Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Volume 2 Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Volume 2  -  Chapter 66   
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Book   -  1987

At Last! Jerusalem. I'M SURE every true minister of Jesus Christ has dreamed of visiting Jerusalem and the Holy Land and so have millions of others as well. This cradle of three religions had always seemed, somehow, to be a mystic, almost unreal land far off scarcely part of this same earth. N ...

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Greetings, Ministers and Wives: Greetings, Ministers and Wives:
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Pastor General's Report   -  September 25, 1979

This will be the last Pastor General's Report you will receive before leaving for the Feast. I hope we may all do our best to make this the GREATEST feast in 1900 years. Already God has started to make this the greatest in our time. Normally we have had to borrow one million dollars in June or Jul ...

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Babylon the Great Returning Babylon the Great Returning
Herman L Hoeh  -  Sermon   -  Trumpets   -  September 22, 1979

The presentation on this Holy Day I checked and found that Mr. Raymond McNair is not scheduled to speak and I was scheduled twice and I want to say for any of you who might have had plans, I will be speaking this morning here and I've asked him to speak in my place, which is only proper at the aud ...

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The Mysterious Lights The Mysterious Lights
Shirley King Johnson  -  Good News   -  July 31, 1978

Grandma Wilson gave Major a whole-wheat pancake. He began to take big bites out of it as Jim came downstairs for his breakfast. "Good morning, Jimmy," called out both Grandma and Grandpa Wilson. Major waved a greeting with his tail. "Good morning," Jim replied with a yawn. He accepted a kiss ...

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The Sacrificial System in Israel The Sacrificial System in Israel
Ernest L Martin  -  Good News   -  September 1965

Can you prove that God's Law was in force BEFORE sacrifices were given? Do you know which laws were "added" and WHEN? THE APOSTLE PAUL tells us that the sacrifices, washings and carnal ordinances given to ancient Israel are no longer necessary. (Heb. 9:9-14.) These physical laws were imp ...

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How to Search for Truth How to Search for Truth
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  June 03, 1979

It will rock this world in wonder and amazement. It's going to result, finally, in world peace, and a new and a happy world tomorrow. But this very next world-shaking event will not be peace, for men will bring this upon themselves and men know not the way of peace. The very Creator God Almighty m ...

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MINISTUDY: The Christian Fight How You Can Win! MINISTUDY: The Christian Fight How You Can Win!
Richard H Sedliacik  -  Good News   -  February 1986

The Word of God tells us that all who will follow the Christian way of life will have to face three deadly enemies, each of which tends to discourage us from overcoming sin and developing the character of God. These deadly foes can come between us and God. They put wedges into our minds that can gro ...

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Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  February 1953

On the nineteenth anniversary of the WORLD TOMORROW program, the broadcast goes out to ALL EUROPE, on the most powerful radio station on earth. THINK of it! This most important work on earth now TAKES ITS GREATEST LEAP AHEAD! Do you realize the significance of this tremendous event, on our nineteent ...

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Bible Advocate - October 23, 1928 Bible Advocate - October 23, 1928
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Bible Advocate   -  October 23, 1928

Title: A Timely Message To The World by B. Car and Title: Does The Lord Heal The Sick Today? Chapter 2 Concluded and Title: Salvation From Sin: What shall we do to be saved? Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift o ...

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The Story of Man - When a Nation Turns to Idols The Story of Man - When a Nation Turns to Idols
Basil Wolverton  -  Plain Truth   -  November 1969

QUEEN mother Athaliah, having ruled Judah for six years after usurping the throne, was one Sabbath morning bothered by music and shouts from the temple. Surrounded by a few of the royal guard and carried by four husky men in her curtained sedan chair, she was taken to the temple to see for herself w ...

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The History and Truth About Pentecost! The History and Truth About Pentecost!
Herman L Hoeh  -  Good News   -  May 1952

What is the REAL ORIGIN of Pentecost? Where did Catholics, Lutherans and others get the custom of observing "Pentecost Sunday" each year? Does God command us to observe Pentecost? IT IS AN almost universal belief that the New Testament Church was founded on Sunday. Probably each of us has ...

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WHY Churches Observe Sunday WHY Churches Observe Sunday
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  November-December 1984

When did the New Testament Lord's Day start? By what authority? The answer is shocking. I was shocked 58 years ago at age 34. I was challenged! I felt my marriage was In jeopardy. My wife announced she was going to start keeping the Sabbath - Saturday! To me, that was religious fanaticism! "My w ...

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To all Pastors of Churches Worldwide To all Pastors of Churches Worldwide
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Pastor General's Report   -  February 06, 1978

GREETINGS! Just returned from a very enjoyable trip to Jackson, Mississippi, and a special Sabbath meeting with approximately eight separate churches, and individuals from several others. I was unable to stop in Tucson on our return, since the G-II developed a crack in the right front windshield on ...

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Worldwide News December 10, 1973 Headlines Worldwide News December 10, 1973 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff  -  Worldwide News   -  December 10, 1973

3,500 nonmembers see campaigns in three-day stand at Bakersfield - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Energy crisis threatens Work in England - The Official Grapevine - Laws for husbands, wives stated in commandments - Historian digging up roots finds reason and order - Member tells of li ...

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Rearing A Family Rearing A Family
Carn A Catherwood  -  Sermon   -  November 28, 1987

Certainly, I'm happy to speak to this particular congregation of God's family. The gentleman that gave the opening prayer talked about this beautiful home, and he was referring to the auditorium. I think that's a very apt phrase to use. It is a beautiful home for the family of God. Your warmth ...

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