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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
The U.S. in Prophecy - Part 1
Well, greetings friends! This is Herbert W. Armstrong with the Good News of the World Tomorrow. Yes. There is good news ahead and yet there is bad news ahead and that's the paradox. There's no good news today. There isn't going to be any good news in the immediate future. And yet, just turn on over beyond a little ways - and yet in our life time - and we're going to have world peace. We're going to have very good new ...
Life After Death? Life After Death?
Do you have an IMMORTAL SOUL? Do the dead know what the living are doing? Does suicide "end it all"? Will you meet departed loved ones again? Did departed ones "pass away" to heaven or hell? WHY THIS MYSTERY about life after ...
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Bible Study
MINISTUDY: Qualifying to Rule MINISTUDY: Qualifying to Rule
Many are surprised to learn that the Bible says so much about ruling in the coming government of God on earth. Some doubt that" they could ever rule over people, while others have no desire to rule at all. Perhaps you hav ...
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There Will Be a Place of Safety
In Matthew chapter 24 and verse 34 (Matthew 24:34) Jesus Christ made the statement, speaking of a particular generation; "Saying truly I say unto you this generation shall not pass til all these things be fulfilled". Now which generation did Jesus Christ specifically have reference to? We've gone through the context of the sermon before and demonstrated that various proofs single out this generati ...
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There Will Be a Place of Safety
The outcome of the U.S. national elections this autumn will have great bearing on the future of the Western world. Europeans especially are watching. Will incumbent President Ronald Reagan- riding hig ... THE ELECTION OF THE DECADE
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The world's largest economic power expands from nine to ten- and it may not stop there. Here is the significance of Greece's entry into the European Community. ON NEW YEAR'S Day, 1981, Greece became t ... Milestone for Europe: GREECE JOINS COMMON MARKET
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How to Be an Overcomer
WHY are we not more successful in living up to God's standard? WHY do we slip and fall occasionally? Here is how YOU can overcome where you are weakest and hardest tempted! Do YOU have some "besetting ... How to Be an Overcomer
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TO BE ENFORCED Ruling on Women's Dress
IN THE September, 1962, number of The GOOD NEWS an article appeared on this subject. It was PLAIN SPEAKING! It said, "In this instruction to the spiritual children in God's Church, your Pastor is maki ... TO BE ENFORCED Ruling on Women's Dress
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