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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Where is World Violence Leading?
The news today is mostly violence all over the world. The world today is filled with violence in a number of spots little hot wars are flaring up. In both sides of a divided world, stockpiles of atomic and hydrogen bombs are piling up along with the guided missiles to send them and deliver them anywhere in the world, each ready to blast the other half of the world out of existence, but who knows the real meaning of t ...
The Real Jesus The Real Jesus
Many, today, are following after "another Jesus": A "Jesus, whose name was crudely painted on barns and rocks in the 30's. The same "Jesus" who was adored by the perpetrators of the Inquisition. A "Jesus, with long hair, flow ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - The Resurrections Doctrinal Outlines - The Resurrections
Upon the whitewashed crosses standing over the seemingly endless graves of "unknown" soldiers who died in the great world wars of this century, these words are engraved: "Here lies in glory and honor..." or "A comrade in arms ...
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Today brethren I want to talk a little bit about hurtful, scared, nervous Christians because we have a certain number of those and we'll analyze human fears because we all have them and also analyze how human fears have blocked [inaudible] as so many members in the Church of God did in 1979, a few months ago back in January of this year we had a meeting of the Church there, the leading Minister of ...
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Sabbath Services
October 21, 2017
Join us for Sabbath services. Each Sabbath we post a Sabbath service at 7:00PM (CT-USA) Friday Evening (Sabbath sunset to sunset). You provide the opening and closing prayer and we'll supply the psalms and messages! Hope you enjoy them!

Holy Day services are also provided on all of God's Holy Days.

Sabbath Service

RACE EXPLOSION - What Does It Mean?
A STAGGERING national emergency is being precipitated by the "race issue." Read here what is REALLY going to happen - and the meaning of it all. Not only in the United States, but around the world, th ... RACE EXPLOSION - What Does It Mean?
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Are You a Spiritual Drone?
Have you succumbed to today's WORLDWIDE SPIRIT OF COMPLACENCY? Are you letting down in your prayer and Bible study - not doing your part in supporting God's Work? Or, do you continually Prod yourself ... Are You a Spiritual Drone?
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The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization SEATO - recently held an urgent three-day meeting in Canberra, Australia. We sent our own correspondents to the sessions. Here is their firsthand report on the ... INSIDE REPORT ON SEATO CONFERENCE
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