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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Daniel 11
Will Russia ever invade? Will Russia ever conquer the United States? My friends, a most unexpected event is going to happen in the meantime that is going to take the breath of Russia, as well as rock the United States back on its heels. It's going to make the whole world stand aghast. If only you could pull back the curtain and see what lies behind and what is going to happen in the immediate future. I want to tell y ...
Modern Dating Modern Dating
DIVORCE is an admission of defeat. It's a public statement of failure. Divorce is commonplace, court sanctioned. It is socially acceptable, in most cases. But divorce isn't happy. Divorce proves something is seriously wrong i ...
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Bible Study
Pentecost Study Material Pentecost Study Material
The Pentecost question is one that can be made very complex and complicated. Also it can, and I feel should (especially before brethren), be made quite simple. To simplify it, I do NOT like to say the issue is WHETHER we coun ...
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What Today Really Means
Now watching world events as we have been doing, and I've been way on top of it all of the time watching it very, very closely, that it seems for the last 15 years that God has been holding up the progress of events in the world, that they have not continued to gain momentum quite as fast as they had prior to that time, although they have continued, but now all of a sudden it seems that we have hi ...
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What Today Really Means
Middle East - Closer To Peace?
Four months after a negotiational deadlock forced Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to suspend his Middle East "shuttles," cautious optimism is being expressed that a new Israeli-Egyptian interim pea ... Middle East - Closer To Peace?
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The First Church of God in Barbados
Most unexpectedly-and as a surprise to all of us - Mr. Armstrong flew to Barbados to personally inaugurate the first English-speaking CHURCH OF GOD in the West Indies. Read in this article the firstha ... The First Church of God in Barbados
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Nearly three thousand years ago British Prime Minister Wilson's visit to Germany was foretold in Bible prophecy! Read how your future is involved in Britain's hopeless bid for help from her former ene ... WITH WILSON IN BONN
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EUROPE: Winds of Change Before the Storm
Events are underway in Western Europe that will ultimately lead to a dramatic about-face in world affairs. The protectors have become the prey. American military personnel are now prime targets for te ... EUROPE: Winds of Change Before the Storm
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