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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Your Bible does foretell World War III, yes definitely, but it does not contain any prophecy of such a war now in the immediate future between our Western World and Russia. Let me repeat that again, Bible prophecy does not contain any prophecy of any immediate war now between the United States and the Western World and Russia. It does contain a prophecy of another war that were going to get into first and one that is ...
Managing Your Personal Finances Managing Your Personal Finances
Never before has there been such a need for sound personal financial management. Today the average consumer is reeling under the blows of double-digit inflation. More people are now resorting to bankruptcy than during the hei ...
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Bible Study
MINISTUDY: Christ Teaches How to Pray MINISTUDY: Christ Teaches How to Pray
Jesus Christ knew how to keep in contact with His Father in heaven. Consequently His life was filled with love, faith and power from God. His frequent and fervent prayers made possible His victory over sin and death. Christ's ...
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I feel like coming home, you know? I used to be a Pastor or Co-Pastor or perhaps an assistant here or just a laymen, I don't know, for about 2 years under Dr. Hoeh and Mr. Richard Rice and a who else Dr. Hoeh [laugh], anyway so, except we used to get up early in the morning to get here was 10:30 in the morning services. We just came back from France, my family and I for the, where we attended the ...
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WHAT A PARADOX! No nations ever so rich! None ever so blessed by Almighty God! Now we stand condemned to total disaster! This is the most seriously-in-earnest article I have ever written for The Plain ... AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL - AMERICA THE CONDEMNED
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Church of God News - Worldwide
Over thirty-eight thousand attend Feast of Tabernacles worldwide at ten different sites. Twenty-eight ordinations bring total in ministry to two hundred and ten. Read all about "The Best Feast Ever!" ... Church of God News - Worldwide
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Here are eye-opening facts about the city soon to become the capital of the world. Many times I have said, "Keep your eye on JERUSALEM AND THE MIDDLE EAST." From now on that will be the focal point of ... KEEP YOUR EYES ON JERUSALEM
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From on the scene at the European Security Conference in Helsinki, Finland, Plain Truth News Editor Gene H Hogberg and Brussels correspondent Ray Kosanke file this report. HELSINKI, Finland: Never bef ... EUROPE'S FUTURE PEACE OR WAR?
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