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HWALibrary.com is building a database for like minded people of God's truth to be able to get in contact with each other and to form video groups in their local areas. The video group system will not give your registration information out to anyone. When fully active the system will allow users to contact each other and "Video Group Host" through "User Names" entered in the system by email contact only. The information entered into the system will not be made public and will be used solely for the purpose of coordinating contact with members.
HWALibrary.com is not affiliated with any church group. As members of God's Church, we are continuing with what we were taught, in the truth once delivered. God used Mr. Armstrong to restore all things, so we are holding fast to the truth and doctrines that he delivered, as he understood them at the end of his life in Mystery of the Ages. This is a place where you can find like-minded people who have the same understanding - to fellowship together, sharpen iron with iron, and to not forsake the assembly. Our leadership is directly from God, through the words of the ministers that taught under Mr. Armstrong's guidance.
1. Using this video group interface is for meeting together as equals with other members of God's church, and listening to the material from this site.
2. Anyone organizing a video group should be careful to invite people who understand that this is a meeting with pre-recorded ministers only, from the Philadelphian era of the church. This is not a church that can be joined, but a place to fellowship, or a tool to find fellowship and organize activities.
3. This is not a place for private doctrinal ideas, or anyone who wants to draw a personal following or take charge like a minister. The vido group memberships are responsible for asking those that cause division to leave the vidoe group.
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The information entered on this form is used solely for the purpose of coordinating contact of God's people. Please fill out the form with all information so we can make the best accommodations possible for all attending a video group. All information is kept confidential.

To help plan seating requirements, please enter the number of people for each demographic age group that will be attending. Please be sure to add yourself.

Please indicate if you wish to attend a local video group or host a local video group in your area. Instructions will be supplied for group host once approved.

If you or anyone attending with you have special needs, concerns, requests and/or comments, please indicate them in the "Special Request or Comments" area.

For security and to allow you access to make changes to your Registration, site registration is required. Please enter a User Name and Password.

Note: The "User Name and "E-Mail Address" you enter on this form will be used for group contact with each other.

Note: A copy of the registration information will be sent to the email address you provided above. All information is kept confidential. HWALibrary.com does not share, sell or distribute your personal information.
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