Bible Study    -    58 Lesson Course
Lesson 13 - Who And What Is God? Lesson 13 - Who And What Is God?
Ambassador College - 1981

Why is there so much confusion about the true IDENTITY, the real NATURE and PURPOSE of God? How could modern Christianity have become so mixed up about these foundational truths of the Bible? This fascinating study reveals the astounding answers! WHEN Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was in India years ago, ...

Lesson 14 - What Is Man? Lesson 14 - What Is Man?
Ambassador College - 1966

WHAT is man?" asked the psalmist David in Psalm 8:4. Is man an immortal soul in a material body? Is death the separation of body and soul? What really happens to a man at death? And what about the atheist who believes that there is no HOPE OF LIFE AFTER DEATH? These questions have puzzled - yes ...

Lesson 15 - What is Hell? Lesson 15 - What is Hell?
Ambassador College - 1966

SHOCKING as it may seem, you may go to "hell"! Many of your loved ones are right now in "hell"! But don't be alarmed! You probably never heard the TRUTH about what "hell" really is and where all of your ideas on the subject came from in the first place. You probably ...

Lesson 16 - You Must Be Born Again Lesson 16 - You Must Be Born Again
Ambassador College - 1969

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE "BORN AGAIN"! ON BUSY street corners and especially in evangelistic campaigns, you hear ministers ask, "Brother, have you been 'born again'? Just believe, and give the preacher your hand and the Lord your heart, and you'll be a 'born again' child of God.& ...

Test Four - For Lessons 13 - 16 Test Four - For Lessons 13 - 16
Ambassador College

THIS examination is given to help you better understand your Bible and evaluate your own progress. It is a SIMPLE EXAMINATION covering your studies in this group of four lessons. It's a quick review to help you remember and put to practical use the vital knowledge you have learned. Notice that fou ...


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