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Christ Our High Priest
Herbert W Armstrong - HA244B
Now we've been going through one of the little understood books of the Bible the one that tells where Jesus Christ is now what He's been doing for nineteen hundred years. Where has Christ been? What's He been doing? Has He had anything to do or has He just gone way off and is He perhaps off in ...
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Christ's Authority Over Disease
Herbert W Armstrong
Anyway, I want you to get this idea that all the way through it is the message of authority, the message of obedience, the message of Government and here was a man in a position of government in an army - the Roman army. And he said, "I say to this man, Go, and he goes; this one, Come, and he c ...
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Christ's Coming
Garner Ted Armstrong
But why are so many lives empty in the world today? Why in the time of virgining prosperity, good time's material wealth are so many in spiritual poverty? What a world it is with worried people, metal cases, frustration, shattered dreams and plans, empty lives and yet the world seems to be on a pr ...
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Christ's Gospel Not Proclaimed!
Herbert W Armstrong - GSC022B
Once again, where is this world headed now? Only Bible prophecy can tell us but no one has understood the Bible prophecies until very, very recently and almost nobody even now. It seems that almost nobody understands that there is a purpose being worked out here below, as Winston Churchill said to t ...
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Christ's Message Rejected
Herbert W Armstrong
But, my friends, why do we have wars today? Why do we have all of this unhappiness? You know, I could begin, I believe, every sermon, every broadcast that I might preach, the remainder of my lifetime, by asking and answering that question - why does God permit wars, why does He permit poverty and un ...
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Christ's Mission and Message - No Immortal Soul
Herbert W Armstrong
In going through the New Testament to see why it is that we have believed that the Bible says exactly the opposite of what it does say and why it is that we today are practicing customs that are the very antithesis of the things that Jesus did and He said that we should do as He did and Peter said w ...
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Christ's Mission and Message - Part 1
Herbert W Armstrong - RAD8076
Now my friends if you have a Bible open it and see some surprises and see how the Bible does not say what you thought it said and how we have been taught to believe exactly the opposite and how the teaching of Jesus Christ has been submerged and a different teaching all together substituted, they ha ...
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Christ's Mission and Message - Part 2
Herbert W Armstrong - RAD8078
Yes it's a wonderful thing that news is going to be good, tomorrow. There's a reason why it isn't good today and it isn't good because we haven't made it good, it isn't good because human beings don't know the way of peace. We are reaping exactly what we've been sowing. Now there is ...
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Christ's Parables - Part 1
Herbert W Armstrong
Now, in proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God, multitudes came to Jesus. They followed Him wherever He went. They crowded around Him because of the miracles that He had performed, but He never sought crowds. He didn't go out trying to drum up a crowd at all, but they followed Him, nevert ...
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Christ's Parables - Part 2
Herbert W Armstrong
We've been seeing recently that whenever He proclaimed the Truth to multitudes, when He preached to them, He always spoke in parables, so they could not understand. He spoke in parables to cover up the meaning to them but explained the meaning in plain language to His own disciples because He had ...
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Christ's Present Day Mission
Herbert W Armstrong
Most people think God created this earth, once upon a time, way back there some 6,000 years ago. They don't seem to think He's ever had anything to do since. Maybe He's up in His heaven, but He isn't concerned about us any more is He? People think God is like the professor emeritus, He used ...
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Christ's Resurrection
Herbert W Armstrong
Millions will be celebrating Easter next Sunday, but listen to this shocking truth. The resurrection of Jesus Christ did not occur on an Easter Sunday morning or any other Sunday morning! It's commonly supposed that Jesus was crucified on Friday and therefore it's been called - for at least in t ...
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Christ's True Gospel
Herbert W Armstrong - RAD8073
And now continuing my friends in the actual life and the ministry of Jesus Christ to see why it is that He taught something entirely different than that, that we hear today. You know that's the most astonishing thing of this time. That what we have accepted as the gospel of Jesus Christ is somethi ...
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Church History
Herbert W Armstrong - HA246A
You know one of the most amazing, astonishing and eye-opening revelations that could possibly come to light is the truth of what happened to the religion that we call Christianity during the first fifty years and during the first two and three hundred years after Christ. Now we've been going into ...
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Contending for the Faith
Herbert W Armstrong - HA542
Now looking into Church history to see what did happen and to see how the Church, the visible church, the professing church, the church of this world, the church that became known invisible and great, how it got off the track and started the opposite direction. We've had to look for something's ...
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