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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
The Modern Romans
And greetings friends around the world. News you hear in this world today is not usually very good and whether you're talking about the Presidential Election year and the millions of wavering voters, wondering what's going to happen to the economy in 1977 or at the nuclear arms race, the Middle East festoon with all kinds of weapons, the constant trend and problem in the world of too many people and not enough food. ...
Principles of Healthful Living Principles of Healthful Living
Immutable laws govern the universe, acting upon everything and everyone. Ignorance of them does not suspend or annul their effect. Health and happiness result when we are in harmony with them; painful penalties are reaped whe ...
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Bible Study
The Symbols of the Bible The Symbols of the Bible
Hair, Mountains, Hill, Water, Waters, Beast, Serpent, Dragon, Lamb, Little Horn, Horns, Woman, Oil, Lion, Bear, Leopard, 3 Ribs, Stone, Pale Horse, White Horse, Black Horse, Red Horse, Four, Twelve, Nineteen, 3 and 6, 666, Je ...
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Passover In Your Home
If you are unable to attend a Church service to observe the PASSOVER (usually called by the world LORD'S SUPPER, or COMMUNION), or to observe it with another Church of God group, you may observe it in your own home alone or with your family, as follows: ...
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Passover In Your Home
Our Awesome UNIVERSE!
Where did the matter of the universe come from? Did it appear in some mysterious way? Has the universe always existed? Is the universe infinite? Do astronomers know the basic answers of WHY this unive ... Our Awesome UNIVERSE!
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Are You Brave Enough To Face Truth?
How much of what you believe about religion is really true? How do you discover doctrinal truths? And if you do finally find the right doctrine, are you courageous enough to face and accept it? ... Are You Brave Enough To Face Truth?
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Is It Wrong to Be a Cultured Individual?
Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - Is it wrong to be a cultured individual? Is it wrong - is it extravagant - to purchase quality things? Some people pride themselves on lack of culture and good bree ... Is It Wrong to Be a Cultured Individual?
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What Lies Ahead Now?
Time IS very short! Here is what is about to happen. WHAT LIES AHEAD, vital to us in God's Church, in the next very few years? Bible prophecy does not pinpoint precise dates - or even the precise year ... What Lies Ahead Now?
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