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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Explosion at Sinai
Ladies and Gentlemen greetings, we've been having volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and eruptions of war and threats of war around the world. It's been in the chief World News lately, and now I want to tell you about an eruption at Mount Sinai believe it or not, coupled with the Camp David conferences, in fact an actual prod to world peace. I recently returned from another Middle Eastern visit, I had personal conferenc ...
Is God a Trinity? Is God a Trinity?
Is God a Trinity or a family? Was Jesus Christ God, or merely a man? Was Jesus the born son of God, or only an adopted son? Is the Holy Spirit a person or the creative power of the Godhead? These questions about the nature of ...
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Bible Study
MINISTUDY: What Is the Holy Spirit? MINISTUDY: What Is the Holy Spirit?
Do you have God's Holy Spirit? Do you understand what God's Spirit really is, and why you need it? This first in a brief series of studies about God's Spirit will begin to answer these crucial questions from your own Bible. T ...
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The Sabbath
I find that some of us have, as I had for years, had old fashioned ideas about the Sabbath and it came as the old idea about make-up did from misunderstanding passages of scriptures which we can understand better now because of more thorough study and research into them, I want to turn back and read Isaiah 58 because all the young people might as well recognize that they're either keeping the Sabb ...
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The Sabbath
Bible Study
September 20, 2017
Join us for Bible Study services. Each Wednesday we post a Bible Study service at 7:00PM (CT-USA) Tuesday Evening (Wednesday sunset to sunset). You provide the opening and closing prayer and we'll supply the psalms and a Bible Study! Hope you enjoy them!

Bible Study Service

For many years there has appeared in the annual Ambassador College catalog a section captioned "Foundational Policy." As you will see in my "Personal" ("The Deadly Leaven of Higher Education"), Ambass ... FOUNDATIONAL POLICY RESTORED TO AMBASSADOR COLLEGE
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The continuing crisis in the CATHOLIC CHURCH
Controversy and criticism continue to swirl around Pope Paul VI. Even his closest advisers ask: "What does the future hold for the Catholic Church?" Here is a glimpse into that future. The Catholic Ch ... The continuing crisis in the CATHOLIC CHURCH
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Disastrous Weather - WHY?
Death-dealing tornados, rampaging floods, searing droughts - this is today's worldwide "weather report." Why must it be this way? What does the future hold? "The devastation is terrible! Ohio looks li ... Disastrous Weather - WHY?
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