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Man's Heritage Man's Heritage
Raymond F McNair  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 3, 1977

I don't know how many of you realize that there is just one more day to the Feast of Tabernacles, can I see your hands, one more day to the end of the Feast of Tabernacles. No actually this is the last day, just two more hours really because this is a special Feast, the Feast of Tabernacles and I ...

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Forgiveness And The Family Forgiveness And The Family
Norman A Smith  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 12, 1979

Back in 1495, 3 years after Columbus discovered America, in a obscure spot in Switzerland near where Baron is located today, a couple of brothers had a disagreement, the father had just died and the sons argued over possession of the property, their names where Hans and Curie, Curie it seem had rema ...

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Christ's Promise To Youth In The World Tomorrow Christ's Promise To Youth In The World Tomorrow
Michael V Swagerty  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  September 29, 1980

Well as the saying goes in showbiz, that's quite an act to follow, those were certainty, lovely, adorable children who gave their 100% best to provide the special music on this Youth Day and as I'm sure all of you have noticed we do have the youth of different ages serving today as Ushers and pa ...

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The Good News of the World Tomorrow The Good News of the World Tomorrow
William D Miller  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 1, 1980

All these lumps you get in your throat, the special music has been very, very inspiring. I determined that I was going to beat them up here though, before they blocked the entrance way, I need all the time I can get today. It sure is good to be up here, had to wait seven days to give this sermon jus ...

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God Uses Older People God Uses Older People
George A Meeker  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 17, 1981

I think I really should equalize, a little bit, something Mr. Switzer said when he spoke here a few days ago about the coming across the county line, from wherever he came from, I forgot a little bit about where that was, but I know there are a lot of people here from Missouri because they just don+ ...

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Great Tribulation Great Tribulation
Raymond F McNair  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  September 27, 1980

Greetings Brethren, from Mr. Armstrong first and foremost and then from those of us in Pasadena, we no longer call it Headquarters, Headquarters is in Tucson, Arizona where Mr. Herbert W Armstrong lives. My wife who's here with me and I've been looking forward to being back in Lake of the Ozarks ...

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Good News & Bad News Good News & Bad News
David Jon Hill  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  September 29, 1977

Good morning, I came from the Pocono's, Mr. Meredith was in Wisconsin Dells, we had about 5,400 people there in Pocono which is about 500 people more than they expected, I hope that, that occurs at every Feast site, I just added a third here, either that or people were going here and there instead ...

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Literal Kingdom Literal Kingdom
Victor Kubik  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  September 30, 1980

Seems that names and nationalities among the Ministry have become a slight point of interest at this Feast, in fact Mr. Sinkoviac, I believe that is the pronunciation, had made a comment about his Polish background, also the man proceeding me, Mr. Saforic the Bohemian origin and I'm Ukrainian "Kub ...

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Peace & Prosperity Peace & Prosperity
Jerold W Aust  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  September 27, 1980

Good afternoon Brethren, sincerely hope that this Feast of Tabernacles is truly your best ever, I think that, not only think, but I know my wife and I can say, that this Feast of Tabernacles so far, has been the very best we've ever enjoyed. I've noted that a couple of people have come to me in ...

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Importance of Youth Importance of Youth
Frederick C Kellers  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 9, 1979

I don't know, it seems like probably when I was up in Massachusetts, there were a lot of problems and there was so many healings. People who, ladies who had apparently cancer, lumps in their breast, would be healed within a week and probably the healings that I remember most, a little girl that ha ...

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New Heavens And New Earth New Heavens And New Earth
Herman L Hoeh  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  September 25, 1980

I want to thank the men and women singing with a large group of this nature, there is one thing that is important and that is to stay together and be voices of the different groups certainly indicate the care with which the musical presentation is given. Mr. Oaus mentioned we anticipated roughly 25, ...

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Prepare For A Bath Prepare For A Bath
Norman A Smith  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 6, 1979

Good morning everyone, had to look around and see who all was here, looks like your all here, just about full. Certainly happy to be here with you in the Lake of the Ozarks this year, I've never been privileged to attend this festival site having basically lived in California. I grew up in souther ...

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Purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles Purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles
James L Friddle  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 19, 1981

Today is the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles 1981 in the Lake of the Ozarks and all around the world. After tomorrow, The Last Great Day we will all be returning to the world, to the conditions that we left 7 days ago, to be here together, to fellowship together and hear the messages, the sermo ...

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The Real Meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles The Real Meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles
Raymond F McNair  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  September 27, 1977

Good afternoon Brethren, certainly good to be here again at the Feast of Tabernacles in the Lake of the Ozark. I had the privilege of being here, I think it was 2 years ago, and at that time I got to speak at the Dells and finally in Big Sandy that same year, so certainly a privilege to be here once ...

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The Spirit Realm The Spirit Realm
Roy O Holladay  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 12, 1984

Well good afternoon to everyone, well I guess it's morning, get my time here, that was certainly a beautiful song, and I know we all appreciated it. One thing I wanted to mention before starting the sermon is to again ask all of you to pray for the peace and the safety that we have here at the Fea ...

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