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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
The U.S. in Prophecy - Part 3
Well greetings friends, this is Herbert W Armstrong with the Good News of the World Tomorrow. Gradually, and now faster and faster, a new power is being developed from underneath the surface. A new world power which the public now least suspects, which the world does not yet see, doesn't realize, doesn't dream is coming, but it is developing just as prophesied in Europe, a resurrected Roman Empire that will combine s ...
Here is the biblical teaching - and commands of God - on military service, killing and WAR. SHOULD A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF GOD FIGHT, bear arms, kill in war, or enter military service? It is the duty of the CHURCH OF GOD, i ...
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Bible Study
Funeral Sermon Outline Funeral Sermon Outline
The system I have used is a series of small folded sheets of paper, each containing the notes associated with the scripture in which each note is found. The notes I have used are on pieces of paper, four of which can be made ...
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Keeping Up With The Times
The specific prophecies in the Bible that are going to be fulfilled, I think it's time that we examine our lives and see if we are keeping up with the times. Very important that we keep up with the times, not at the sense that the world may keeps up with the times, because the world keeps up with the times in a different way that God's people should keep up with the times. People in the world keep ...
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Keeping Up With The Times
Bible Study
July 28, 2017
Join us for Bible Study services. Each Wednesday we post a Bible Study service at 7:00PM (CT-USA) Tuesday Evening (Wednesday sunset to sunset). You provide the opening and closing prayer and we'll supply the psalms and a Bible Study! Hope you enjoy them!

Bible Study Service

PEACE at Last?
The year 1972 was a milestone. Traditional alliances were weakened; traditional animosities were cooled. And in Vietnam - an unexpected turn of events. What does it all mean? President Richard Nixon s ... PEACE at Last?
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Here is Mr. Armstrong's personal report of the first official visit by a church leader from the world of Christianity to the capital of Communist China. I do try to explain that I am an ambassador for ... THE GOOD NEWS GOES TO CHINA
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Why did Britain stage it? The royal wedding of the Prince of Wales was the most colorful and glorious show any nation could produce. The answer has significant connection with the Second Coming of Chr ... BRITAIN'S LAST GASP OF JOY AND SPLENDOR
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