A Handbook of Church History
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A Handbook of Church History

Appendix 3:


To: Mr. Lawson C. Briggs                           Date: March 26, 1968
Department: Correspondence Course
Subject: Church History                               From: Dean C. Blackwell

Greetings Lawson,
   Was very happy to hear from you concerning the lesson on church history. I am forwarding the information on to you, but not in the form I hoped. I have kept it this long hoping to get in its final form, but feel I had better get it to you as it is, and late as it is, rather than delaying any further. I have been working on church history to complete my master's degree, which is waiting on this thesis only. You might ask Dr. Hoeh to see if he feels that this chapter would give him any idea as to whether the work would be acceptable for the thesis for the master's degree. If so I will complete it and have it ready by this spring by graduation. God has really blessed me with some outstanding books on the Waldenses, Lollards, and Sardis churches. In fact I think I have all of the valuable ones in print on these stages. My original notes were from a tape of a series of Bible studies I gave in the Chicago area. This is the reason for the massive job of editing and deleting extraneous material.
   Our greetings and Christian love to Joy, and if you ever get the chance to visit the Kansas City area, we would be happy to have you stay with us.
   Would appreciate return of the enclosed information and material.

In Christ's service, 
Dean C. Blackwell

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Publication Date: 1973
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