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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Hebrews Series 14 - Two Commissions
Now the Church has been given two great commissions or two functions: The first one that is stressed first is go ye in all the world and proclaim the Gospel - (Mark 16:15). And that's the message that God sent in this world by Jesus Christ. That the message the world has rejected. The world accepted Christ. The world talks about Christ. The world preaches about His person. It exalts Him, it tells about how great Chri ...
Managing Your Personal Finances Managing Your Personal Finances
MORE MONEY cries the average American family. "Look at these bills" How can we ever get out of debt?" What a paradox! Americans earn more, and can buy more than ever before yet have more financial headaches! But WHY? What i ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - The Tongues Question Doctrinal Outlines - The Tongues Question
Here is a vital question! You need to know the answer! Are the ecstatic utterances called gibberish by some observers that boil forth from the mouths of members of some charismatic churches true manifestations of the New ...
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If I Were The Devil
If I were the devil, and I'm not going to exhaust the subject but I want to hit some of the main points today. In order to set the stage, to get the overall picture I'd like to turn the book of Revelations, sort of by way of introduction, Revelation the 12th chapter, Revelation 12 and about 2 or 3 verses we want to read here. Verse 9 it mentions that the great dragon, and the great dragon was cast ...
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If I Were The Devil
What's ahead for Europe now? With the Communist threat in Czechoslovakia and Romania, is European unity soon to be a reality? One powerful figure in Germany keeps hammering away on complete European p ... IS THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE COMING SOON?
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Were the Ten Commandments Nailed to the Cross?
Are Christians saved by faith without obedience to God's law? Does grace do away with the law? Are the Ten Commandments the "law of Moses"? Here's the truth about this pivotal question! JOHN DOE is a ... Were the Ten Commandments Nailed to the Cross?
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Most people know next to nothing about God. To understand ourselves, why we are, where we are going, and how, we need to know more about our Creator. Ask anyone where the real beginning is in the Bibl ... WHY HUMANS WERE PUT ON THE EARTH - PART 1
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Escapism has become the biggest social problem of our times! With the future unthinkable, the present unacceptable, millions seek ESCAPE from the problems they can't face! And EVEN THIS was prophesied ... ESCAPE!
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