God's Government Top Down - Period!
Herbert W Armstrong - Feast of Tabernacles
A solid family structure is the basis and the foundation of any stable society and we're losing that in this country, we're losing it all around the world. I greeted you as my children in the Lord, that's because I could of asked if you were observing your 50th Feast or more than your 50th Fea ...
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God's Intervention in Israel's History
Raymond F McNair
And so, if you will turn with me to I Timothy, I want you to notice one of the admonitions of the Apostle Paul to God's people and I think we do tend to get careless brethren in the way we carry out this admonition, this instruction, in God's word. In I Timothy chapter 2, verse 1. I exhort there ...
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God's Little People
Clint C Zimmerman - Feast of Tabernacles
Buenos Dias!, Aw come on you can do better than that; Mexicans can do better than that. Buenos Dias!, [Audience - Buenos Dias]. See Mr. Walt Dickenson gave me permission to do that the other day. Are you having a great Feast? I really don't know why I'm up here, I look around and see a number of ...
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God's Master Plan
Herbert W Armstrong - Last Great Day
Well, greetings everybody, all over the United States and Canada, and in England. And I don't know, but I feel sure that some of our brethren from Europe and over on the Continent have come over to England and will be there with us today. I understand that you've all been able to hear the specia ...
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God's Purpose For Christians
Roderick C Meredith - Last Great Day
Mr. Armstrong in this festival has been giving you some of the facts about the annual Holy Days and what they mean. The plan and the purpose of God that is revealed in the days that He has given us and of all the people on the face of the earth, of all religious groups or churches on the face of thi ...
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God's Purpose for Man
Herbert W Armstrong - Unleavened Bread
We flew over you know and had to rent a car, they brought the car in and the man didn't see me, he never thought to have me paged and I was in the hotel dining room for breakfast, he never even thought to look in and see me though I was facing the door, right by the door and took the car back out ...
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God's Will Reflect On God's Holiness
John H Ogwyn
How can you know what God's will is, how can you know the will of God? Is it God's will for you to do this or that particular thing? Is it a matter of God's will that you take this job or marry that person or do this thing or that thing? Does God's will predetermine all the things that you d ...
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God's Work in the 1st and 20th Centuries
Herbert W Armstrong
Greetings, everybody, once again. I don't know, when we have these television cameras on, the lights are so bright on me, that I can hardly see you. And I would rather see you. I've been seeing a lot of our brethren lately. I wonder if some of you have been wondering where have I been all these ...
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David J Albert
Let me begin by saying over amongst one of the things that I have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the University about and it's something I think you would be dissatisfied with too if you were down there very often has been simply the lack of goodness, a lack of goodness. Because as you know ...
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Grateful for God's Blessings
Herbert W Armstrong
I have noticed that different speakers in the Bible Studies have different approaches, their own different personalities, different types of subject matter, and we have variety; and. I never cease to thank God for it. I think of the type of Protestant church I was brought up in. They didn't have a ...
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Guard Your Attitude Towards God's Church
Dean C Blackwell
Good morning everyone; what one thing will have more to do with you staying in God's Church than any other? Where would you think this would come into your life, what area, what one thing? In the past we've had a number of different attitudes reflected in the last 8 to 10 years, we've had men ...
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Have You Been Conquered by God?
Dean C Blackwell
You know, Mr. Armstrong in talking with men that's been around like Tony Hammer and Ed Smith and you know all the other coordinators that's been around for years and years and years and years. He's always staying on the trunk of the tree and we ask several questions without a lot of news today ...
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He That Overcometh
Herbert W Armstrong
Well thank you everybody, and let me say, not only greetings to you here in this beautiful auditorium, but also to the several hundred over in Perth who are listening in to this just now and are with us. And let us understand that we are having fellowship right now, not only among ourselves, not onl ...
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Healing - Part 1
Richard Duncan
Technological knowledge advancements in many, many fields, in the field of Medicine is one such area. In fact the field of Medicine has practically become a religion and no doubt you've known people who virtually worship doctors, that type of thing. Well I have a new book here, I was given a copy ...
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Healing - Part 2
Richard Duncan
OK, before we have the sermon now, we're going to have another song, but the sermon will be a continuation of the "Healing" this is part 2 by Mr. Richard Duncan from 1980 and this is a not complete sermon, I'm sorry to say. I got the tape and these tapes were given to me and when I got to the en ...
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