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Listen to  Romans 15-16 Romans 15-16
Herbert W Armstrong - July 11, 1980

I'll say greetings to our brethren wherever they are, in Church's wherever their hearing this in a Bible Study and we're just sitting here in my living room. A group of us some from Pasadena and some from Tucson, nothing formerly, going through, now we're finishing up the book of Romans toda ...

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Listen to  Romans 13 & 8 Romans 13 & 8
Herbert W Armstrong - January 12, 1980

Let me say, then, that we have been going through a series, some months ago - the book of Galatians; and now we've been going through the book of Romans and we have finished the first seven chapters. Today I want to get a little out of line and into something special, and go over the thirteenth ch ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Satan's World Satan's World
Herman L Hoeh

You heard the significant main part and conclusion of the first presentation; I would like to take the liberty of commenting a little further on what was given you already by Mr. Mordakhai Joseph. A number of the thoughts he presented I think would help us much better understand the Bible if we real ...

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Listen to  Sacrificial System of Ancient Israel Sacrificial System of Ancient Israel
Keith W Stump - March 5, 1985 - Unleavened Bread

The Holy Days as you know are just a few weeks away and tonight I have a study that pertains in part to the Holy Days. I think it will add some meaning to them that you may have not thought about before. Keeping the annual Holy Days of God is one of the major signs of the true Church of God that set ...

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Listen to  Sin and the Nature of Man Sin and the Nature of Man
Herman L Hoeh

I would like to address a topic this evening which is not unrelated to the worlds situation, the subject is "sin and the nature of man". Which automatically brings to our attention the origin, the cause of sin and necessarily the nature of Christ who made it possible to defeat sin in the f ...

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Listen to  Song of Solomon - Part 1 Song of Solomon - Part 1
Dean C Blackwell - 1978

OK tonight I want to jump ahead a little bit so we don't get Psalmed to death too much in the same area and for several reasons I'd like to skip ahead to the Song of Solomon. In the future I plan to cover some of the Proverbs and then go back and get some more of the Psalms then jump ahead and g ...

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Listen to  Song of Solomon - Part 2 Song of Solomon - Part 2
Dean C Blackwell - 1978

Now in chapter 4 it leaves the scene of the description of the royal palace and the guard and the beauty and stateliness of the mansion and comes back to the man speaking now; "Behold, your fair, my love; behold, your fair; you have doves' eyes within your locks: your hair as a flock of goats ...

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Listen to  That Happened When? That Happened When?
Dean C Blackwell - October 18, 1978 - Feast of Tabernacles

Tonight I thought it might be of value, tying in with the feast time, to uncover what I think is an obvious conspiracy to try to hide in the New Testament God's Holy Days as well as God's Sabbath Day and I think one of these days we're going to be dumb founded when we find out what all happene ...

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Listen to  The Abomination Spoken of by Daniel The Abomination Spoken of by Daniel
John H Ogwyn - 1998 - Feast of Tabernacles

This evening I would like to turn our attention to something in the scriptures that certainly pertains to the events of the last dates. Some of you may have seen the news item that was released in the last couple of weeks. There is a group in Israel know as the Temple Mount Faithful who have been in ...

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Listen to  The Autumn Festivals The Autumn Festivals
Herman L Hoeh - September 16, 1977 - Trumpets

Now this evening there are a number of things that we might like to discuss with respect to the Holy Days, with respect to the upcoming autumn Festival. I thought that perhaps later in the evening we might have an opportunity to focus in some questions you might have not here before answered. There+ ...

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Watch  The Gospel of John The Gospel of John
John H Ogwyn - 2003 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well brethren, this evening we're going to look at the book of John in a particular way here at this Bible Study. Let me just sort of prep us by saying, that John refers to Tabernacles, there's a connection with the Feast of Tabernacles in an interesting way in the book of John I think of course ...

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Listen to  The Law of Liberty The Law of Liberty
Herbert W Armstrong - April 23, 1981

Now you can't read the Bible straight through from beginning to end. There is a story-flow in the Bible in a way. It begins with the creation of man; and it does show how man was offered Life and did not choose it, rather chose to have his own way - because we can only have Life God's way (in th ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Sabbath The Sabbath
Herbert W Armstrong - September 11, 1981

We need to be thinking about the things of God and the things of the Kingdom of God, and devoting our lives to that - instead of just being interested in the world, and just taking time to come to a Bible Study Friday night and a Church service on the Sabbath, then the rest of the time living in the ...View Transcript

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Listen to  The Spiritual Law vs Rituals The Spiritual Law vs Rituals
Herbert W Armstrong - January 21, 1984

Now last Sabbath I gave you a number of new truths that have been restored to God's Church, in the last 50 years by this Church. Some of the truths were restored, but not to the entire Church, up to 56 years ago. One truth about the annual holy days and God's festivals were restored. And I resto ...View Transcript

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Listen to  True Church In America - Part 1 True Church In America - Part 1
Keith W Stump - July 9, 1985

True Church In America - Part 1 - Bible Study (audio) - Keith W Stump ...

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