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The World Tomorrow Telecast
Will the Saved Go To Heaven?
Again I ask as I did in the last program in this series, what if Jesus Christ appeared on earth in the human flesh today and went on television worldwide? Do you know that you would be astonished at His gospel? Because He would preach the same gospel that He did before. His message would seem strange to you, it did seem strange to the people 1,900 or more years ago when He was on earth, because it was different from ...
Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete? Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete?
Is marriage on the way out? Is adultery still wrong? Is the institution of the home, with its family life, to disappear from society? How and when did the institution of marriage originate? Does it, after all, serve any neces ...
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Bible Study
MINISTUDY: The Day of Atonement in God's Great Master Plan MINISTUDY: The Day of Atonement in God's Great Master Plan
God's annual festivals remind us how He is working out His master plan for mankind, step by step. The first three festivals - Passover, the Days of Unleavened Bread and Pentecost - picture events leading to the first spiritua ...
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Opening of the Seals
Celebrating a very special time, celebrating a time that is to come, and it is very significant that at this particular time, at this festival season, there is a great deal that is going on in the world around us and there are events that are going on that are actually setting the stage for the fulfillment of this festival that we are here observing. I'm sure most of you have been following to som ...
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Opening of the Seals
Is Jesus God?
What is the REAL ANSWER? Is Jesus God? Is He the same as Jehovah? Is there more than one God? Here you will find GOD'S answer from His own Word as revealed in YOUR BIBLE. ... Is Jesus God?
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What Kind of FAITH Is Required For SALVATION?
Do you know millions who actually believe in Jesus Christ have no salvation at all... because they trust in the wrong kind of Faith? No SUBJECT pertaining to Christian salvation is more generally misu ... What Kind of FAITH Is Required For SALVATION?
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This World - 1963... and what's prophesied for TOMORROW!
This world has never been so close to nuclear extinction as during the recent (and still unresolved) Cuban crisis. Now see what's prophesied for this year and the next twenty! Here you are, just as if ... This World - 1963... and what's prophesied for TOMORROW!
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It's not too late for America, but it's later than you think. While millions sleep, history's greatest single nation edges nearer an awful chasm. Drained by war, torn by crime, sick with drug abuse, r ...
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