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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
What is a Real Christian?
Will we survive our age of science without being destroyed by it? Well according to the answers of 16 out of 25 Nobel Prize winning scientists, yes we will. But then the rest of them said they weren't quite sure and they cited not only the danger of nuclear disaster, but also the dangers of exploding populations and the threats to mans spirit. Now my friends here's the problem, nearly everything we say, think and do ...
The key to the Book of REVELATION The key to the Book of REVELATION
MYSTERY Book of all the books! If the Bible as a whole is the Book that nobody understands, (except the very - "elect"), certainly the REVELATION is the one Book in the Bible least understood of all! Yet this Book is the very ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - Government in God's Church Doctrinal Outlines - Government in God's Church
Which form of government is proper, for the Church? Incredible as it seems, while most thinking people have at least paused to ponder the merits of various civil governments, hardly anybody stops to notice the type of governm ...
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Is the Church Essential for Salvation?
Good morning everyone; the first part of the service, I'd like to take a little time to relate a few things that have been going on as far as the contact that I've had last 9 months with Mr. Herbert Armstrong, I've had more opportunity to be with him this past year than any year for about 25 years. A few weeks ago Mr. Armstrong called 7 of us over to Tucson, we didn't know what the purpose was, Ra ...
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Is the Church Essential for Salvation?
Can Japan remain an industrial giant, but a political and military dwarf? Obvious signs of restlessness, a call to arms and power, are appearing in modern Japan. Only an uninformed idealist could expe ... YANKEES of the ORIENT?
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The "NEW CHINA" Reaches Out
While the world has been in the throes of a startling upsurge of terrorism in the past five years, a revolution of an entirely different kind has been under way in the world's most populous nation. Li ... The
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America tries to feed the world. Millions of bushels of wheat are being shipped to starving India. Reserves dwindle, while crops fall off. Yet the massive shipments overseas are based upon the belief ... DROUGHT IS HERE NOW!
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Gospel to Japanese Leaders
Mr. Armstrong continues proclaiming the Gospel of the KINGDOM OF GOD in nations around the world. For some 20 months, due to total heart failure in August, 1977, I was prevented from proclaiming C ... Gospel to Japanese Leaders
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