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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Where is World Violence Leading?
The news today is mostly violence all over the world. The world today is filled with violence in a number of spots little hot wars are flaring up. In both sides of a divided world, stockpiles of atomic and hydrogen bombs are piling up along with the guided missiles to send them and deliver them anywhere in the world, each ready to blast the other half of the world out of existence, but who knows the real meaning of t ...
The Real Jesus The Real Jesus
Many, today, are following after "another Jesus": A "Jesus, whose name was crudely painted on barns and rocks in the 30's. The same "Jesus" who was adored by the perpetrators of the Inquisition. A "Jesus, with long hair, flow ...
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Bible Study
MINISTUDY: God's Formula for Job Success MINISTUDY: God's Formula for Job Success
God wants Christians to prosper both spiritually and materially - He wants us to enjoy life! Jesus Christ Himself said, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). "I pray th ...
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Prayer From the Heart
You know there's a lot of things that are going on in the world around us and in the news, the events in the Middle East that are shaping up and the circumstances with the imminent death of Yasser Arafat and the things that are going to come, and the lets say, the consequence and the result of that. One of the things that I think, you may have heard by the way of a news item, is the fact that Pres ...
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Prayer From the Heart
Leadership in God's Church
I have been thinking about a vital subject for some time now, and decided I should share those thoughts with all of our GN readers. That extremely important subject is leadership in God's Churc ... Leadership in God's Church
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Uncovering - 3000 years of History!
Astonishing? - YES! The original JERUSALEM has been buried for centuries! But today, on that very site, 3,000 years of buried history is coming to life. Here is the first eye-opening report on Jerusal ... Uncovering - 3000 years of History!
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Millions have been led to think they are "saved," who are only deceived, and don't know it! Here is a frank, daring article, making the truth PLAIN! IT'S DIFFICULT to believe, but it's true. In today' ... FALSE CONVERSION!
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A New Look at the ENERGY CRISIS
The Western world is on an astounding energy binge. Available supplies of coal, oil and natural gas are being blasted and scraped from the earth and sucked up and burned at unprecedented rates. Why mu ... A New Look at the ENERGY CRISIS
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