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The World Tomorrow Broadcast
Following the Light of Life
Well, greetings friends. This is Herbert W Armstrong with the Good News of the World Tomorrow. And now once again, what about this world today? It's not a very happy world and there is a reason. The world tomorrow is going to be a world of peace. It's going to be a happy world. And only because this world is going to be forced to learn the way of peace. Now that way of peace was proclaimed to this world by the Creato ...
Our Awesome Universe Our Awesome Universe
The grandeur and splendor of the universe has always challenged the mind of man. It taunts him with the unknown. Where did it all come from? Why does it exist? Is there any purpose behind it? Is our existence the result of in ...
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Bible Study
Names of God Names of God
The etymological signification of Almighty God (El Shaddai) is both interesting and touching. God (El) signifies the "Strong One" (Gen. 1:1). The qualifying word Shaddai is formed from the Hebrew word "shad", the breast, inva ...
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The Spirit In Man
Well, this is a Feast of Tabernacles crowd! I'm glad to see all of you, and very happy that I can be here. First I want to just bring you up very, very briefly on the progress of the Work. For the last three years, we've been striving to get God's Church back on the track. I'm sure you all know all about that. Well, we are on the track, maybe not 100%, and maybe we're not steaming ahead several th ...
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The Spirit In Man
6th Day Feast of Tabernacles
October 22, 2016
HWALibrary.com would like to welcome everyone to the 6th Day of the Feast of Tabernacles 2016!!! There will be Feast services post each day throughout the 2016 Feast of Tabernacles season! Hope you enjoy the service!

Feast of Tabernacles, Sixth Day

The 2nd SPACE AGE About to Begin!
Man is on the threshold of an unheralded new era. Space is about to become exploited! But for what purpose? The U.S. space shuttle Columbia has suddenly plunged man from the age of space exploration t ... The 2nd SPACE AGE About to Begin!
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God's Church in Martinique
Many baptisms, a church established, a local man ordained - read this interesting account of the recent Caribbean tour. THE MERE mention of the Islands of the "Caribbean" gives one a nostalgic desire ... God's Church in Martinique
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America tries to feed the world. Millions of bushels of wheat are being shipped to starving India. Reserves dwindle, while crops fall off. Yet the massive shipments overseas are based upon the belief ... DROUGHT IS HERE NOW!
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