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Which one of David's sons rebelled against him?

II Samuel 15
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Youth Magazine
March 1981
Volume: Vol. I No. 3
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DID IT EVER occur to you that you will never be old? Two weeks after you were born, you were two weeks "old." But you were very young. There you were, asleep in your mother's arms, small and innocent. For the newborn, 7 years "old" is a long way off. But is 7 really "old"? No. You enjoyed playing with tiny cars and plastic dolls. At 7 you were only about 3 feet tall. You were still young. What about the teen years? Toys gather dust or are discarded now. The stereo becomes important, along with the label on a pair of jeans. Voices change. Bodies grow tall. To a toddler you've become a giant. But you don't consider yourself "old," do you? Of course not. You are still young. Just ask anyone who has reached 21.

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Youth MagazineMarch 1981Vol. I No. 3