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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Why Wars and Suffering?
Well, why do we have such bad news in the world today? Recently, I've been asking in a number of these programs, why does God permit wars? Why does God permit so much suffering in the world today? Because if God is all merciful and all compassionate as people reason, He wouldn't want to see us suffer, would He? And then if He has all power, He could stop it and yet He doesn't. Well, there is certainly a reason, becau ...
What kind of FAITH is required for Salvation? What kind of FAITH is required for Salvation?
Do you know millions who actually believe in Jesus Christ have no salvation at all ... because they trust in the wrong kind of Faith? NO SUBJECT pertaining to Christian salvation is more generally misunderstood than that of s ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - What is Man? Doctrinal Outlines - What is Man?
"I am not an animal! I am a human being!" exclaimed John Merrick, the so-called "elephant man," called this because he was sadly deformed by a physical debility that twisted his features to loosely resemble that creature. Yes ...
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The 6th Commandment
History has generally been the study of war and conquests, empires rising and falling, armies marching across the pages of history, rulers who come and go, revolutions, the cues. These are the things of which history is made. That's generally what you read about if you read about who went to war with whom and when they did it. ...
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The 6th Commandment
What's Ahead? 1986 and Beyond
IT IS time-beginning with a new year-that the readers of The Plain Truth focus attention on the major trends now bringing this world's society to a catastrophic climax-just before the ushering in of t ... What's Ahead? 1986 and Beyond
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West Germany is the hinge of the Western alliance. Little wonder that powerful forces on all sides are deeply involved in this pivotal nation's future. In March, voters in West Germany went to the pol ... GERMANY'S FUTURE EUROPE'S FATE
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1982 promises to be the most critical year for the Free World since the end of World War II. A serious-perhaps unbridgeable split has developed between the United States and its allies in Western Euro ... CRISIS IN POLAND FORESHADOWS END OF NATO
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The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization SEATO - recently held an urgent three-day meeting in Canberra, Australia. We sent our own correspondents to the sessions. Here is their firsthand report on the ... INSIDE REPORT ON SEATO CONFERENCE
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