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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Kingdom Coming
The Government of God is coming, and what is government? Government is based on law; government is based on a basic constitution or a law. And a law or a constitution merely is a way that regulates our lives; it's a way of life, a life style. And the whole trouble is we have laws that allow wrong life styles and wrong ways of living. And we're going to have a government that will be based on the law of God which is o ...
CRIME CAN BE STOPPED...here's how! CRIME CAN BE STOPPED...here's how!
CRIME is generally defined as "deviant behavior contrary to the accepted codes of society." Society will not survive if most of its people break most of its laws most of the time, so man has instituted punishment for seri ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - Will You Go To Heaven? Doctrinal Outlines - Will You Go To Heaven?
Heaven! This one short word summarizes the blessed goal of all Christians. It gives the very meaning of the purpose of life, and the essence of the hope of life after death. Or does it? Millions of professing Christians think ...
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Broken Laws Bring Penalties
Now that brings up a subject that I think we need to discuss here this morning and of course some may not understand it and I believe it something I have got to discuss quite openly because of the inquiries about it and if you have several inquiries about it and several people or one or two people who appear to be upset over it and you know you have other people who have not inquired who do have q ...
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Broken Laws Bring Penalties
Bible Study
Join us for Bible Study services. Each Wednesday we post a Bible Study service at 1:00AM (CT-USA) Wednesday morning. You provide the opening and closing prayer and we'll supply the psalms and a Bible Study! Hope you enjoy them!

Bible Study Service

What Is True Liberty?
Free societies are gradually disappearing! Within a few months you have seen the world's largest democracy revert to a virtual dictatorship, with mass arrests and loss of personal freedoms. In free ... What Is True Liberty?
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Why Did God Put You in His Church?
God had a most important purpose in calling you now, instead of later. Are you really mindful of His purpose are you really fulfilling it? REALIZE THIS! There are more than 3,600,050,000 human bei ... Why Did God Put You in His Church?
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IRELAND on brink of civil war?
What's behind the troubles in Ulster? Is the Emerald Isle destined to become another Vietnam? Is there any hope for peace in Britain's war-torn province? "A united Ireland is not on," thundered Protes ... IRELAND on brink of civil war?
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