Bible Study    -    58 Lesson Course
Lesson 5 - What Is Death? Lesson 5 - What Is Death?
Ambassador College - 1977

Is man an Immortal soul in a material body? Is death the separation of body and soul? What REALLY happens to a person at death? These questions have puzzled mankind for thousands of years. Study the surprising ANSWERS in this revealing lesson! DEATH is a reality! Though many like to shove it from th ...

Lesson 6 - What Is Lesson 6 - What Is "Hell"?
Ambassador College - 1977

Even if you are a faithful, believing Christian, you may go to hell! Many of your loved ones are right now in hell! But don't be alarmed. You probably have never heard the TRUTH about what "hell" really is and where most ideas on the subject came from. Just what does the Bible teach ab ...

Lesson 7 - Will You Go To Heaven? Lesson 7 - Will You Go To Heaven?
Ambassador College - 1977

You've always heard that you'll go to heaven if you're "saved." And most have assumed that their loved ones have already "gone to heaven" when they died. But what does the Bible say? Is heaven really the "reward of the saved"? WHY, if the righteous go to heaven, d ...

Lesson 8 - What It Means To Be Lesson 8 - What It Means To Be "Born Again"
Ambassador College - 1977

Many professing Christians sincerely believe they have been "BORN AGAIN" - but do not understand the REAL MEANING of the new birth. The truth about being "born again" is not only surprising - it is startling - the MOST AWESOME REVELATION of your Bible! NICODEMUS was a high-rankin ...

Test Two - For Lessons 5 - 8 Test Two - For Lessons 5 - 8
Ambassador College

THIS examination is given to help you better understand your Bible and evaluate your own progress. It is a SIMPLE EXAMINATION covering your studies in this group of four lessons. It's a quick review to help you remember and put to practical use the vital knowledge you have learned. Notice that fou ...


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