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Frequently Asked Questions   (FAQ)
How can I download videos from hwalibrary.com?
All our videos are streamed from YouTube.com. If you wish to download HWALibrary videos, you will need YouTube Download Software. By doing a search in your favorite browser for "free software to download YouTube videos" you will find software capable of downloading hwalibrary.com videos from YouTube. A free version that works well is "xilisoft.com". HWALibrary's YouTube Channel is: "hwalibrarycom".

Are these correct, Box 111 Pasadena, California 91109 and 800-423-4444?
No, the address for the Worldwide Church of God and phone number given for material are no longer correct for obtaining the information offered. This site offers all of the material offered on this site 100% free. There is no need to call or mail your requests, simply do a search for the material on our site. The Worldwide Church of God dissolved after Mr. Armstrong’s death in January 1986.

I was just wondering if I wanted to donate for the upkeep of this site, how can I get it to you? Thanks
Thank you for your offer, HWALibrary.com is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductable. If you would like to make donations for site upkeep and also help get this message out to the world, the mailing address is: HWALibrary.com • PO Box 1550 • Independence, MO 64055 • USA - Please make checks or money orders payable to: HWALibrary.com    -    Donations also accepted through PayPal.

I can't find some of Mr. Armstrong's material?
Sorry, we are about 83% complete on adding material we currently have. Please check back often, we add material virtually everyday.

What is registration for?
Registration is not required to access any material on this site. Our registration (MyHWA area) allows users to save material they have viewed or read by title and date. HWALibrary.com currently has 8,336 titles and chapters and we hope this helps users keep track of when they viewed or read material.

Helpful Hints
Navigation of site.
General navigation of the site is through the links and menus throughout the site. Return navigation is mainly in one place (see illustration). The return navigation will take you back exactly where you came from. Example: By clicking the Sermons link, return navigation will return you to the previous page at the exact location of the link that brought you to view the Sermon.

About QR Codes?
HWALibrary.comQR Code; short for "Quick Response Code" enables you to bookmark the webpage information for each Book, Booklet, Magazine Article, Telecast, etc. shown on HWALibrary.com. With the QR Code there is no need to type the URL into a phone, notebook or iPad, instead you simply scan the image, your phone reads the QR Code, converts it back into the URL and stores it as a bookmark on your device for quick access while you are on the go. Most "QR Code Scanner" apps are free and can be found in your device app store.

HWALibrary (hwalibrary.com) is a non-profit "Church of God" Library. HWALibrary is not affiliated with any organizations. HWALibrary is a free tool for God's people to search out the truth (1 Thessalonians 5:21), "given by God", through Mr. Armstrong, the Philadelphia era (6th) of the 7 Church era's (Revelation 1:11 through Revelation 3:22). Our mission, Matthew 24:14 - Mark 16:15.

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