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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Sermon on the Mount - Part 6
Yes, there is good news, if only we can understand it, and heed it. As I mentioned, however, yesterday, there are serious troubles - financial troubles, family troubles, every other kind of trouble, sickness and disease, some kind of trouble, some kind of tremendous problem bearing down on the family of practically every one of you now listening. If it isn't hitting you personally, it's hitting somebody in your famil ...
Pagan Holidays - or God's Holy Days - Which? Pagan Holidays - or God's Holy Days - Which?
Does it make any difference which days we observe or whether we keep them? Does the Bible establish whether we are to keep certain days holy to God? Were these days given to ancient Israel only? Are they binding today only ...
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Bible Study
Preparing for the Ministry Preparing for the Ministry
The purpose of this course is to help the leading men in God's Church to become more effective leaders in their congregations and to provide them with the knowledge they need to assist their Pastor in a spiritual capacity as ...
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What and Why The Church?
I've been having Bible Studies a great deal over at Tucson and I think perhaps you may have heard some of them here. I've just taken books in the New Testament and gone through chapter by chapter, verse by verse. I used to preach that way many years ago and I found that was one of the better ways of preaching as a matter of fact. Now you can't read the Bible straight through from beginning to end, ...
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What and Why The Church?
Most people know next to nothing about God. To understand ourselves, why we are, where we are going, and how, we need to know more about our Creator. Ask anyone where the real beginning is in the Bibl ... WHY HUMANS WERE PUT ON THE EARTH - PART 1
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Why Did God Raise Up the Nation Israel - and Deny Them Spiritual Salvation?
Did anyone ever think to ask WHY God raised up the ancient nation Israel, denying them His Holy Spirit and eternal salvation - except their prophets only? WHY were Old Testament Israelites called God' ... Why Did God Raise Up the Nation Israel - and Deny Them Spiritual Salvation?
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What Is Salvation?
Why do we need salvation? How do we get it - and when? What do we receive when we do obtain it? WHY DO we find many religions in the world? Some people today say that religion is merely a superstition ... What Is Salvation?
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FAMINE On Our Doorstep?
The world is shocked at the severity of the Ethiopian famine. But few realize even now how close to disaster the world outside Africa could be! Famine in East Africa burst into the headlines at the en ... FAMINE On Our Doorstep?
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