Called, Chosen and Faithful
John H Ogwyn - Feast of Tabernacles
Well greetings brethren, it's really good to have this opportunity to speak to all of you. The times we're living I think we all understand are not simply normal, average, ordinary times. We have gone through during the course of the twentieth century events that have built to the point of setti ...
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Can't Be First If You Don't Last
David J Albert - Pentecost
Today is Pentecost as you very well know from this morning's service which from what I understand was very well explained and expounded to you. I suspect scriptures such as James 1 were mentioned, but let's just turn there again briefly and be reminded of the fact that we are God's first fruit ...
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Catch the Vision of God and Christ
Gerald D Waterhouse
The one thing we need to always keep our mind on, never lose sight that is never look below God and Christ. Because you look to men you can get caught up and that's usually the problem with most people they don't see God and Christ in charge of their Work and that those two individuals know exac ...
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Herbert W Armstrong - Unleavened Bread
When I was challenged fifty-four years ago, fifty-four and a half years ago now, and I didn't know very much about the Bible up to that time. I'd been brought up in a respectable Sunday school and church. All I knew was, I thought I knew that there is a God and I thought I knew that, well they t ...
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Ronald W Laughland
Well good morning everyone; good to be here in Portland. It's a beautiful day today. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet almost everyone today in our visit out here. I'd like to start out with a little story. A women went to a Marriage Counselor about getting a divorce. The Marriage Couns ...
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Checklist For Salvation
Leroy Neff
Good afternoon everybody; I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather. I talked to some of our Ministers back in the east this past week, they're telling me it was 0 degrees or 10 degrees or some other abominable figure and I also received a report from one of our Ministers, who said that his ...
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Child Rearing
Richard D Armstrong - Feast of Tabernacles
You know as Ted said the other day in coming out here, his little son Mark so flustered in things and he hears him say, well he ask surely, he says is that a cop behind you, to use that expression and Mark looked around and said daddy is that a cop back there? And you know how children pick those th ...
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Child Rearing
Dennis G Luker
I don't know how many of you are interested in child rearing, but maybe you're interested in children, so I'll try to talk about children since not to many of you here, not to many children today for some reason. Maybe those who need the sermon won't be here, but I want to make it a sermon t ...
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Christ Will Rule
Herbert W Armstrong - Feast of Tabernacles
We are here, on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles 1984, to sort of have a foretaste of that time described in your Bible (in Revelation 11 and verse 15) when all the governments, and kingdoms, nations of this world will have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. They will no longer ...
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Church Government
Herbert W Armstrong - Feast of Tabernacles
Now before the message this morning I feel I should say one thing, generally it is not regarded as proper to applaud a sacred song. I know we appreciate your attitude and spirit in doing it and I'm sure the singers do and it's quite alright to applaud something of a secular nature like we were h ...
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Coattail Religion
Carl E McNair
The subject of the Feast of Tabernacles and the worship of God is one that has been so maligned and mixed up and confused that I sometimes marvel, I wonder how the truth of God can be so plain on the one hand and so destroyed and muddied, confused by lies and by untruths and by just a little bit of ...
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Coming Out of Sin
Herbert W Armstrong - Unleavened Bread
Do we really understand why we keep them? And do we understand this particular festival of the Feast of Unleavened Bread thoroughly? You know, we have an entirely different situation today than they did in the days of Jesus and the first original, first century, apostles. I think that we have heard ...
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Ronald W Laughland
Good afternoon everyone; thank you for that beautiful music, that's the second time that I've spoken now, that they've played that same music, the name of it [inaudible], the name of it I don't know if their trying to tell me something. My daughter was drawing yesterday, last evening, she dr ...
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Dennis G Luker
Don't just assume that just because we come here on the Sabbath we're converted, if we've been baptized, now we know of course that we do have a certain number in the Church who've never been baptized and not taken that step yet and they understand, they realize that they don't yet have Go ...
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Could God Trust You to Rule a Galaxy?
Malcolm R Tofts
Nice to see you all; this sermon this morning I want to, as it were, take you on a ride with me to lift us above our hum-drum lives, to lift us above our little trials and our little problems. Let me ask you a question, how many of you do not have any trials or any problems at the moment? Can I have ...
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