Herbert W Armstrong
I'm glad that, in the sermonette this morning, the 13th verse was mentioned in Matthew 24, as well as the 14th. Now the 14th refers to what we are doing. That's about us, and I wonder if God didn't put the 13th verse in there ahead of it just so that it would attract our attention. It reminds ...
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Are We Hearing
Ronald W Laughland
I was visiting a new contact just recently and I was talking to the young lady and she said that she had been attending a Sunday church, she had gone that last Sunday and she knew something was wrong, and I asked her why and she said, well the minister there, his sermon was on redecorating his bathr ...
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Are We Truly Christians?
Carl E McNair
In Acts chapter 11 verse 26, we're told that a unique situation or a unique experience happened in Antioch in Acts chapter 11, Acts chapter 11 verse 25, Barnabas departed for Tarsus to seek Paul and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch so it was that for a whole year they assembled with th ...
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Are You Converted?
Dean C Blackwell
I'd like to go over something today that Mr. Herbert Armstrong been emphasizing the last few times that I've gotten to see him so I can't think of anything better to do than just pass on to you what he's been giving to us. We had a 25th anniversary in Chicago during Unleavened Bread and if y ...
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Are You Led by God's Spirit?
Herbert W Armstrong - Last Great Day
It's been 3 years at least since I've spoken to the Feast of Tabernacles here in Big Sandy. I used to attend the entire festival here when it housed the only festival we had from the beginning. First over in the building that is now the library building or the College, it was then an air-conditi ...
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Are You Preparing for the Kingdom of God?
Herbert W Armstrong
Greetings everybody once again; I don't know when we have these television cameras on the lights are so bright on me that I can hardly see you and I would rather see you. I've been seeing a lot of our brethren lately, I wonder if some of you have been wondering where have I been all of these Sab ...
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Are You Qualifying or Disqualifying Yourself?
Herbert W Armstrong - Feast of Tabernacles
Well greetings all of you future kings and priests that are going to have these wonderful spiritual crowns, you're going to rule the world, you're going to teach the world the way to peace, to happiness and to joy and to real accomplishment. You know when this Church first started and it started ...
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Are You Ready?
Herbert W Armstrong - Feast of Tabernacles
I want to read to you something I hadn't intended to use. This is my mother's favorite text in the Bible. (She died at age 95 and a half. I'll be up to matching her pretty soon. I'm in my ninetieth year now.) The 133rd Psalm Behold, how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell toget ...
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Are You Really A Christian?
Herbert W Armstrong
Brethren, I think there is one thing I think we need to be very especially concerned about, now we are at the very end time. There's only a very short time now before the Great Tribulation, and it's going to be a greater time of trouble than you've probably even imagined. Are you really a Chri ...
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Arguments Against the Sabbath
Herbert W Armstrong - Unleavened Bread
I spoke last night on the Sabbath, so it has occurred to me, we had not had, I don't believe at any of the festivals that we've had here in this tabernacle, I don't remember but maybe we have, but I don't remember that we've had sermons on the question of the Sabbath before. For Sabbath ke ...
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Assyria In Prophecy
Jean Carrion
It's very nice for me to be able to speak to you today and I'd like to thank Mr. Ellis for the opportunity he gave me today. I must say that even though I live in France, even though I liked French cheese, even though I drink French wine from time to time and even though I like French perfume th ...
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Babylon In Prophecy
John H Ogwyn - Trumpets
Last night was an anniversary it was in fact the two thousand five hundred twenty seventh anniversary of the fall of Babylon. Now, you may not initially see what that has to do with Feast of Trumpets, but in many ways what we are celebrating here today ties in very directly with an event that occurr ...
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Babylon Is No Mystery
Carl E McNair
You know life is just one long continuum it seems, it's not a closed circle. Life comes from pre-existing life and it seems that there is one constant thread and constant stream in every part, in every aspect of life, whatever it may be. The world of today is a continuation of a world which existe ...
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Babylon Mother of Harlots - Part 1
Donald L Ward
What do Baal, Babylon, Pharisees, synamism, sodomy, abortion and the new morality have in common? They all have some common elements. Today I want to begin as I said a series of sermons where we study "Babylon Mother of Harlots". Why should we want to look at that? Because many of the thin ...
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Babylon Mother of Harlots - Part 2
Donald L Ward
In Revelation chapter 17 there is a description given of a mystic women called "Mystery Babylon the Great" in Revelation 17 and verse 1 (Rev. 17:1), "And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come here; I will show unto you t ...
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