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Psalms 16:1 - 19:14
Dean C Blackwell
Now in Psalm 16, going back to the book of Psalms again, you come across a new word the "Michtam of David" and this particular word literally comes from a verb that means "set in or engrave"; Jeremiah 2 and verse 22 (Jeremiah 2:22). This word is translated your "inequity is ...
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Psalms 20:1 - 22:31
Dean C Blackwell
Psalm 20; another one of the Psalms of David; "The Eternal hear you in the day of trouble;" now of course the word "hear" implies more than just have the sound go into the ear, because here it means hear in a way that it will be answered, so the same word implies both hearing and ...
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Psalms 23:1 - 25:22
Dean C Blackwell
Psalms 23:1 - 25:22 - Bible Study (audio) - Dean C Blackwell ...
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Psalms 26:1 - 31:24
Dean C Blackwell
OK, Psalm 26; another one of the Psalms of David, of course in the King James he says; "Judge me O Eternal" and of course the word judge means more than we take it to mean in English, because it means "judge me" so you vindicate me, so you do me justice, so by judging me you're ...
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Psalms 32:1 - 34:22
Dean C Blackwell
Now Psalm 32; another new title we come upon "Maschil" which is a word that means giving instruction, so you will find quite a few Psalms that are instructive. Their main purpose is, knowledge or passing information, there are thirteen of them all together, 42 is the next one, then 44 and ...
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Psalms 35:1 - 41:13
Dean C Blackwell
Psalm 35, again the title; "the Psalm of David" and here of course he starts off, "Plead my cause, O Eternal, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me. Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help". So he's depicting God here of cou ...
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Psalms 42:1 - 49:20
Dean C Blackwell
Psalms 42:1 - 49:20 - Bible Study (audio) - Dean C Blackwell ...
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Psalms 50:1 - 54:7
Dean C Blackwell
Psalms 50:1 - 54:7 - Bible Study (audio) - Dean C Blackwell ...
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Psalms 55:1 - 145:21
Dean C Blackwell
Psalms 55:1 - 145:21 - Bible Study (audio) - Dean C Blackwell ...
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Psalms 146:1 - 150:7
Dean C Blackwell
Psalms 146:1 - 150:7 - Bible Study (audio) - Dean C Blackwell ...
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Romans 1-5
Herbert W Armstrong
We were finishing up the book of Galatians I think we had finished that in about two studies. And I think if anyone had understood Galatians that they would understand Romans but I thought it might be good if we go through Romans this time it's a little longer book and I think that we did some tim ...
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Romans 6-8
Herbert W Armstrong
We've been going through, first we went through the book of Galatians and we finished that and then we started through Romans and there is quite a connection between the two, and now we finished the first 5 chapters of Romans so I would like to go back and just give you a slight summary of the ear ...
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Romans 9-10
Herbert W Armstrong
Now, we go back to Adam, and there were two trees in the Garden of Eden, and they were symbolic trees of course, symbolic, the one the symbol of the Holy Spirit. To take that would be to take God's Holy Spirit and receive God's Holy Spirit. The other one was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and ...
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Romans 11-13
Herbert W Armstrong
Well now, we've been going through the book of Romans and we're up now to one of the favorite chapters of mine, the eleventh chapter. I was just making a brief little outline of Romans up-to-date from the beginning. In chapter one Paul addresses his letter to all that are in Rome. Now remember h ...
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Romans 13-14
Herbert W Armstrong
Well now we have been going through the book of Romans, we had finish Galatians before that and I think there are no more important books in the Bible, especially for the true Church of God than Romans and Galatians. Because everything with God depends on his government, His government is based on H ...
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