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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Answered Prayer
And greetings friends around the world, this is Herbert W Armstrong with the good news of the World Tomorrow! But in the world today I know that your life is beset with problems and troubles. Your mind harassed by fears and worries. There is only one way out of this and almost no one knows that way and is able to apply it. That way is answered prayer. But you probably lack the faith to be sure of receiving a direct a ...
Which day is the CHRISTIAN SABBATH? Which day is the CHRISTIAN SABBATH?
Does it make any difference WHICH day we observe - or whether we keep it? Does the Bible establish SUNDAY as the LORD'S DAY? Was the Sabbath given for the Jewish people only while Christians are commanded to keep SUNDAY as th ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - Eternal Judgment Doctrinal Outlines - Eternal Judgment
One of the most astounding truths revealed in the Bible is that God is not trying to save all the world now! And yet, conversely, another one of the most encouraging and positive Bible truths is that all mankind shall have a ...
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Jerusalem In Prophecy
I didn't know in advance which telecast was going to be played, they normally when they send out the video cassettes which we play generally one or two per month of the sermon videos from Headquarters, the others are available to be checked out back there at the table. But along with that they send a video cassette that normally has about four telecast on there and we normally play about one a mon ...
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Jerusalem In Prophecy
RHODESIA - Six Years After Independence
Politically blackballed by world public opinion in 1965, hit by an attempted economic strangulation from U.N.-imposed trade sanctions and pestered by the inherent problems of a frontier nation struggl ... RHODESIA - Six Years After Independence
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America tries to feed the world. Millions of bushels of wheat are being shipped to starving India. Reserves dwindle, while crops fall off. Yet the massive shipments overseas are based upon the belief ... DROUGHT IS HERE NOW!
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WHY Christ Died - and Rose Again!
IT IS revealed that Jesus was "Emmanuel" - that is, "God with us" - GOD in human flesh. He was both God and man - divine as well as human. Can God die? Was Jesus really dead, or did only His body die? ... WHY Christ Died - and Rose Again!
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SEVEN PROOFS of The True Church of God - Proof Two
This world is filled with churches! But Jesus said He would build HIS Church. WHICH ONE DID HE BUILD? Here is the SECOND major, infallible, irrefutable, unshakable, positive and ABSOLUTE PROOF of God' ... SEVEN PROOFS of The True Church of God - Proof Two
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