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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Life in the USA
Why is the United States the most violent nation on the face of the earth? You know the most violent people on earth are not the savage fads of the African Congo or the primitive inhabitants of the Australian bush country. Do you know that no other nation on the face of the earth has a worse record then the United States for murder, manslaughter, rape, armed robbery, sluggings, muggings, carnage on the highways and a ...
Does God Exist? Does God Exist?
Can the existence of God be scientifically proved? Where did the first LIFE come from? Can we know whether God possesses MIND power? LET'S FACE this question! Is it rational to believe in God? Is God merely a myth an invent ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - Justification: Your New Lease on Life Doctrinal Outlines - Justification: Your New Lease on Life
"I know that you are guilty of the crime," stated the governor, "but I believe that you are truly sorry and will not do it again. Therefore, I hereby pardon you and release you to society on your honor. You now have a new lea ...
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Jerusalem In Prophecy
I didn't know in advance which telecast was going to be played, they normally when they send out the video cassettes which we play generally one or two per month of the sermon videos from Headquarters, the others are available to be checked out back there at the table. But along with that they send a video cassette that normally has about four telecast on there and we normally play about one a mon ...
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Jerusalem In Prophecy
Let There Be Light!
The Bible has more to say about light - and the absence of it - than you may have thought! About 6,000 years ago, the earth was a desolate planet, cloaked in a shroud of thick, murky darkness. The wat ... Let There Be Light!
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Rampant inflation, the energy crisis, the arms race, famine, and overpopulation these are the problems. Some say only a world government can provide the answers. But what kind of world government an ... 1975 A TURNING POINT IN HUMAN HISTORY?
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This Is the Gospel...
"Good news" means "the gospel." When Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world and preach the "gospel" of the Kingdom of God to all the world as a witness, He could just as easily hav ... This Is the Gospel...
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Helmut Schmidt, considered by many to be a real leader in the Western world, has won re-election in West Germany. But major problems loom on the horizon during his new term of office. Unwilling to tak ... WHERE Is WEST GERMANY Headed?
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