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The World Tomorrow Telecast
Revelation - Christ 2nd Coming
Today's news is all bad news, you've heard of course about the good news and the bad news and today it's all bad news in the papers and in newscasts but out of all the Middle East strife, out of the Poland situation, out of all these trouble spots in the world what great world shaking bad news event is going to happen next before we get the good news? I can tell you on absolute authority, only the living God can tell ...
Is This The End Time? Is This The End Time?
"There have ALWAYS BEEN false prophets, wars and rumors of war, famines, pestilences and earthquakes..." some will claim. "It's nothing new. How can you KNOW whether this really IS the end time generation? Can you PROVE it? ...
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Bible Study
What does it mean to repent? Is real repentance just an emotional feeling? Is it merely feeling sorry for having made some mistakes in one's life? Let's examine several basic scriptures detailing God's definition of real ...
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What is the Holy Spirit?
When I came to the door this morning; "Are you wearing a new brown suit?" and I said, "No Fred, I finally got around to having one of my old black ones cleaned." So a. The other day Fred was sporting a new blazer [inaudible] for a compliment, so finally I reached up and felt the lapel on his coat and I said is that made of good material good cloth, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap and he didn't like tha ...
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What is the Holy Spirit?
The Wonderful World Tomorrow
In this talk with our Good News readers I want to say something about the many letters we have received from those who have read the exciting book The Wonderful World Tomorrow - What It Will Be Like s ... The Wonderful World Tomorrow
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Is Jesus God?
What is the REAL ANSWER? Is Jesus God? Is He the same as Jehovah? Is there more than one God? Here you will find GOD'S answer from His own Word as revealed in YOUR BIBLE. ... Is Jesus God?
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Feast of Tabernacles 1967 - Around the World
From FOURTEEN locations - around the World - comes news of the Greatest Feast of Tabernacles EVER. Read the dynamic, heartwarming, on-the-scene reports from each area with news of dramatic growth in G ... Feast of Tabernacles 1967 - Around the World
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Pope Paul VI Calls for CHURCH UNITY
Will Catholics and Protestants unite? What is the real CAUSE of division among professing Christians? Is the Pope the source of unity? Read what history and Bible prophecies reveal! What may well be t ... Pope Paul VI Calls for CHURCH UNITY
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