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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
We Are to be Like God
I've been asking recently, what is God? Now humans were created in the image of God, God said let Us make man in Our image after Our likeness. Man was made in the image and form and shape of God. Now God is composed of spirit, but He formed man of matter, so we're not composed of spirit like God. God creates in the system of duality. He doesn't create everything just all at once there are two stages always. ...
God Speaks Out on "The New Morality" God Speaks Out on
You live in a mixed-up world that has lost its way. Especially in the matter of sex and marriage. What is right? What is wrong? In the modern rebellion against puritanical moral taboos, a bewildered world throws up its hands. ...
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Bible Study
MINISTUDY: The 'Day of the Lord' Continues MINISTUDY: The 'Day of the Lord' Continues
The previous two ministudies covered prophesied events leading up to and including the first six trumpet plagues of the "Day of the Lord." This concluding study of the most eventful year of earth's history focuses on the fina ...
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What Today Really Means
Now watching world events as we have been doing, and I've been way on top of it all of the time watching it very, very closely, that it seems for the last 15 years that God has been holding up the progress of events in the world, that they have not continued to gain momentum quite as fast as they had prior to that time, although they have continued, but now all of a sudden it seems that we have hi ...
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What Today Really Means
Is Christ Divided?
Religion today seems to come in every size and shape. The many faces of religion represent every persuasion from the staid, straitlaced types to rock opera with all the gimmicks of modern-day evangeli ... Is Christ Divided?
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What a Wonderful Feast!
GREETINGS! Surely this was the greatest, most joyous, inspiring and helpful and blessed Festival in 1,900 years! And four days before the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, the inspiration came t ... What a Wonderful Feast!
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Trends are under way that will dramatically alter the political landscape of Europe. SOMETIMES one startling and unexpected development can help alter the course of history. Just such a "bolt out ... Coming EUROPE BETWEEN EAST AND WEST!
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WHY More People are Becoming VIOLENT!
Hatred fills this earth! RACE RIOTS; POLITICAL DEMONSTRATIONS; TEEN-AGE GANG FIGHTS; RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY and all during this "enlightened" age of science! Read WHY it's happening, WHY it's destined to g ... WHY More People are Becoming VIOLENT!
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