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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?
Why do these churches of traditional Christianity observe Sunday? The people of the Muslim religion the entire Arab world observe Friday and the Jewish people of Judaism the religion of Judaism observe Saturday? There is one God and yet we have so many religions and so many beliefs. There is one Christ and yet so many churches claiming to be Christian claiming to follow Christ and yet all different, everyone differen ...
As a motion picture, they were acclaimed by the world. As the law of God, they have been loved by some, hated by others but transgressed by all. The Ten Commandments have been cursed, maligned, distorted, vilified; some, by ...
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Bible Study
Doctrinal Outlines - What is Man? Doctrinal Outlines - What is Man?
"I am not an animal! I am a human being!" exclaimed John Merrick, the so-called "elephant man," called this because he was sadly deformed by a physical debility that twisted his features to loosely resemble that creature. Yes ...
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Could God Trust You to Rule a Galaxy?
Nice to see you all; this sermon this morning I want to, as it were, take you on a ride with me to lift us above our hum-drum lives, to lift us above our little trials and our little problems. Let me ask you a question, how many of you do not have any trials or any problems at the moment? Can I have a show of hands of all of you that have no problems at the moment? Great and this sermon is valuabl ...
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Could God Trust You to Rule a Galaxy?
Why Study the Bible in the Space Age?
Is the Bible RELEVANT in the Space Age? Can it REALLY be understood? This article reveals how scores of thousands are discovering they CAN UNDERSTAND the Bible! IS THE BIBLE out of date in the Space A ... Why Study the Bible in the Space Age?
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GOD'S WORK Leaps Ahead!
More NEW CHURCHES raised up - more NEW ministers ordained - more GROWTH takes place than ever before! I HAVE just returned from a trip around the world. Mr. David Jon Hill and I covered seventeen nati ... GOD'S WORK Leaps Ahead!
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Behind the Pope's SPIRITUAL OFFENSIVE In Eastern Europe
Few comprehend the long-term objectives of Pope John Paul II with regard to Poland and all of Eastern-and Western-Europe. There is no doubt about it now. As a result of his dramatic trip to his Polis ... Behind the Pope's SPIRITUAL OFFENSIVE In Eastern Europe
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And Now - a NEW EUROPE After De Gaulle
Europe will never be the same again. De Gaulle's charismatic influence over France and the world is gone. Who will fill the void in France and Europe now that France's father-figure is no longer at th ... And Now - a NEW EUROPE After De Gaulle
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