nations that they have just been swallowed up or absorbed by them.
   We have seen that the very Word of God is at stake on this very point. If these peoples of the dispersed Ten Tribes have vanished from the earth, then God's Word has been broken! Many prophecies speak of a future restoration of Israel when both the House of Israel and the House of Judah will once again become one nation, united in their Promised Land (Ezek. 37:15-28).
   The TEN TRIBES of Israel were taken into captivity to MEDIA and ASSYRIA. They were deported to the lands lying south of the CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS, near the BLACK and CASPIAN SEAS.
   We have observed that the foremost historians (although they do not necessarily accept the scriptural accounts) agree that the peoples inhabiting SCANDINAVIA, the BRITISH ISLES, the LOW COUNTRIES, NORTHERN FRANCE, SWITZERLAND and other northwestern European countries came from the vicinity of the CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS!
   The value of the CEPHALIC INDEX (which has no connection with phrenology), was demonstrated to be ONE of the best ways of determining racial affinities from skeletal remains. The C.I. has nothing to do with the size of the head, or with the cranial capacity, but is merely a term used to express the width of the head when expressed as a percentage of its length.
   Skulls do not lie (except for deformations), and do not change in a particular race except by intermarriage with another race having a different skull type. It is primarily through the use of the C.I. that we are able to know the racial type of such peoples as the SCYTHIANS, KELTS and GAULS.
   We noticed the two main types of Jews the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim. We saw that the Jews contain many long-headed elements as well as round-headed ones.
   We also examined the Scriptures to see what the original Israelites were like, and what their racial characteristics were.
   An examination of the Scriptures revealed the original Israelites were not necessarily like the typical Jew of today. Many of the Israelites were more like the Sephardic Jew, that is, they were more Nordic or North-west European in their features.
   There was a considerable amount of blondism among them.
   Our investigation further revealed that the modern ARABS are more HAMITIC than Semitic. They are not, therefore, typical of the Semitic peoples.
   Moreover, the importance of the name of OMRI, King of Israel, was shown from the Assyrian inscriptions and other archaeological data. This name is the main connecting link between pre-captivity and dispersed Israel! We know that Omri's name was pronounced as GHOMRI, according to the older way of pronouncing the Hebrew. Furthermore, this name is the same as Gimiri.
   On the Behistun Rock Inscriptions, the 19th province over which Darius ruled was called by the following names: (1) Saka (Sakka) or Sacae, (2) Scythia, (3) Gimiri and Cimmerians all referring basically to the same people!
   We examined the name SACAE (or Sakka) and noticed that it derives from ISAAC the initial letter "i" having been dropped. The SACAE who lived EAST OF THE CASPIAN SEA were, as we have seen, a branch of the SCYTHIAN people.
   Scythians (Gr. Skuthes) appears to be derived from the Hebrew "SCTH," "SKTH" or "SUCCOTH," meaning "booth" or "tent."
   The names GAUL, Gael and Galatians all derive from the Hebrew "GAULON" or "GOLAH," meaning the exiles or dispersed ones.
   We have proven that the KELTS, the KIMMERIANS, the GAULS, the GALATIANS, CYMRY (or Kymry) were all closely related peoples, and had all sprung from the SCYTHIAN NATION!
   As we traced the descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes, we saw that the name "Dan" stands out more than any other referring to the Israelitish ancestor of one of the tribes of Israel. The name "Dan" was early left on geographical locations in Palestine, and we noticed this same custom prevailed among the latter descendants of Dan, who left their patriarchal name on rivers, towns and territories all over Europe. Many of these Danites arrived in Ireland under the name of "Tuatha de Danaan" (Tribe of Dan).
   The Milesian Scots, who had come from Scythia via Spain, were the fifth and last of the colonies which settled in Ireland.
   We examined a number of statements from ancient Irish histories showing that the MILESIAN SCOTS definitely connected themselves with most of the HEROES OF THE BIBLE, and with the prophet Moses! We noticed that the ancestors of the Scots were in Egypt at the time of the EXODUS, but were not in sympathy with the Egyptians. These Milesian Scots were driven out of Egypt. These ancient Scottish and Irish legends are garbled accounts of true historical incidents!
   On one occasion we observed that thirty ship-loads of Israelites direct from the land of ISRAEL settled in Ireland!
   We noticed that the prophet Jeremiah visited Ireland (circa 600 B.C.), where his tomb remains to this very day!
   We also examined the history of the SCANDINAVIANS and noticed they and the GOTHS were offshoots of the SCYTHIANS, and therefore closely related to the rest of the Northwest European Nordics.
   There are great resemblances between the Scythiac and Hebrew languages, as well as between the Welsh and Hebrew.
   It was observed that the languages of the early inhabitants of Britain were either Hebrew or closely related to it. These early British languages had their roots in the Hebrew. We know that the Israelites were soon submerged in Scythia after their captivity. They must have begun to change (or in some instances lay aside) the Hebrew language of their fathers not long after their captivity in 741-721 B.C.
   What is the significance of all these facts and what bearing will this knowledge have upon your life?
   Bear these two points in mind: (1) The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples (who sprang from the Scythian "nation"), are the descendants of the "Lost Ten Tribes" of Israel! (2) It is vitally important for modern Israel to KNOW HER IDENTITY, for Almighty God shows He will permit these peoples to be OPPRESSED and AFFLICTED (in the Great Tribulation) as no people have ever suffered before (Jer. 30:7; Dan. 12:1; Matt. 24:21)!
   These prophesies certainly will come to pass in the near future!
   It is important for the present-day people of Israel to know their identity so that they can throw themselves upon God's mercy, in order that they may be protected from the terrible calamities soon to befall the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples who inhabit North-west Europe and those countries settled by them America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of South Africa (Lu. 21:36).
   The GREAT TRIBULATION is also called the time of "JACOB'S TROUBLE," but God will rescue him from his sore travail, and finally the people of Israel will again be gathered unto their own lands to have another chance to serve and obey their God, thereby setting an example before all of the Gentile nations.
   After Israel turns from her perverseness she will be blessed as no people have ever been blessed. God then promises as no people have ever been blessed. God then promises that He will cause the remnant of Jacob to "take root." "ISRAEL shall BLOSSOM and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit" (Isa. 27:6). Also Jeremiah was inspired to prophesy of the peace, prosperity, joy and overflowing blessings which Israel shall ultimately attain unto (Jer. 31)!

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Publication Date: May 1963
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