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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Crime Can Be Stopped!
And greeting friends around the world, crime is not an impersonal monster, crime is a monster in knickers, he's a kid only 13, he's a rotten little racist bigot that lives in an underprivileged neighborhood who thinks the world owes him a living and talks about cribbing, meaning beating up on someone elderly 80 year old person which is about as easy as taking candy from a baby. What kind of monster is crime? Well I'l ...
Here is the biblical teaching - and commands of God - on military service, killing and WAR. SHOULD A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF GOD FIGHT, bear arms, kill in war, or enter military service? It is the duty of the CHURCH OF GOD, i ...
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Bible Study
The Symbols of the Bible The Symbols of the Bible
Hair, Mountains, Hill, Water, Waters, Beast, Serpent, Dragon, Lamb, Little Horn, Horns, Woman, Oil, Lion, Bear, Leopard, 3 Ribs, Stone, Pale Horse, White Horse, Black Horse, Red Horse, Four, Twelve, Nineteen, 3 and 6, 666, Je ...
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Keep On, Keeping On
How does God work with human, or the message? You know I like to understand how things work, if I get the opportunity in terms of visiting with people in the Church area, I love to visit a man on his job and see what he does for a living, a livelihood, I walk around with him for an hour or so at his work if that's possible. I love to understand what he does and how his job works and give him the o ...
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Keep On, Keeping On
Sabbath Services
Join us for Sabbath services. Each Sabbath we post a Sabbath service at 1:00AM (CT-USA) Sabbath morning. You provide the opening and closing prayer and we'll supply the psalms and messages! Hope you enjoy them!

Holy Day services are also provided on all of God's Holy Days.

Sabbath Service

Seven Proofs of God's Church: Proof 6 - God's True Church Is Organized!
Why "organization"? Isn't there something inherently evil in being "organized"? What is the Church? Why a "church"? Is the Church which Jesus built only a loosely connected, disorganized, autono ... Seven Proofs of God's Church: Proof 6 - God's True Church Is Organized!
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Egyptian President Anwar Sadat boldly scrapped his nation's friendship treaty with the Soviet Union. But will he get the aid he needs from the United States? Here is a firsthand report by the Editor o ... SADAT JOLTS THE KREMLIN!
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Russian Party Chief Brezhnev makes startling offer to Western Europe. History is repeating itself! The Kremlin has rocked Western Europe with a startling proposal! Soviet Communist Party boss Leonid B ... EXTRA! SOVIETS PROPOSE NONAGGRESSION PACT!
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