Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - January 05, 1955 Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - January 05, 1955
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Brethren & Co-Workers Letter   -  January 05, 1955

GREETINGS, in Jesus' name: I have to sidetrack everything else for the moment, and write this brief letter submitting a serious and most URGENT problem to all the membership of God's Church. Mrs. Armstrong and I stopped off at the tabernacle near Gladewater, Texas, for the Sabbath service on our ...

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Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  December 1961

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - IF you have really been put into GOD'S Church by God - if you have really been CONVERTED - which means CHANGED - by receiving His Holy Spirit, then you no longer see things as you did before. If this CHANGE has really happened to you, you now see this world for ...

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Lesson 29 - The Origin of Satan and Sunday Lesson 29 - The Origin of Satan and Sunday
Ambassador College  -  Bible Study 58-Lesson   -  1969   Revision 40M1269

THE ORIGIN OF SATAN AND SUNDAY. JUST HOW did Sunday - the day of the SUN - originate? Did God create this day to be holy - as so many CARELESSLY ASSUME? Exactly WHY has a day in honor of the sun been set aside for rest and worship? WHO IS responsible for its origin? And what is the DIABOLICAL MOTIVE ...

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Worldwide News January 19, 1976 Headlines Worldwide News January 19, 1976 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff  -  Worldwide News   -  January 19, 1976

Executives, churches hear GTA - Nassau campaign scheduled - New evangelist named, will head British Work - Ministers terminated - Court upholds Sabbath - Austrian becomes Australian after life in Hitler's Germany - Aussie escapes death - Church members on fire to sell wood - Local church news wrap ...

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No! You Can't Earn Your Salvation! No! You Can't Earn Your Salvation!
Brian Knowles  -  Good News   -  June 1976

Does salvation come by works of law? If so, no one will ever be saved! One of the greatest continuing debates in the ecclesiastical world has been the question of "law versus grace." Are Christians saved by the keeping of various laws - or are they saved by grace apart from any law-keeping? ...

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Attitude, action turn Festival into preview of God's Kingdom Attitude, action turn Festival into preview of God's Kingdom
Mark McCulley  -  Worldwide News   -  August 19, 1985

Will your personal life at the Feast of Tabernacles properly picture the Kingdom of God? We have eight days each year to practice living together under God's government. If we follow the standards of that government closely, our personal foretaste of the Kingdom will be sharp and clear. If we do n ...

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Jerusalem Through The Ages Jerusalem Through The Ages
Ernest L Martin  -  Tomorrow's World   -  October 1971

Ever since David made it his capital some 3000 years ago, Jerusalem has been a "cup of trembling" and a "burdensome stone" to all nations. Read here the history of this city which is claimed as a holy place by Jew, Christian and Moslem alike, and the significant role Bible prophecy assigns to it in ...

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God Speaks Out on God Speaks Out on "The New Morality"  -  Chapter 11   
Ambassador College Department of Theology  -  Book   -  1964

IT ASSUREDLY is evident by now that sex was designed neither as something evil, filthy and degrading - nor, on the other hand, to be used in premarital, extramarital, homosexual, or other manner of perversion. Sex did not aimlessly evolve without purpose. It was designed by the Creator, and is to be ...

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Over 5500 Observe Passover! Over 5500 Observe Passover!
Roderick C Meredith  -  Good News   -  May 1961

God's people were BLESSED and encouraged during the recent Passover Festival. Again this year, it was the largest attendance of modern times! CERTAINLY one of the most enjoy able and successful Passover seasons of modern times was recently observed! With the growth in numbers and spiritual charact ...

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Is God a Trinity? Is God a Trinity?
George L Johnson  -  Booklet   -  1973

Is God a Trinity or a family? Was Jesus Christ God, or merely a man? Was Jesus the born son of God, or only an adopted son? Is the Holy Spirit a person or the creative power of the Godhead? These questions about the nature of God are answered in this booklet. THE belief that God is one substance, ye ...

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Is the Feast of Tabernacles commanded in the NEW TESTAMENT? Is the Feast of Tabernacles commanded in the NEW TESTAMENT?
Herman L Hoeh  -  Good News   -  January 1959

Is there Proof IN THE NEW TESTAMENT that Christ, the apostle Paul and the New Testament Church observed the Feast of Tabernacles? - and Proof that we too are commanded to observe it? THE CHURCH OF GOD today is a New Testament Church. And in the New Testament is PROOF - astounding proof - that the ap ...

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Do You Have Time...? Do You Have Time...?
Graemme J Marshall  -  Good News   -  May 1985

Wise time-management principles can help you fulfill all your physical and spiritual responsibilities. Ten years ago, Geoff and Karen became baptized members of God's one true Church. Thrilled to be freed from many time-consuming but false traditions of this world, they settled into a diligent and ...

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Is God's Church Composed of Many Separate 'Groups'? Is God's Church Composed of Many Separate 'Groups'?
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  December 18, 1978

There are many individual and separate 'Groups' differing in belief and organization, yet supposing they are a PART of the BODY OF CHRIST. Are they? I HAVE HEARD many small religious groups, usually following one human leader, speak of "our Group," fully believing that their little unit or assem ...

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Herbert W. Armstrong Updates Pasadena Brethren By Telephone Herbert W. Armstrong Updates Pasadena Brethren By Telephone
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Worldwide News   -  November 10, 1980

Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong spoke to the Pasadena congregations from Jerusalem by telephone Nov. 1. His message is reprinted here for churches worldwide. JERUSALEM - "This is Herbert W. Armstrong in Jerusalem. And over here it is now almost a quarter till 11 at night. I just came from a dinn ...

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Richard Gipe & Jim M Petty  -  Plain Truth   -  December 1971

Sportsmanship and character may become obsolete qualities in the sports world if a "win-at-all-costs" attitude is allowed to get out of hand! "In sports, the only measure of success is victory! We must sacrifice everything to this end. Winning is the only true goal," said one prominent American prof ...

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