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Being Born Again
Garner Ted Armstrong
And greeting friends around the world, many people say one of the main things that help get Jimmy Carter in the White House is the fact, that he, like 50 million other adult Americans has been Born Again, but what do you mean Born Again? I mean, what does it mean to be Born Again? For poll taking pu ...
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Believing Fables Instead of Truth
Herbert W Armstrong
Once again here we are coming in to the time of Lent, pretty soon 'Good Friday' and Easter will be rolling around. Now where did we get those things? Why do we observe them? Why does anyone observe Lent? Where did it come from, do you know? That is an old tradition. But my friends where do all o ...
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Bible Misconceptions
Garner Ted Armstrong
The surest way to avoid being permitted aboard an Air-Liner these days is to walk up the hallway in the airport with a gun in your hand. I imagine you would be arrested before you got all the way up to the check point where you have to walk through the metal detector before they let you on board the ...
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Bible Prophecy
Garner Ted Armstrong
A United States of Europe is coming, it's almost here and we have been foretelling it would occur for more than 20 years. You know just after World War II almost nobody believed that West Germany would ever rise again. Sir Winston Churchill [inaudible] at Normandy said 50 years is what he thought ...
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Blessings and Cursings
Herbert W Armstrong - HA103B
What is going to happen to us and the democratic nations of the western world, we are all included in these prophecy, the British people even the Swedes, the Danes, the Norwegians, the Dutch and all those nations in northwestern Europe. He was speaking here of Judah, we had come to the fourth chapte ...
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Book of Revelation Opened
Herbert W Armstrong
What is going to happen next, in really tremendously world shaking events? Now we're living in the pulsating very complicated and fast moving twentieth century. Never have events in all of the history of mankind, never have they been as they are today. The events of everyday now are so exciting th ...
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Born Again
Herbert W Armstrong - GSC023B
And people say God is love, well if He is love He certainly wouldn't want people to die in the way they do in wars by the hundreds of thousands and even the millions, now would He? And if God is all powerful He has the power to stop it, then why doesn't He? Many people can't understand that. T ...
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Born Again
Herbert W Armstrong
Why is it, let me ask once again my friends, that you have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ? But rather a false gospel, a gospel that masquerades as the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but which in fact is merely a gospel about His person and which represents Jesus Christ as a sort of smart aleck young ...
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Born Again - Kingdom Seen
Herbert W Armstrong - HA242A
The message that Jesus Christ His gospel is not known in the world today, because He came and preached it in the years from 27 AD until 31 AD, probably beginning in the fall of 27 and ending in the spring of 31. He preached to thousands upon thousands, but there were only a hundred and twenty who ac ...
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Can Man Heal?
Herbert W Armstrong - HA200A
Can men heal the sick today? Does God heal the sick today? Well, I'm not trying to cover the entire truth about it, but just that part here as were going through the scriptures in our series in which were going through the new testament to find the true gospel that Jesus Christ brought from God an ...
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Changing Human Nature
Garner Ted Armstrong
Until human nature is changed we will continue to have every one of the big problems that plague human kind, all the way from the population explosion to war fair and the threat of extermination of the human race. And when you get down to some of the smaller daily issues that are problems of ours, s ...
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Child Rearing
Garner Ted Armstrong
We're being told we're living in a time of insolvable problems of constant quest and searching for answers and solutions, but the constant assurance of one absolute fact and that is nothing is absolute. People believe absolutely that there is nothing absolute. Well my friends why don't we quit ...
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Choose Life
Herbert W Armstrong - HA105A
The news today is mostly bad. What does it mean? What's going to happen next? Are we as safe from total war this year with Russia as most of us has supposed? Do you realize the meaning of this terrible trend in world events and how all of this is going to affect you, your family, your life? Never ...
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Herbert W Armstrong - GSC053A
Your Bible does foretell World War III, yes definitely, but it does not contain any prophecy of such a war now in the immediate future between our Western World and Russia. Let me repeat that again, Bible prophecy does not contain any prophecy of any immediate war now between the United States and t ...
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Christ Brought Division
Herbert W Armstrong - HA227B
Friends, do you think that the mission of the churches is to bring peace in this world? So that we have world peace, should that be the mission of the churches of today in the world? Now certainly they have failed to do any such thing, but I think that most people think that the mission of the churc ...
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