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The World Tomorrow Telecast
A Tribute to Anwar Sadat
On Tuesday, October 6, 1981 in a matter of moments the entire course of world history suddenly was changed. The assassination of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt following closely as it did on the attempted assassinations of President Ronald Regan of the United States and Pope John Paul II ought to warn you and me and the entire world that we stand now in danger of the nuclear war that can blast all humanity out of exi ...
Earthquakes Earthquakes
"Killer Quake Strikes - Thousands Die!" Such head-lines appear regularly as earthquakes devastate our globe. Scientists are becoming concerned. Many feel the next big quake to strike a populated, highly mechanized area may do ...
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Bible Study
The Symbols of the Bible The Symbols of the Bible
Hair, Mountains, Hill, Water, Waters, Beast, Serpent, Dragon, Lamb, Little Horn, Horns, Woman, Oil, Lion, Bear, Leopard, 3 Ribs, Stone, Pale Horse, White Horse, Black Horse, Red Horse, Four, Twelve, Nineteen, 3 and 6, 666, Je ...
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I heard a little story, I guess over the radio, relating to this hot weather and drought that we've had here recently and some of the religious organizations are changing some of their practices. I understand that the Baptists are sprinkling now and that the Methodists have started using a damp cloth to do baptisms and the Presbyterians are giving rain checks. I guess that's what you call watering ...
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Third World War Under Way for 30 Years
In his inaugural address in January 1961 , President Kennedy. made his first and proud declaration that it was necessary for the world to know, whether the world liked it or not, that the United State ... Third World War Under Way for 30 Years
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Mr. Miki Comes to Washington
WASHINGTON: Three decades after the atomic age was violently ushered in, victor and victim - in the persons of President Ford and Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Miki - met to underline the strong ties ... Mr. Miki Comes to Washington
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America tries to feed the world. Millions of bushels of wheat are being shipped to starving India. Reserves dwindle, while crops fall off. Yet the massive shipments overseas are based upon the belief ... DROUGHT IS HERE NOW!
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Is there any hope for peace? Where will the violence in Panama end? Will America lose the Canal? What chance for peace do the newly independent nations of Africa have? What difference does it make to ... PEACE, PEACE - When There IS NO PEACE!
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