Seven Anchors Seven Anchors
Dennis G Luker  -  Sermon   -  1979

Well I have one hour which is plenty I think for my sermon. Might mention before getting right in to it though that, several of us, 4 of us actually are doing a lot of traveling now, Mr. Armstrong has asked, Mr. Burk McNair, Mr. Dean Blackwell, Mr. Leroy Neff and myself to be out visiting the church ...

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Herbert W Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  February 1982

Millions have been led to think they are "saved," who are only deceived and don't know it! Here is a frank, daring article, making the truth PLAIN! It's difficult to believe, but it's true. In today's religious confusion millions have supposed they had salvation spiritually they ha ...

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MINISTUDY: God's Law - Basis of True Christianity MINISTUDY: God's Law - Basis of True Christianity
Richard H Sedliacik  -  Good News   -  June-July 1982

During His ministry, Jesus Christ taught obedience to God as He preached the good news about the coming government of God on earth. "Repent ye, and believe the gospel" was the essence of Jesus' message (Mark 1:15). Over and over again the Bible emphasizes repentance from sin. And sin is ...

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A NEW Good News! A NEW Good News!
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  July 1953

HERE is a new GOOD NEWS! With this issue, the GOOD NEWS becomes exclusively the official publication of Gods True Church in these closing days of this world. With this issue a new policy is adopted. The Good News will hereafter be sent only to those recognized as MEMBERS of the true Church of God - ...

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Please Give Us a Church! Please Give Us a Church!
Leroy Neff  -  Good News   -  December 1959

Is this your request? Why aren't churches established in more local areas? Will more be established soon? "WE NEED a church where we can meet each Sabbath," was a statement frequently heard at the recent Feast of Tabernacles. If you are one who wants to assemble with Christian brethren each S ...

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Redemption and Deliverance Redemption and Deliverance
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  Unleavened Bread   -  April 14, 2001

Well here we are on the last service of the last Holy Day of the seven days of Unleavened Bread, we've been celebrating this festival here for the last week a time when we have been avoiding leavening and in its place have been taking in the Unleavened Bread, something that we don't normally eat ...

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God's People Are Pilgrims in This World! God's People Are Pilgrims in This World!
Clayton D Steep  -  Good News   -  September 1983

It is once again time to celebrate that we are merely pilgrims and sojourners In this temporary, physical life. Here it is, time for another Feast of Tabernacles, and the Church of God is on the move again! Brethren packing and hauling luggage, crisscrossing cities, countries, even continents, heade ...

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Questions & Answers Questions & Answers
Good News Staff  -  Good News   -  September 1974

QUESTION: "In the article in the June issue of The Good News titled 'The True Pentecost Day,' it is stated that Pentecost always falls on Sunday. But in your booklet 'Pagan Holidays - or God's Holy Days - Which?' you say that Pentecost falls on Monday. Please explain which is rig ...

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Question Box Question Box
Good News Staff  -  Good News   -  January 1959

Question: Please notify me when the annual Holy Days occur this year. I need to notify my employer in advance so that my vacation can be made to coincide with the Festivals. Answer: It is always a good plan to let your employer know when you need your vacation. Your employer usually does not need to ...

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Baptism Ceremony - Outline Baptism Ceremony - Outline
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Study Tools

As a result of your repentance of your sins, which is the transgression of God's Holy and Righteous and Perfect Law, and your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, your Lord and Master, your High priest and soon coming King, I now baptize you, into the name of the Father and the Son ...

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Dear Fellow Ministers in Christ Dear Fellow Ministers in Christ
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Pastor General's Report   -  April 24, 1978

Greetings from Big Sandy! I am presently "in between Holy Days" on the Big Sandy campus tending to many details relative to the opening up of Ambassador College this autumn. We particularly enjoyed our visit with the Youngstown-Akron area churches and a larger than expected crowd for the f ...

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Are YOU Ready To Take The PASSOVER? Are YOU Ready To Take The PASSOVER?
Albert J Portune  -  Good News   -  March 1969

Another year has nearly passed! In just a few weeks the Passover will be here and another priceless opportunity to live through the panorama of God's annual Holy Days - His plan of salvation for you and for the whole world. Are you ready for this vital observance - are you ready to take the Passov ...

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Sharing... Cherishing Children Sharing... Cherishing Children
George T Geis  -  Good News   -  February 1979

Our family was sitting around the kitchen table eating our traditional Sabbath brunch - pancakes. For us Sabbath brunch without pancakes is like a movie without popcorn. I slowly looked around the table at my wife, my son and then each of my two daughters. I thought of how special each one o ...

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Stories From The New Testament: Chapter 5 - Jesus Goes to Samaria and Nazareth Stories From The New Testament: Chapter 5 - Jesus Goes to Samaria and Nazareth
Shirley King Johnson  -  Good News   -  May 1981

When the Spring Holy Days were ended, Jesus went on into Judea. More people were now following Jesus than had followed John the Baptist. When the Pharisees heard this, they made an issue of the fact that Jesus had taken His first disciples from among those who had originally been following John. Jes ...

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Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - February 02, 1959 Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - February 02, 1959
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Brethren & Co-Workers Letter   -  February 02, 1959

May I address you as the Apostle Paul did the Hebrew brethren: HOLY brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling? IF we belong in God's Church if God has baptized us into His Church by His Holy Spirit, then we are HOLY brethren we are SAINTS we are partakers of the HEAVENLY CALLING! We are de ...

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