The World Tomorrow Telecast
Are We Living in the Last Days?
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-32
Recently I talked personally to Heads of State and important government officials in Europe and I can tell you now that very soon, perhaps even within the year the whole world is going to be rocked with the astounding announcement of a new super world government in Europe perhaps even more powerful, ...
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Why a Resurrection?
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-31
What's happened to those who have died, are they still alive some place, are they conscience, what about your own relatives, those you call your loved ones, where are they, what about those who died as they say unsaved, is there hope for them and where are they, is there life after death? Is there ...
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Why Noah's Flood?
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-30
There's been a great deal of controversy recently on the question of capital punishment. Is it right or is it wrong for society through government to put guilty murderers or people at are a menace to society and who have committed capital crimes to put them to death, to protect society? Let me see ...
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Is There a Purpose For Life?
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-29
Modern science is now just beginning to admit that there really was a worldwide flood some 4,500 years ago in the days of the Noah of the Bible. The flood really did happen and drowned everyone on earth, but the real question is, why would a God of love suddenly drown and put to death all of humanit ...
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The Paradox of Man
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-28
Some of the men I meet, Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers are among the most able men on earth, but the problems are completely beyond their abilities to solve. Doors have been opened before me to appear and to have private conferences with many of the leaders of nations all over the world and all ...
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The Cause of World Evils
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-27
World troubles, violence and terrorism are escalating very rapidly right now. Why should that be, why such seemingly, unsolvable troubles that even the greatest minds of science, minds of the greatest political leaders and heads of nations? They seem unable to solve any of the problems or the troubl ...
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Space Wars
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-26
I want to tell you about a real space war; television fiction has shown a series called Star Trek, now there's a movie about space war. But is all space war, is it fiction? I want to tell you about a real space war that is not fiction at all. About a week ago I said that Satan the Devil is now onc ...
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Did God Create a Devil?
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-25
Satan the Devil is in the world news again, News Week Magazine came out with a 3 page article about Satan the Devil. But is there a Devil after all, is the Devil real or is he only a figment of imagination? Science has tried to pin point the origin of Satan in Mythology or make believe or just somet ...
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God's Secret Code
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-24
Why did the United States and the Allies win World War II? You know Adolf Hitler never would have started World War II if he had not felt absolutely certain in his own mind that he was going to win. He knew what he had and one of the things that he had and depended on was an, what he felt was an abs ...
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In Which World Are You?
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-22
I had just turned on television, the NBC Tonight Show was on and Johnny Carson was interviewing a movie star and suddenly I thought will who else pray tell but a show biz personality could Johnny Carson interview anyway. Who else was of any importance, or would be considered of importance to the vie ...
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Is There Life After Death?
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-21
Is there life after death, do the dead know what the living are doing today, have departed one's passed away unto Heaven or hell or someplace like that? Let's blow the dust off our Bibles and began to see what God reveals and what is true and not just the traditions of men who don't know a thi ...
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Mankind's Missing Knowledge
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-20
Now what next in world troubles and violence? I've just returned from another visit over into the Middle East and into Europe and I've come into contact with a lot of this worlds violence's as it is now and I tell you the average person doesn't realize the violence that is going on in this w ...
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The Last Days of Civilization
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-19
Again I say the unthinkable nuclear World War is coming and sooner than most people expect, now only in Bible prophecies can we absolutely know what is coming and Bible prophecies says it is coming, a war that could erase all human life, every man, women and child on this earth, but it will not. I w ...
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Nuclear World War III
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-18
Nuclear war is definitely coming, Bible prophecies shows that whole cities are going to be laid waste in our time. The August number of The Plain Truth Magazine will carry a cover article "Humanity Won't End in a Nuclear Holocaust". This article is going to show you the terrors of a nucl ...
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Man's Insoluble Problems
Herbert W Armstrong - 82-17
There seems to be no solution in sight today to the frightening world troubles with nuclear World War III threatening to blast all human life off this planet. Now the United States and the Soviet Union are not going to get together and solve it, the United Nations is not going to solve it, modern sc ...
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