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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Outline of Prophecy 07 - Great Tribulation and Heavenly Signs
And now, my friends, let's get prophesy straighten out. What is going to happen next? Where are we now in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy? What is going to lead down to the world tomorrow; the second coming of Christ. What about Armageddon; when does that come? Is Russia going to attack, is Russia going to plunge us into World War III? And if so, when and where will she attack? It's all in the Bible. The war tha ...
Recipes for Days of Unleavened Bread Recipes for Days of Unleavened Bread
Be prepared for the spring festival season. Here we publish a new series of tested recipes for the Days of Unleavened Bread. Many of you who live in or near a large town will probably find no problem in purchasing unleavened ...
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Bible Study
What is faith? Exactly what kind of faith do we need to please God - to live the obedient, overcoming Christian life outlined in the Bible and be born as glorified sons of God in the ruling Family of God? First, we must ...
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A Tale of Two Cities
In many ways the Bible could be likened to a tale of two cities, now perhaps you hadn't thought of it that way, but you see the Bible opens in the book of Genesis with two cities and it closes in the book of Revelations with two cities. In Genesis chapter 10 and chapter 11 we read of Babylon, we read of the beginning of the kingdom of Nimrod, that the beginning of his kingdom was Babel and as we g ...
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A Tale of Two Cities
What Is Uppermost In God's Mind?
What is most important - above all else - in the mind of God right now? Does it make any difference to YOU what is IMPORTANT to God - what is important to Him above all else in your life? It should! F ... What Is Uppermost In God's Mind?
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WELFARE - A Social Disaster?
Plans are now being considered which may make the United States the world's foremost welfare state. Yet, the welfare problem won't be solved. Just what is the best way to help the poor? Nations have a ... WELFARE - A Social Disaster?
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Seven Proofs of God's Church: Proof 4 - God's Power
God Almighty has vast power which He shares with Jesus Christ. Jesus gave of that power to His disciples, and it is that same power which sustains the Church of God today. WITH A throaty roar, li ... Seven Proofs of God's Church: Proof 4 - God's Power
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The Foreign Work Then and Now
After completing his third round-the-world tour of our foreign offices and churches of God, Mr. Gerald Waterhouse - who was used by God in pioneering much of the Foreign Work - presents these str ... The Foreign Work Then and Now
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